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Pro Wrestling Post Podcast 07 (Passing of Road Warrior Animal)

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast 07 (Passing of Road Warrior Animal)

Update: 2020-09-27


Like clockwork, the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast is back! Each week, Mark Blake, Pete Moon & Marc Madison will discuss the significant happenings in the world of pro wrestling. This is the PWP Podcast Episode 07. Join us this week for:

Passing Of Joseph “Animal” Laurinaitis | Retribution “unmasked” | Mysterio/Rollins Family Crisis | NXT

The trio discusses the passing of one-half of the most decorated tag team champions in Joesph 'Road Warrior Animal' Laurinitius. His sudden passing has brought out a groundswell of emotions from wrestling fans past and present. They also discussed the unmasking and revealing the names of RETRIBUTION. Could some of these names lead to an interesting response from fans? Who will be Finn Balor's next challenger be for the NXT Championship? Also, after weeks of development, the discussion of where the Mysterio Family/Rollins is headed.

Victory Road announcement

An interesting development came about as the upcoming Victory Road event will be exclusive to the IMPACT Plus+ streaming service. Do they like the idea, and does it have merit?

AEW's recent COVID-19 implications, Return of Cody & In-Ring Debut of Miro

With Lance Archer coming forward that he had tested positive for COVID-19, questions arose about whether or not AEW's testing policy needed to or not be revisited. Pete, Mark, and Marc also discuss the return of Cody with colours that mirror that of a group that put him out of commission. Could this mean something?

G1 Climax 30 Update & Thunder Rosa/Priscilla Kelly NWA Women’s Title

After the first two matches in both Block A and B, Marc, Mark, and Pete share their thoughts with the rankings of all involved. Were they surprised by the current status of the talent on top and the bottom of their respective blocks? An outstanding NWA Women's Title match took place between current champion Thunder Rosa and Priscilla Kelly.

PWP Podcast 07

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Pro Wrestling Post Podcast 07 (Passing of Road Warrior Animal)

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast 07 (Passing of Road Warrior Animal)

Mark Blake and Marc Madison