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Author: Dr. Jessica Papa

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Your #1 Podcast for health expertise, tools & resources to help you & your family lives the vibrant life you were created for! The Stay Healthy NE Podcast with Dr. Jessica Papa, owner of Arancia Physical Therapy in Cranston, RI features top experts in health, wellness & business with a particular focus on Alternative Therapy, Pelvic Health & Chronic Pain.
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Listen along to the incredible journey that Michelle M. has been on & continues to go through with Pelvic Pain to Lupus, Interstitial Cystitis to Fibromyalgia and more! Hear how a sledding accident from when she was just 8 could have been the trigger that caused all her suffering. Learn how she has been an advocate for sufferers of chronic pelvic pain. It is her hope to empower and help shorten people’s journey so they can get the answers & care needed to begin healing sooner that later. You can follower her at: the.happy.pelvis on Instagram.
Learn about what makes up a holistic approach to healthcare from top pelvic pain doc, Dr. Bahlani. Hear how Dr. Sonia is able to take a holistic view of common women’s health issues. She takes a compassionate, patient-centric approach and listens to her patients to gain a deep understanding of their challenges. This allows her to develop a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan aimed at addressing the issue from all angles to improve their quality of life beyond what they thought possible. To reach Dr. Bahlani:
Think you may be experiencing symptoms of endometriosis and unsure of what to do next? Already have the “diagnosis” and still struggling to find relief from those debilitating menstrual cramps, pelvic pain, constipation, and feeling of general fatigue? Tune into this episode to learn more about your healthcare options for treating & managing Endo. Learn what you can do today to get moving in the right direction, regardless of where you are with your healthcare journey! Website: FB: IG: @thepelvicperspective Youtube: Podcast: Fueling Her The Endo Wellness Program:
During pregnancy, the body’s center of gravity changes, which may affect posture and lead to pain. Additionally, the body releases the hormone relaxin to soften the ligaments, which allows the pelvis to open up and accommodate childbirth. This effect can also lead to SPD. In this episode, learn from the founder of the institute for birth healing, Lynn Schulte, PT exactly what can cause SPD, what you need to know during pregnancy, and about your history prior to pregnancy. Most importantly, learn about what resources are available to you and how to access them!
Everything you wanted to know about Interstitial Cystitis, aka Painful Bladder Syndrome! Dr. Nicole is the author of The Interstitial Cystitis Solution which can be found on Amazon. She specializes in pelvic health conditions and her sub-specialty is Interstitial Cystitis. Her clinic, Pelvic Sanity is in Orange County, CA. Whether you are just beginning your healthcare treatment journey, or feeling frustrated with a lack of answers, this episode is for you! There are lots of helpful nuggets of information in this episode from how to figure out if you have IC, to the steps you should consider taking when choosing a therapist, to what a quality treatment should consist of, where your symptoms are coming from and to where you can find a pelvic specialist therapist near you! Be sure to listen to the end to learn about all the resources that are available to you!
Do you avoid having sex due to pelvic pain? Are you avoiding drinking too much water due to the fear of having pain during urination? Are you unable to wear your favorite pants due to pelvic pain? Avoiding your favorite activities? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this episode is for you! Dr. Heather Jeffcoat, PT, DPT is the owner of Femina Physical Therapy with 3 locations in CA. She will be walking us through several pelvic pain conditions and sharing her more than 20 years worth of knowledge in the pelvic health field. Her best selling book: Sex Without Pain: A Self Treatment Guide to the Sex Life You Deserve can be purchased on her website: Order your copy now using the code: STAYHEALTHY20 and start living your best life now!
If you’re a woman and you have suffered the embarrassment and frustration of bladder leakage for longer than 3 months, then please pay special attention to what I am about to tell you. Bladder leakage is common, but not normal. One in three women will suffer from bladder leakage in their lifetime. Unlike, what the pad companies have you believe, buying the best protective pad is not the only answer. Here from @thedowntheredoc herself, Dr. Marcy Crouch, PT, DPT why using pads can be helpful in the short term and why they don’t solve the problem.
Dr. Bridget Casey, ND, owner of RI natural Medicine in Providence talks about the benefits of Naturopathic medicine, her holistic healing approach & shares advice on how to achieve the health outcomes you desire using proven, natural methods.
Learn from Newborn Care Specialist Tyler Luchesse the answers time some of the most commonly asked & misunderstood questions about Newborn Care. Learn about the Virtual support being offered now. Also learn what the Top 10 Baby Essentials for your Registry should be!
Hear from the president & chief executive of Intimate Rose. Dr. Amanda about the benefits of seeing a Womens’s Health Specialist Physical Therapist. She is the president and chief clinical officer of Intimate Rose where she develops pelvic health products and education, and authored the book Restoring the Pelvic Floor For Women. She is passionate about empowering women and men with pelvic health issues including pelvic pain, incontinence, and pre and post-partum issues.
The Stay Healthy New England Podcast with Dr. Jessica Papa, owner of Arancia Physical Therapy in Cranston, RI features top experts in Health, Wellness & Nutrition with a particular focus on alternative therapy, Women’s Health & Chronic Pain.
In this month’s podcast, we will discuss helpful ways to de-stress that will allow you to live with more energy and less tension. Integrating these tips into your life and daily routine can help you improve your health and well-being.
How Myofascial Release ties in with our senses
MFR & Fibromyalgia

MFR & Fibromyalgia


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