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Author: Candra Burns

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Welcome to Talking Forests, where we dive into social media and help you shine online. We interview forest and outdoor thought leaders who pave the way for the future. Listen to our podcast for free tips and insights on how to build your organic social media following!
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Amanda Hamsley Lang is the COO & Vice President of Client Services, Forisk Consulting and we had a great chat about women working up to leadership positions in forestry companies. Have kids and being a mom is not easy, but worth it and when you work for a flexible team like Forisk, it makes the journey better.  Reach her at: Amanda Lang is a Partner and, as COO and VP of Client Services, leads all of Forisk’s operating, project management and Forisk Subscriber Support activities. She leads Forisk’s mill capital investment research program, and she teaches workshops and delivers presentations related to tracking and evaluating wood markets and forest industry capacity. Prior to working with Forisk, she interned with International Paper and conducted award-winning forestry operations research at the University of Georgia under Dr. Dale Greene. In 2016, she was named one of the UGA Alumni Association “Forty Under Forty”, and was named the Warnell “Young Alumni of the Year.”  She serves on the Georgia Forestry Association Board of Directors and is the chair of the Southeastern Society of American Foresters.  Ms. Lang received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Forest Resources from the University of Georgia. Voice By Gordon Collier in Introduction: Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
Tyler and I had a great chat about forestry in all regions, how his internship led him into his position now, and adversity that we face in the industry. He has a wide variety of knowledge and brings a great education with him to his first year working as a Timber Industry Analyst at Forisk Consulting.  Role: Currently, I am working as Timber Industry Analyst here at Forisk. I have been with them full-time since July of this year. Previously, I had interned with them going back to March of 2019. Education: My undergraduate degree was a B.A. in Biology from Georgia Southern University. Afterwards, I got my M.S. in Forest Resources and MFR in Forest Business both from the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Georgia. This May, I finished up my PhD in Forest Finance and Economics also from Warnell. My master’s work was centered around examining the costs of a chipping operation on an experimental track in South Carolina while my PhD was focused on how working forest conservation easements and their characteristics affect surrounding property value. Previous jobs: Primarily, I have worked as a graduate research assistant during my time in graduate school both at the masters and PhD level. However, prior to coming to UGA I also worked as women’s assistant soccer coach at Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, GA. Hobbies: Emily (my wife) and I like to go hiking on the weekends when we can. Generally, we enjoy taking a trip up to the North Georgia mountains and spending a day doing so. Also, I have recently started gardening a bit more and enjoy reading and spending time around the house with Emily and our two cats Goblin and Petunia. Goal in social media: Generally, I would like to get to know more people in the industry. Hopefully, social media and events like this podcast can help with that. Forestry is such a broad field that it is always beneficial to talk to more people because everyone has a unique perspective. Voice By Gordon Collier in Introduction: Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
"John A. Brink came to Canada from Holland in 1965 with $25.47 in his pocket, a suitcase full of books, and a dream to build his own sawmill." Interviewing him was such a treat and we learned so much about lumber, forests and wood from him in our recorded video on YouTube and in this podcast episode, do not miss out on this one!  Watch Our YouTube Video of John and Candra here: "10 years later, through sheer determination and an unwavering dedication to his vision, John developed a detailed business plan in 1975, establishing a value-added manufacturing facility in Northern British Columbia named Brink Forest Products. 44 years later, John is still at the helm of Brink Forest Products, which is today is the largest secondary wood manufacturing company in Canada and 13th largest forest company in the province of British Columbia, employing in excess of 400 people. John has a proven track record as a visionary leader in various industry organizations. However, the road hasn’t always been easy. It has taken resourcefulness, perseverance, innovation and boundless determination for Brink to succeed in a tough industry. Brink started his business with a lumber remanufacturing and finger-jointing plant; both of which he constructed from scratch. Finger-jointing dimension lumber had never been done in Canada prior to this, allowing Brink to establish himself as an industry pioneer. Brink’s original vision continues to guide the company today. The original business plan of 1975 accounts for the aggressive growth strategy that Brink has currently embarked on over past 44 years. As an industry leader, Brink is the longest serving director on the Council of Forest Industries, which represents the forest industry in British Columbia. Brink is the founding president of the B.C. Council of Value-Added Wood Processors, which had eight associations across B.C. and boasted 800 members.  He has been involved in all five of Canada’s softwood lumber battles with the United States, representing the secondary re-manufacturing industry.  As a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) recipient – the highest recognizable achievement in Toastmasters – Brink has enjoyed being a public speaker for many years, with speaking engagements ranging from UNBC MBA presentations to local forestry tours for individuals from across the globe, as well as other speaking opportunities throughout province and nation. In addition to a successful business acumen, Brink is also a dedicated philanthropist, supporting hundreds of charities and non-profit organizations in the community and across the globe. Brink is also well-known for advocating animal welfare, supporting the SPCA, PG Humane Society and most recently, providing a $50,000 donation to the Prince George Animal Rescue. Additionally, Brink is a founding sponsor of the international West Coast Dressage Festival and rides dressage on a weekly basis with his wife, Sharon." Voice By Gordon Collier in Introduction: Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
Leslie and I chatted about the responsibilities of being an extension forester, being proactive to plant the right trees in the right areas and she is proud of her role in her office.  Leslie Boby is the Coordinator for the Southern Regional Extension Forestry (SREF) office and has been leading the office on an interim basis since the previous lead left in January 2019. She has worked as an Extension Associate on regional projects for the SREF office since 2011 and is based at the University of Georgia. SREF Twitter: or @soforext Leslie's Twitter: or @Leslie_Boby As Interim Coordinator of the SREF office, Leslie’s work entails facilitating connections and regional programs among the 13 southern land-grant universities, the USDA Forest Service, state forestry agencies and other southern forestry community members. These efforts include education, technology transfer and Extension programs that can serve the entire region. Leslie has a Masters degree in Forest Ecology from the University of Florida, a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from University of Illinois and is currently pursuing a Doctorate at the University of Georgia in Adult Education and Leadership. Prior to joining SREF, Leslie worked in various locations nationwide and for multiple agencies. She worked for the Audubon Society in California, as a wildland firefighter and forest technician for the Bureau of Land Management in northern New Mexico, and conducted wildland fire and soils research in Alaska. Leslie began her Extension career by serving in the United States Peace Corps as an Agroforestry Extension volunteer in rural Kenya for two years. Leslie lives with her husband and two boys in Athens, GA and enjoys hiking and camping with her family as much as possible. Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on this link: Voice by Gordon Collier  Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
Mima Letts - Founder and Director of Tree Sparks and I talked about awareness of forestry careers for young people and how she navigated going from university to training forester in the UK. She wants to make a difference in our sector. We Are Women in Forestry Twitter: @tree_sparks Facebook: @TreeSparksIgnite Instagram: @tree_sparks Mima started Tree Sparks in 2018 with the aim of increasing awareness of forestry careers in young people. A graduate student from the Forestry program at Bangor University, Mima found herself facing many barriers when she decided that forestry was the career path for her. Careers in forestry and the environment are often not advertised by schools and misunderstood making it hard for young people to get into forestry. After experiencing this for herself, Mima wants to change this by shining the light on the mixed and varied roles available in forestry. Mima has been studying Forestry for the past 3 years at Bangor University, working as an outdoor activity instructor during the summer seasons. She is now Training Forester on Chatworph in England. She is also a qualified Volunteer Ranger for the Peak District National Park and loves to spend as much time as she can out in the forest.​
Anna and I talked about being young women business owners with forestry backgrounds. She worked in the industry as an employee before breaking out on her own and creating Free Range Forestry LLC so she could have a flexible work schedule with her son. We talk about local forestry and what it is like to work in the woods as a woman. She accepts the challenge and loves working with her clients. The personal touch has been her favorite so far like getting hand written letters and gifts. Facebook Instagram Anna Yarbrough, grew up in rural Oregon with family in the timber and farming industries. She is an Oregon State University College of Forestry graduate and has worked as a forester in the private timber industry since 2013. In 2019 she started her own forestry consulting business—Free Range Forestry LLC. Her business works with both large industrial and small forest landowners on all aspects of forestry. From harvest planning and reforestation to writing custom forest management plans and meeting state forest law requirements. Another huge part of her business is forest management advocacy and social media management for natural resource professionals. Forestry is not just a career path for her, it is her passion. She currently lives in Lane County with her husband Garrett, son Sawyer, and black labrador Timber. When she’s not busy working in the woods, you can find her and her family hunting, backpacking, fishing, or camping. You can follow her forestry adventures on Instagram and Facebook at Free Range Forestry LLC. Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on this link: Voice by Gordon Collier  Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
My name is Krause, I am currently a Master of Forestry Student at Michigan Technological University where I am an office assistant working on recruiting and retention in the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science and an intern at the Center for Diversity and Inclusion working on diversity initiatives for the campus. I got my bachelor's degree from Northern Michigan University in Criminal Justice with a minor in Wildland Firefighting. I am from Freeland, Michigan and spent my entire childhood there until I moved to the Upper Peninsula in 2014. While taking criminal justice and wildland fire courses at NMU, I quickly realized that wildland fire and natural resource management was something I am extremely passionate about, and in the summer of 2016 began my wildland firefighting journey with the US Forest Service in Munising, Michigan. I travelled all over the U.P. my first summer doing prescribed burns, fighting wildfires on hand crews, and managing the land while on an engine crew. The following summer I got out west to Colorado and Idaho for severity on engine crews. Summer of 2018 I joined the DNR as a keyman while also working a bunch of odd jobs. After all the experience I got from fire, my career goals were pretty unclear but I decided to finish my CJ degree. My ultimate career goal when I complete my MF in December is to be a forester in the Upper Peninsula for quite a while, eventually get my PhD, then become a professor where I can educate others about fire and natural resources, as well as promote diversity in all of my places of employment in that time. My name is Andi. I am a third year Forestry student at Michigan Tech. I served as President of Women in Natural Resources this year and have been an active member of the Student Chapter of the Society of American Foresters and Women in Natural Resources for the past 2 years. I am a huge tree nerd, my favorite way to de-stress is to saunter through the woods so I can catch glimpses of wildlife and quiz myself on tree identification (see, told you I was a nerd!) I am a non-traditional student. I come from a customer service and office work background, so I consider myself extremely fortunate to have discovered forestry. I am very passionate about our natural resources and love to encourage others to seek and follow their own passions. My name is Claudia and since May 2019 I am a PhD student in foresty science at Michigan Tech. I am from northern Germany and grew up in a small town close to the city of Hamburg where I used to work as a vet assistant. In 2010 I decided to go back to school and moved to the city of Kiel (close to the Baltic sea) and graduated with a Master's degree in Biology from the Christian-Albrechts-University. I am particularly interested in the ecophysiology of plants and how harvest regimes affect forest biodiversity. Not only professional but also in my free time, I like to be outdoors, preferably hiking, horseback riding or scuba diving. And since last winter, downhill and cross-country skiing are definitely among my favourite recreational activities as well! Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on this link: Voice by Gordon Collier  Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
Joseph Vaughn has worked in the natural resource profession since 2011. He has experience in wildland fire management, political and environmental advocacy, and most recently the forest products industry working at Interfor, one of the world’s largest lumber providers, as a Procurement Forester. He has earned an Associate of Science in Pre-Forestry from the University of North Georgia (UNG), a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources from the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources (UGA) and is currently working on an Associate Certificate in Industrial Wood Processing at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). One of his most notable achievements is becoming an alumnus of the National Park Service (NPS) Academy, a partnership with the Student Conservation Association (SCA). The goal of the program is to enhance professional and organizational excellence in the next century by recruiting and retaining a workforce that reflects the diversity of the nation. He is also proud to hold membership in AGHON, a honor society founded in 1920 at UGA, which seeks to recognize individuals with outstanding leadership, character and a passion for agriculture. His current projects include becoming a licensed Registered Forester and operating a forestry & natural resource specific twitter account, Joe Talks Timber. Joseph lives in Athens, GA with his wife Samantha and dog Toby. Reach Joe at: @ath_forester - @joetalkstimber - LinkedIn - Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on this link: Voice by Gordon Collier  Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
Rachel and I met at the National Society of American Foresters Conference in Louisville, Kentucky in November of 2019 at the student mentor session put on by my mentee the National Student Chair of SAF, Brittany Church. Rachel was enthusiastic about soils and urban forestry. I studied some of that in my college, but was curious what her take was on studying it now. She said soils is a hard class, but it is the foundation of forests. Without soil, we would not exist. We discussed her personally in the beginning of the interview and she has already been on track with internships and volunteer positions that have helped her achieve many opportunities such as scholarships. We openly discuss something that is just now coming out and a much needed conversation around disabilities while in college and while being in the forest sector. If I could relate to her in this conversation, I am sure many of you will as well, listen in!  Rachel Murray is currently a senior Urban Forestry at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas and will be graduating in May 2020. She will be attending the graduate program at SFA to obtain a master’s in environmental science. Her goal is to work one day at an urban forestry company or environmental consulting firm studying urban soils. She is passionate about sharing her story of having dyslexia and anxiety and completing a degree in forestry. She wants to be an advocate for people with disabilities in the forestry industry. Her hobbies include exploring the outdoors, reading books, and playing board games with her friends. Rachel can be reached at her email: Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on this link: Voice by Gordon Collier  Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
Talking Forests recorded this as a live video ( from Yosemite National Park at the Society of Wood Science and Technology Conference Oct 20-25th. ( or @societywood on social media).  We do not own the rights to the "Most Girls" Hailee Steinfeld Song used in the video or podcast audio. Her LinkedIn: "Originally from Indonesia, Pipiet won a scholarship for pursuing a PhD in a top university anywhere in the world. However, she chose to come to Oregon State University and work with Dr Eric Hansen in Wood Science and Engineering Department. Pipiet got her Bachelor in Forestry from IPB University/Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia, and Master in Forestry Science from University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Pipiet is an interdisciplinary scholar and social scientist. She is studying competitive marketing and business management strategies of forest products innovation, including business development of engineered wood products (such as Cross Laminated Timber/CLT), public perceptions of wooden multi story building (Tall Wood Buildings), and gender diversity in the forest sector workforce and higher education. Pipiet likes traveling (been to 5 continents) and popular writing (I have published a novel and a movie scenario while I’m here doing PhD). She also have a passion in science communication and been featured in TV show, radio show, podcast, and magazines." For more information about her work, please visit Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on this link: Voice by Gordon Collier  Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
We interview Andrew Heald, Technical Director, Confederation of Forest Industries (ConFor), UK Twitter: Andrew is the Technical Director for Confor. He has over 20 years’ experience in forest and plantation management, and has worked in the UK, Finland, Uruguay and Ghana. Confor is a trade body representing 1,500 numbers across the UK forestry and forest products sector.  Andrew sits on the Board of Directors of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard, and was the Coordinator for the Economic Chamber at the most recent FSC International General Assembly in Vancouver. He also works as a Consultant with WWF International helping deliver New Generation Plantations, a multi-stakeholder platform to help people learn about better plantation management though real world experiences and influence others to follow good examples. Andrew is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, and spends far too much time on Twitter @andyheald. Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on this link:    Voice by Gordon Collier    Spring by Ikson   Music promoted by Audio Library
Luke Hemmings is working with the UK Forestry Commission and I met him at the Institute for Chartered Foresters (  National Conference this April. He is great to connect with! @lwhemmings on Instagram and Twitter His blog: "I am truly passionate about and fully committed to multi-purpose Forestry and upholding the highest standards of Silviculture and Forest Management. I won the Woodland Heritage "Prince of Wales Award" for ‘Outstanding Young Person of the Year’ in 2011; was involved in planting new native woodlands in Slovakia as part of a community regeneration program; am a member of The Institute of Chartered Foresters and ConFor, and a fully qualified chainsaw operator. At a professional level I have particular expertise in sustainable forest management, timber harvesting & utilization, hardwood timber production and low impact silvicultural systems. I deal with G.I.S. electronic mapping and timber production surveys, and have also advised clients in the Private sector on landscape design, visual impact assessments, forestry planning, and public consultations. A good communicator and people manager, I am capable of getting out and 'getting my hands dirty' in the field, as well as project planning, oversight and co-ordination. Having travelled and worked in the USA, India, New Zealand and Sweden, I have experience of many different cultures and approaches to land use. I have also worked on organic farms and small holdings and had my own landscaping business for short time. I have a BSc in Forestry and Woodland Management from the National School of Forestry at Newton Rigg, which combined with a placement year working for the Forestry Commission in Thetford Forest, East Anglia, gaining first hand experience of managing a truly multi-purpose forest. When not on my bike, hill walking or navigating down a river on a kayak, I am probably working on my own timber construction of some kind!"- Luke Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on   this link:   Voice by Gordon Collier   Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
Follow Myles on Instagram at: My name is Myles Vernon Polk, I am originally from San Diego, California and currently reside in Tuskegee, Alabama. I attended The Piney Woods Boarding School in Mississippi for high school and gained a Bachelors of Science Degree in Plant and Soil Science with a focus in Forest Management from Tuskegee University. I was a student in the Pathways Program established by the United States Forest Service throughout college which allowed me to work in various disciplines within Forestry during my summers. I spent my summers working mainly in timber and fire management but I also had the opportunity to work in areas such as wildlife, watershed management, soil science and silviculture on multiple forest. After graduating from college In 2015 I was offered a position as a Forester in Silviculture on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest in Idaho. Soon after taking this position I became the Genetics Coordinator on the same forest. I spent three years coordinating the tree genetics program, climbing trees to collect scion, pollen and cones as well as managing a 60+ acre Tree Improvement Area with various tree species. Once my son was born in 2017 I decided to apply for positions in the southeastern region to be closer to family. I was offered a position in 2018 on the Tuskegee National Forest which is located in the same county as my alma mater. I now work on the Tuskegee National Forest as a Forestry Tech and frequently work with Tuskegee University and Auburn University through partnerships. I really enjoy my current position as I am on the smallest US National Forest with a staff of only six employees which allows me to work in many different areas of natural resource management. My main job duties reside in the realm of timber management, silviculture, safety, fire management and education but at any moment I may be asked to assist with wildlife, recreation, soil, watershed management or anything else within the range of Forestry Science. The main focus on the Tuskegee National Forest is the restoration of the Longleaf pine ecosystem. I spend my time outside of the woods on family, spiritual growth, exercise, photography/videography, horticulture and community engagement (personal and group exercise training, fitness and natural resource educational programs and community service). My goal in the world of social media is to show everyone all of the amazing things I have stumbled upon in my life that may not be popular with the masses, especially within the African-American community. I am an African-American male from the inner city that was guided to nature somehow and loved it. I found my true passion in the middle of the woods, so I hope I can inspire others to think outside of the box and explore the things that may not be the stereotypical choice for their race, creed, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, age or any other labels society may place on them. Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on   this link:   Voice by Gordon Collier   Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
We loved interviewing Amanda, in her episode we talked about fire science and the role Smokey the bear plays.   Amanda Rau started working in wildland fire management as a member of a 20-person handcrew based in Springfield, Oregon in 1999. In 2001, after finishing her undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Oregon, she began to seriously pursue a career fire management, working on interagency hotshot crews, handcrews, and engines based in Oregon, Montana, and California; as a fuels technician on the Deschutes National Forest; and assistant fire management officer in fuels management on the Ochoco National Forest and Crooked River National Grassland.  Over the years, her wildland fire assignments have taken her from the longleaf pines of Florida to the prairies of Puget Sound.  She studied Natural Resources at Oregon State University and completed a Masters in Natural Resources, Fire Ecology, and Management at the University of Idaho in 2012.  That same year, she co-founded the Oregon Prescribed Fire Council, for which she serves as chair.  Amanda has since worked for the Prineville Bureau of Land Management as a natural resource specialist coordinating post-fire emergency stabilization and rehabilitation and as invasives program manager for the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests and Crooked River National Grassland.  In 2015, she accepted a position as fire manager for The Nature Conservancy in Oregon and Washington.  Amanda’s family originally settled in Oregon’s Willamette Valley in the late 1800’s, where they continue to manage a 672 acre small woodland where she works with her family harvesting timber.  The roots of her passion for conservation and sustainable forest management in Oregon run deep.   Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on   this link:   Voice by Gordon Collier   Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library
America's Forests host Chuck Leavell is one of a kind.  Often on tour with The Rolling  Stones, he’s both acclaimed as a  rock-and-roll piano player AND as a conservationist tree farmer.  The  Executive Producers of America's Forests are Bruce Ward and Kate Raisz.  Bruce is the founder and President of Choose Outdoors. Kate has known Bruce for years! Go to In this episode of Talking Forests, Kate has made it her goal to help the people who do not always get out into the forests to have a way to connect with them through television and documenting them around the world. In the Oregon episode of America's Forests they filmed a great piece about cross-laminated timber, in Colorado they filmed about the ways forests benefit the city of Denver's drinking supply of water, and the episode premiering this Winter will give a great overview in South Carolina of the Sustainable Land Retention Program. She discussed Climate Change in Forests and we talked about the newest generation coming out with a big voice to help our forests. Part of what Kate does is talking to different people around the world to gain insights and a new perspective to put in a film or TV show. She loves making people feel comfortable so that they can tell their story in a meaningful way. Building a community is huge. How do we connect those humans in cities to connect them to the forests around them? Air, water, and recreation keep people alive.  Kate Raisz is an award-winning media producer, director, and writer with thirty years of experience making films, websites, and interactive experiences for museums and broadcast television. Her expertise lies in translating complex ideas from science and natural history into compelling and dramatic media pieces for the general public. Clients include Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Utah Museum of Natural History, Ellis Island National Immigration Museum, Biomuseo Panama, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Inner Space Center, NOAA, New England Aquarium, the Aquarium of the Pacific, History Channel, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Channel. Additional skills: fluent Spanish, conversational French, skiing, hiking, camping, and kayaking!   Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on  this link:   Voice by Gordon Collier   Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library 
America's Forests host Chuck Leavell is one of a kind. Often on tour with The Rolling  Stones, he’s both acclaimed as a rock-and-roll piano player AND as a conservationist tree farmer.  The Executive Producers of America's Forests are Bruce Ward and Kate Raisz. Bruce is the founder and President of Choose Outdoors. Katie has known Bruce for years!  Go to  In this episode of Talking Forests, we talk about the strong connection we have with the land, forestry and urban communities, how we can tell our story and engage with society.  We talked about the spectrum of personalities and how we need more of that in the workplace to have more diversity. Katie's LinkedIn: Kathryn (Katie) Fernholz is a dynamic and compelling expert addressing the environment and sustainability. She brings a unique combination of both a broad understanding of the complex interconnection between society and the environment, and the experience of her own personal journey from a family organic farm to forestry school to being a leader and international expert on the responsible management of forests and farms. Katie shares her knowledge and experience with diverse audiences and engages them in developing a clear understanding of natural systems within an historical context and an exploration of their own land ethic - the relationship each of us has with our environment and the personal values that define it. Her passion for the complexity and beauty of natural ecosystems blends with a pragmatic recognition of the challenges and choices that we are faced with, as well as the tools - heart and mind - that must be united if we are to move forward. Katie lives in Minnesota and works, travels, and speaks throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Kathryn is Chair of the Minnesota Society of American Foresters and on the Minnesota Forest Resources Council. Kathryn served as a member of the Advisory Board for the Blandin Foundation's Vital Forests/Vital Communities Initiative, and currently serves on the Minnesota DNR's Stewardship Committee, Minnesota’s Forests for the Future Committee, and the Woodlands Committee for the American Forest Foundation. She is a past-member of the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Environmental Partnership, Sustainable Furnishings Council, Renewing the Countryside, the Forest Stewards Guild, and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Alumni Society.  She is currently a board member for the North American Forest Partnership, the Minnesota Insititute for Sustainable Agriculture, and the American Forest Foundation.  Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on  this link:   Voice by Gordon Collier   Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library 
Max Schrimpf is rocking timber sports, his forest internship with Ohio Division of Forestry, and surveying for insects!  Check out his Instagram: I currently am a college student, about to go into my 5th year at The Ohio State University. I was born and raised here in Ohio. I started my college career at Wright State University wanting to pursue Meteorology but had to declare Geography as they did not have a program. I transferred to OSU as a sophomore and began as a meteorology major but after a semester decided that it really wasn’t for me (though I still really love weather). I changed my major to Forestry after thinking about what I really wanted to do, and thinking that I always wanted to work outdoors. I have worked a couple jobs in food service, both of which were as glamourous as they sound. For three summers after high school, I worked as the Assistant Ranger at my home Boy Scout Camp, doing various maintenance, landscaping, and coordinating with large groups about events. I was originally hired by the Ohio Division of Forestry back in February 2018 as an intern to paint state forest boundary. I’ve done that for 2 winter seasons. Currently, I serve as a summer forest health intern that works with our Hemlock program. We treat hemlock stands in southeastern Ohio for the Hemlock Wooley Adelgid. Our primary hemlock stands are in Hocking State Forest, which is where we are based out of. This area is most famous for Hocking Hills State Park, which houses such natural wonders as Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, and Ash Cave. The state forest surrounds the state park. During the academic year, I work at the main office in Columbus, fulfilling various administrative tasks and conducting low-risk ALB surveys as well as helping to administer our Champion Tree Program. Outside of work I like to dabble in woodworking and photography, I also enjoy participating in timber sports with OSU’s forestry club.     Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on  this link:   Voice by Gordon Collier   Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library  
Maria and Graise started Women with Resolve to bring people together in a community. Candra joined in shortly after they created the group and they want to Ask Me Anything. As an avid podcaster who asks everyone else questions, I was so down to be interviewed.   Women With Resolve is a space for women in conservation to build meaningful and genuine relationships, find allies, resources, inspiration and opportunities, through our shared purpose.   Everyone is welcome — women and men — but our community is focused on connecting those who are dedicated to elevating women in social and environmental conservation.  Here is the group: In this episode we talked about: 3:50 Candra moved to Germany in 2018, Maria ask me how did that change how I was working and how are you adapting? Transformation, Priorities, and Online work helped Candra move forward. 5:42 What did you learn there that you would bring back? The recycling system and turning our bio-waste into energy. Solar panel parking spaces. Shade for your car and a place to store energy for later use. 8:35 How do you stay resilient and cope with challenge? I set out standards, a vision and staying to that course with a business plan, but it is just that a plan.  10:05 You have had to learn new skills that you were not taught in college, how did you do it? My writing skills did come from college and have translated to me being a copywriter for social media.  One of the challenges for me has been to figure out my worth and place a value on what I do. The social media aspect, I did not go to college for that, but I was interned and mentored by a communications director for 1.5 years. 12:50 How do you keep up the support for yourself? I go to Reiki healing sessions and have been going through a healing transformation. I am definitely a nature empath. Ground myself in nature all the time, gardening, walking my dogs and walking outside.  when I am overwhelmed I have a support system and I seek guidance and free counseling. I make military spouse friends really fast.  14:55 Anything else you would like to share with us? How would you like to see the forest sector/conservation change? We have preconceived notions about what other generations are going to be like. We need to educate each other and be each other's mentors.  Money, knowledge, and resources are unlimited. It is whether we access it or not.  Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on  this link:   Voice by Gordon Collier   Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library  
Jessica Carr started working in marketing when she was 18 at Utah Valley University's Entrepreneurship Institute as the Marketing and Events Coordinator. That same year she became the youngest ambassador for Google in the world (to her knowledge) as the Organizer for the Utah Google Developer Group. She then went on to be a project manager, product manager, and marketing consultant until she went on an adventure to become a tour bus driver in Fairbanks Alaska. Today Jessica owns Expedition Web Studio and helps small businesses build marketing focused websites. She also works for IBS implants, a global dental implant manufacturing company. Jessica is also finishing her Bachelors at Utah Valley University in Data Analytics. In her free time, she loves to be outdoors doing whatever she can outside. She also loves participating in Agility with her dog Sophie and competing in the equestrian sport, Three-Day Eventing.   Her website: Her Instagram: Her Facebook: Her Twitter: Our Facebook group to help you grow! Grow Your Business Branding and Marketing Made Easy. Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on  this link:   Voice by Gordon Collier   Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library  
Jordan Gross and I e-met on our favorite platform LinkedIn, we had a great idea to bring you guys value and so we interviewed him! Instagram: or @cloudnine_moments LinkedIn: Jordan is a Northwestern and Kellogg School of Management graduate, a two-time startup founder, a TEDx speaker, and a #1 best-selling author. His upcoming book, The Journey to Cloud Nine, provides a new approach to the personal development world by using fictional storytelling to reveal some of life's most meaningful principles. Jordan has been asking hundreds of people around the world how they live their lives on cloud nine, and he cannot wait to share this with all of you! Jordan provided a testimony of our podcast: "This podcast is great, because the conversation is guided by such a  knowledgable, conversational, and inquisitive host. The host garners  insight from each guest, and then does a really nice job of relaying it  both to her own personal experience, as well as experience of those in  the forest industry. This creative approach to a traditional world is  exactly what is necessary to further grow, develop, and spread awareness  for a worthwhile cause!"  Want to be featured? Schedule your interview with Talking Forests on  this link:   Voice by Gordon Collier   Spring by Ikson  Music promoted by Audio Library  
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