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Author: Christian Stahl

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We are committed to help you the parent, because we understand the pains that you and your visually impaired child or adolescent suffer, helping you transform the disability into fortitude, so that your child or adolescent can overcome their challenges to live happier, confident and successful lives through four key areas: Mindset, AI/Technology, ophthalmology and positive insights.
There are different types of adversities, facing them has its unique challenges that’s why we are here for; we strongly believe that everything is possible. In this podcast, you will find amazing interviews with exceptional human beings, that have been able to overcome their obstacles and are helping other leading by example; the beyond blindness podcast host is one of these people, that has faced visual impairment since age 3 and now seeks to help parents, who have visually impaired children and adolescents to transform their lives.
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Today, I sit down with Isabelle Mercier, Public speaker, bestselling author, founder of Leap Zone Strategies, a company based out in Vancouver Canada which helps people from all walks of life find their own super powers. She helps her clients put that in to the world and she’s making an amazing contribution to humanity; we also dove in deep in to the power of “Zero” Tolerance”, which basically means the art of learning to say the word NO. I truly believe it’s a skill we all need to learn specially for parents to teach their children and adolescents at a young age. I am also pretty sure that if we do this and are taught this skill, we will become more self-confident of ourselves and we are going to make better informed decisions in our lives. I absolutely loved talking with Isabelle and I loved this episode, I am pretty sure you are going to love it too. On this episode we are going to learn three things: The power of harmony in in: thinking, saying and doing. The power in learning to say the word NO. How constant worry depletes our quality of life.
Today, I sit down with Nigel Vardy, one of the most physical mental and emotional resilient human beings that I had the pleasure to host on Beyond Blindness. His a professional climber, mountaineer, professional public speaker, author of several books; better known out there as Mr. Frost Bite for the accident that he had on mountain Denali in 1999, where he got trapped in wins of 100 km/hour, where he had frost bite all over his hands, ankles, fingers, toes and nose. He had to have all of those limbs amputated. Nigel is such an amazing soul and person full of knowledge, and I know that you are going to love this episode, because he dive  deep in to how to micro manage critical moments in our lives and specially take rapid decisions in these moments. I surely can relate to that, because I’ve been in such moments myself and I know that parents of visually impaired children and adolescents have to take these decisions from time to time, so guys sit tight and enjoy this episode, I know you are going to love it. On this episode you will learn three things: Why it is crucial to take decisions in critical moments. What to when we get to experience these moments in our lives. The importance of sticking to our own decisions.
010 - Demystifying Death

010 - Demystifying Death


Have you ever feared death? Today, I sit down with Jerome Braggs, we had an epic conversation and this was an epic episode because Jerome was so kind to open himself with Beyond Blindness and talked to us about his experience of going in to the hospital, thinking that he had the flu, when actually all of his organs were paralyzed and he was given a prognosis of seven days to live. Amazingly enough, Jerome was able to get out of this situation, but he was back in to the hospital with the same prognosis and he passed away on to the other side. I want to open myself to you and be vulnerable and tell you, that when I went blind, I was petrified, I felt so much pain, I started searching for answers, I started reading and I wanted to know what people felt when they passed away to what we know as “death”, so I thought if I’m feeling this much pain, what is death going to look like? I came across amazing books like, Anita Morjani “Dying to be Me” and Dr. Evan Alexander III, a neurosurgeon that passed away to the other side, and all of these stories sent me a message of love and that’s what I want you to get from this episode, that is why I brought Jerome so sit tight and enjoy. On this episode we are going to learn three things: The importance of taking care of your life force. The importance of loving yourself, accepting yourself as you are and living life to it’s fullest. The amazingness of reuniting with the soul is that it feels like love, bliss, acceptance like everything has been well, everything is well and everything will be well, and the feeling of eternal love.
Did you know that getting together with several people and meditating with the same intention can bring healing to any illness?   Today, I sit down and talk with Clifford Michaels, a Wall Street Tycoon managing millions of dollars for his clients for over thirty years, serving humanity in his own way. I appreciate very much his work, because as you all know, I traded money from 2003 to 2011, and I know  how stressful this can get; however,  the reason I  am interviewing  Clifford, it’s not  for his Wall Street success, but  for his amazing story of how he was able to cure himself  from  Kidney Cancer.                Now you might be thinking what does this has to do with my child visual deficiency?  Well, in ophthalmology, there is a  term  called Melanoma, which  translates  to cancer in the eye. Now, the important thing  to consider, is that  whatever  the case may be with your  child or adolescent, the fact of the matter is that  sometimes want  it or not, we have to face  difficult challenges and we  need to look  for  different ways  to tackle head on with the situation, sometimes with nontraditional methods  of healing. On this episode, I would  love  for you to keep an open mind, because I dive in with Clifford into energy work, the power of meditating or praying on a consistent basis with a considerable number of people in a room, to raise the energy levels, which in turn translate  to healing energy. On this episode you will learns 3 thinks: The power of thought. Why we are all here to expand our soul. How can we raise our energy for healing with several participants.
Did you know that when I went blind eight years ago, I fell into a deep depression that I considered suicide as an option? I am speaking from my own truth and that is why I decided to dissect depression, so that you can look for any red flags on your visually impaired child or adolescent. When one goes blind or loses his or her vision, is the emotional pain that comes with the loss that is the hardest to understand. In my case, I wanted to commit suicide, I honestly didn’t know how to manage my feelings. Today, I sit down with sergeant Kevin Briggs from the CHP California highway patrol, who was named guardian of the golden gate bridge, because he devoted his live to saving the lives of suicidal people wanting to jump from the bridge. Kevin Briggs is probably one of the most heroic and knowledgeable individuals on the planet on suicide prevention.   On this episode we are going to learn 3 things: The harmful effects of depression. The important of speaking about suicide in an open manner. How to approach a person who is on the brink of suicide.
The law of attraction is a universal law just like gravity! Do you know if your child or adolescent is attracting his deepest desires? Why don’t you help him or her by listening and learning from this episode? On this episode, I sit down and talk with Andrea Shulman. We had an amazing conversation with lots of golden nuggets on the law of attraction. I want to dedicate this episode to your visually impaired adolescent’s, who I am sure can put it in to practice to attract anything in to their lives. We dove in deep, in to how to use this universal law, to attract the love that you want in to your life; we even talk about how this law works from the quantum perspective. Andrea Schulman is making such a great contribution to the world, helping us understand this law. I think, you are going to love how Andrea breaks this law in simple steps, to follow and makes it easy for anybody to understand. On this episode we will learns 3 thinks: How to use the law of attraction to attract the right people in to your life. Why that which is like in to its self is drawn to it. Learning how to avoid toxic relationships in your life.
Do you know if your visually impaired child is keeping secrets from you? Do you know who is your child hanging out with? On this episode I sit down with Jill Prescott we talked about the importance of speaking out and not kipping secret tour selves. We also touched on how as kids we believe that the world revolves around us and that can pose a problem for us. Jill explains how burring our pain can lead in to disease, she also explained how she had the courage to grow and overcome extreme bullying. Later on in her life she found out that she had brain lesions from early trauma, she was kind enough to share how she was able to heal these brain lesions with natural alternative medicine.   On this episode we will learn three things Why when we are children we can fall victims to our peers The dangers of burring our pain. Why keeping inner pain in the form of secrets can detriment our health.
Does your child pose any irrational fears? Have you noticed how unconsciously you might have imposed fear to your child? On this episode we will discover the types of fear, their benefits and to bring awareness to the ones that harm us in today’s world. F*** the fear it’s not even real is the name of the famous Ted Talk presented by today’s guest. On this episode I sit down and talk with Deri Jewelin Davis, serial entrepreneur, professional public speaker, extreme adventurer and one of the few that climbed to the peak of Mount Everest.  Our conversation revolved around the different kinds of fear that we all as human beings face, at one point or another in our lives, he further explains the difference between instinctual fear and egoic fear. Instinctual fears are the ones that by natural selection protect us from survival type situations; Now the problem that we face is that we have architected the egoic fear for ourselves, for example the fear of failure, the fear of rejection and the fear of not being good enough.   I am sure you will absolutely love this episode On this episode we will learn three things The difference between natural based fears and egoic fears How to tackle your fears so that you can move forward How to live a life of no regrets
Have you thought how to diminish your visually impaired child or adolescent anxiety and depression? On this episode I sit down and talk with Jacqueline Way, an inspiring woman who created a method for getting rid of anxiety And depression through giving along the side of her son. The astonishing thing about this method is that by Giving 365 days of the year to humanity, animals and the planet, she came out with 365 give, which in turn becomes a highway to find your child happiness and by applying this method, you will also be on the road to happiness.   On this episode we will learn three things What is happiness in action The psychology behind giving How unconsciously we put stress and anxiety in to our homes
003 - Phobia Relief

003 - Phobia Relief


Would you face your excessive fears if you couldn’t see them? Must visually impaired children and adolescents usually grow up facing these kind of irrational fears, that they have to face on a daily basis in fact so frequently that it becomes a routinely torture. Phobias show up in different ways, such as: Acrophobia, Agoraphobia, Gynophobia, Astraphobia and Claustrophobia, If you had one or more would you face them with your ice shut?   On this episode I had the privileged to sit down and talk with phobia expert Kallyope Barlis, featured in major networks as: ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. Why is she known as America’s number one phobia expert? Because she has been working and been mentored by doctor Richard Bandler Cofounder of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), we discussed how she was able to transition the lessons from being a professional golf player to becoming Americas number one phobia expert.   I loved Kaliope’s sends of humor and her strong work for erasing bad memories from peoples life’s, we even got to talk how her mentor doctor Richar Bandler was able to cure a famous football player from a phobia in 4 minutes.   On this episode we will learn three things How to use our minds power for visualizing the outcome that We want How to use your five senses to become a high achiever. How one hour of fear a day can become thousands of hours during the years
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