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About Kavita Kane: A senior journalist with a career of over two decades, Kavita Kané is a full-time author of the best-sellers Karna's Wife, Sita's Sister, Menaka's Choice, Lanka's Princess; all of them on marginalised characters whom she finds especially fascinating. Besides writing - which is the only métier she knows- she is passionate about cinema and theatre. Born in Mumbai, a childhood spent largely in Patna and Delhi, she happily settled in Pune with her mariner husband, two teenaged daughters and Chic the spaniel and Cotton the curious cat. So what is your mug and bucket moment? Visit us at for more info!
About Radha Chakyat: Radhakrishnan Chakyat is a renowned photographer in his own right and might and also the brainchild behind Pixel Viilage. His brilliance is noticeable in turning modest portrayal of home, lifestyle, celebrities, fashion, architecture and interiors, films and so on, into an extraordinary piece of art. Through the initiative of Pixel Viilage, his singular goal is to spearhead in helping one to become the best in creating the best of what can be expressed through the lenses. The best part about his initiative is in learning to create extraordinary art with the minimum resources and ability that we can possibly attain. Tune in to know his Mug and Bucket Moments. So what is your mug and bucket moment? Visit us at for more info!
About Sonali: Our today’s guest is one special lady. The bold and dashing Sonali Kulkarni. Oh Yes, the Sonali we all adore so much. Sonali Kulkarni is an Indian actress. She has worked in Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi, and Tamil films. She is known for her roles in Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Doghi, Deool, Gulabjaam, Dil Chahta Hai, Singham and Taxi No 9211. Sonali Kulkarni first made her appearance on the screen in a film titled Cheluvi, directed by Girish Karnad. She has appeared in many films including an Italian film titled Fuoco Su di Me, for which she won an award in the 2006 Milan International Film Festival. She has received a Special Jury Award (non-feature) in the 49th National Film Awards (2002) for her role in a short film in Marathi; Chaitra. Apart from this, she has penned several columns for leading Marathi newspaper, which was later published into a book. To know more about Sonali and her Mug & Bucket Moments, tune-in to the latest episode of the Mug and Bucket podcast. So what is your mug and bucket moment? Visit us at for more info!
About Anand Deshpande: Dr. Anand Deshpande is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Persistent Systems since its inception and is responsible for the overall leadership, strategy and management of the Company. He has been the driving force in growing Persistent Systems from its inception in 1990, to the publicly-traded global Company of today. He has been recognized by his alma mater, IIT Kharagpur, as a Distinguished Alumnus in 2012 and by the School of Informatics of Indiana University with the Career Achievement Award in 2007. With members of his family, he has established DeAsra Foundation (, a non-profit entity which focuses on creating self-employment at scale. So what is your mug and bucket moment? Visit us at for more info!
About Ritviz: Ritviz is a Pune (IN) based 23-year-old DJ, singer and Hindustani dance music producer. His music is bass-heavy and rich in eastern sounds owing to his training as a Hindustani classical musician since the age of 7. He shot to fame after his famous single "Udd Gaye" which was handpicked & released, along with a music video, by AIB & Nucleya. Tune in to the podcast to find out more about what sparks creativity in him and his take on life. Tune in to the podcast and enjoy the nuances of his M&B moment. So what is your mug and bucket moment? Visit us at for more info!
About Uday Balaji: Introducing our first guest for season 2 - Uday Balaji, aka the Whisky Advisor, is a certified whisky connoisseur. ​He is the only certified trainer for The Whisky Ambassador certification in India and also India’s first Certified Executive Bourbon Steward. Uday is extremely passionate about this work and enjoys fine dining. He has travelled extensively to over 100 distilleries and whisky experiences across India, Scotland, Ireland, the USA, Japan and more and has experience in running some award-winning restaurants of which Savya Rasa in Pune was voted one of the Top 50 Restaurants in India by Conde Nast. Tune in to the podcast and enjoy the nuances of his M&B moment. So what is your mug and bucket moment? Visit us at for more info!
About Indraneel Chitale: Indraneel is a 4th Generation Partner and CEO of the 80-Year-old Chitale Group. He is involved in the Strategy, Manufacturing, Automation, Operations and R&D part of the business. Some of the questions that we cover in our chat with Indraneel include: ● Who in the family came up with the recipe of Bhakarwadi? ● Could you please take us through group history? Could you take us through the evolution of the group for our listeners? ● There must be people who must be saying that you got this all easy since it is the 4th generation… do you answer something like that? ● You are the 4th generation of Chitale Bandhu into the business. And 13 cousins are overlooking the business as of today out of which 60% are engineers. What is the engineering connection? ● I'm sure running a family-owned business has a lot of unseen challenges where there is a thin line between being professional and a relative. How difficult it is for board members to come to a consensus on a particular policy or important company decisions? ● There was a tweet post the announcements you made in thane, the announcement was to keep the shop open between 1 to 4. Whose decision was it? How did you guys come to a consensus on that? help us understand where did all start. How did it impact the business? ● Now tell me who is who in the board member when I say this: a) The Mischievous, b) The lazy one c) The one who eats the most d) The critic e) Bol Bacchan ● Does your wife help you with your work? It's a love marriage, right? How and when did you meet her? And tell us who proposed whom? On a lighter note, what do you do to get her special attention when you guys have arguments? What is your favourite hang out place in Pune with her? ● I have read this book, rich dad poor dad which talks about how dad’s with business backgrounds raise their children as opposed to others. What is the most memorable lesson he has taught you by your father which has stayed with you? What does he call you btw? ● Being the CEO of a big group is challenging, how do you spend your leisure time and re-energize? ● We got to know about your exercise and bikes Now tell me what are your preferences when it comes to Clothing, Shoes, Watch, Car, liquor, Chitale product and fav moms dish. ● You also have an interest in poker, but today there is a lot of youth who have invested a lot of time hampering their mainstream careers what do you want to say? ● I remember, when I visited the factory, we spoke at length about the technology. IoT and artificial intelligence. How are you leveraging that? And you also spoke about some express stores concept. ● How do you stay relevant in the market with the growing competition? Someone like Haldiram also has bakarwadi... ● Before we go to the mug and bucket moment, what is it that you would have done if you were not the CEO of the Chitale group and born somewhere in a parallel universe? ● So what is your mug and bucket moment? Visit us at for more info!
About Sudha Menon: Sudha Menon who is an author, a columnist and a writing coach. She is the renowned author of five non-fiction books, Feisty At Fifty, Legacy: Letters to their daughters from eminent Indian men and women, Gifted: inspirational stories of people with disabilities and Devi, Diva or She-Devil: The smart Career woman's survival guide and Leading Ladies: Women Who Inspire India. Sudha is the founder of 'Get Writing! , a writing workshop that helps people kick start their writing journey and 'Writing In the Park', an initiative that she started to get people to spend time in the outdoors, writing in public parks and gardens. Her Writing With Women (WWW) gets women from different backgrounds together to share their experiences and write about them. She also runs ‘Telling Our Stories’, a voluntary initiative where she works with senior citizens in Pune to help them write their stories and thus capture the legacy that they will leave for posterity. Some of the questions that we cover in our chat with Sudha include: ● You have had 23 years of journalism experience. I am intrigued to know how was your first day of work like? Was it like the movies, where on the first day the actor gets breaking news to cover and changes the entire equation?? ● Do you think that struggle in early days has helped you write with depth and wit? ● Let's go to when you were 15 years old when you wanted to be something else but you ended up with journalism and eventually a renowned author. How did this happen? Did journalism choose you or the other way round? ● Of all the things you aspired to become in your teens, you immediately let go of air hostess and beautician options due to a letter from your someone special. Why did you hold onto it for a long time? ● I know you have a bucket list which is yet to be fulfilled. Apart from this, there is one very invigorating thing which is Acting. Could please tell us about that? ● Interestingly, I also know one more secret bucket list you haven’t mentioned but I kind of inferred it from looking at a facebook picture. Please help us understand that! ● Does travelling inspire your writing? Do you have any incidence where you have travelled and came back inspired and wrote something? ● I saw you TED, read a few articles and there was one thing which was constant, your father. Could you tell who he was and what did he teach has that impacted your writing and who you are today? ● Just before your father passed away, he insisted upon one thing about your daughter Nayantara when you portrayed your despair about the 23-year-old daughter who was a pastry chef and not in a hurry to start off her career, what did he tell you, how has that impacted your and Nayantara's life. ● You have got a lot of innovative concepts in writing. Could you elaborate on that a bit? ● You had a career in Mumbai, why did you come to Pune? ● You are an unapologetic feminist. Does gender inequality affect your paycheck in the writing industry? Also, being labelled as a feminist journalist and author of female-centric books, do you meet people who think you lead a very hippie life like smoking drinking and all? Any incidence that comes to your mind? Visit us at for more info!
About Jhelum Paranjape: Jhelum Paranjape is the founder of Smitalay. Dance has been a way of life for her since childhood. For a number of years, she performed in the dance ballets staged by the Rashtra Seva Dal Kalapathak under the direction of noted poet Vasant Bapat and tutelage of Shri Ramesh Purav. The troupe has presented several memorable shows. Maharashtra Darshan, Bharat Darshan, Shiv Darshan and Azadi Ki Jung can be cited as particularly noteworthy productions. Since 1977, she has dedicated herself to the pursuit of Odissi dance. Starting her training with Guru Shankar Behera, she has -since 1980 until his death in 2004 - been training with the doyen of Odissi dance, Padmavibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. She has been actively performing since 1983. Late Smita Patil was her active partner when she began her training in Odissi with Shankar Behera. She was her friend & mentor. It was through her that she was introduced to Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. Some of the questions that we cover in our chat with Jhelum Paranjape include: ● I’ll start with a very interesting question.. I saw a video on youtube which was put by your students of SMITALAY where you are the director. It was about a surprise they had planned for your birthday on carter road in Mumbai. The entire cohort, on your arrival, wished you happy birthday with the help of choreographed Odissi dance steps! That was amazing! My question stems out from the very act of love showered towards you through the dance poses. So Conveying messages, social or otherwise through Odissi dance form is something Smitalay does? ● The graceful poses of Odissi dance bring to my mind breathtaking sculptures on the temples in India. Do these poses signify anything specific? Which is your favourite pose and why? ● How would you explain Odissi dancing to a commoner who loosely thinks that Bharatnatyam and Odissi are same! And its classic dancing at the end of the day What was the origin of this dance form? ● Odissi is claimed to be the earliest classical dance based on archaeological evidence. What has changed from then till now? Were there any additions, tweaks to the dance form over the years which has been practised across generations? Or it remains the same even today? ● There is an interesting story about your friendship with Late Smita Patil. Can you recall on when did you meet her first and what was the conversation and when was the last time you met her? ● You have named your academy after her, if not for her would smitalay still exist? ● Friendship has changed in modern times, it craves for social media attention. One thing you would like to tell about her friendship which we rarely find nowadays ● You have come a long way in terms of your contribution to the Classical dance form. It is in so many ways unparalleled. Now dating back, please shed some light on that moment that actually triggered you to do what you are doing, which altered the course of your life. The mug and bucket moment, which defined who you are today! Visit us at for more info!
About Paula McGlynn: Paula McGlynn is a CEO and Founding Director of Gulbadan Talkies Pvt. Ltd. and Marathi content brand, Bharatiya Digital Party (BhaDiPa), in Mumbai. BhaDiPa makes fresh, new and original content in Marathi. BhaDiPa started in 2016 when there was no Marathi content in the digital space. It began with its flagship show, “Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun,” a parody of a celebrity chat show. BhaDiPa has revived the Marathi stand-up comedy scene by hosting shows and now manages over 15 comics. It has expanded into several content genres with Travel & Lifestyle (Bha2Pa) News & Politics (Vishay Khol) and has several Long-Format series releasing soon.Twice the recipient of the SFU Mobility fund for her research on the film industry, Paula McGlynn has strong networks between both the Indian and Vancouver film industry and has started the BC – Indian Film & Media Initiative, a volunteer effort to increase business between the two industries. She is an active member with the Indo-Canadian Business Chambers (ICBC) Media & Entertainment Committee. Some of the questions that we cover in our chat with Paula include: ● You have done fine arts from Simon Fraser University. But if we go down the Memory Lane, did you have any other options for your graduation studies? For instance, in India at least when I was studying, engineering and MBBS were the only 2 commonly preferred options. ● BhaDiPa has good reach and follower base with some interesting shows lined-up. What is the trigger point for the inception of an idea. How do you guys go from point A to Z? For example: the show called "aai ani mi" or aaplya bapachi or say miss manners. What was the inspiration for an idea and how did it transpire into a full fledged show/series? ● You have several shows, which one is challenging and closest to your heart and why? ● Say there is an idea anushka gets on the table but you disagree and say Sarang is neutral. There is conflict in opinion. How do you guys come to terms with it? Could you give our listeners an example of this - an idea which did not make everyone happy but eventually turned out into something fruitful. ● How do you balance being an artist and entrepreneur? Please shed some light on the challenges you face in each of these roles. ● You have worked on a few documentaries in the capacity of a director and sound engineer. Then, India happened and you worked on Indian projects. My question is, as an artist - how is Indian cinematic art different than the world? ● I read somewhere that you describe your childhood in two words, "space-cadet". Could you please elaborate how? Do you happen to have similar experiences now as well? ● When you think of content creation, which among the following is most important and in what capacity - conviction, money, skill, talent, and originality? ● There are a lot of marathi content creators as of today. What is the vision of Bhadipa in the next 5 years, which differentiates it from others? ● From job hunting after your bachelors and aspiring to be a sound engineer to now spearheading the marathi content space, what was that turning point (the mug and bucket moment as I call it)? Please elaborate. Visit us at for more info!
About Varun Venkit: Varun Venkit is a Percussionist and Drummer, Clinical Psychologist and Masters NLP Practitioner, NFNLP, the USA who is a Grade 8 Drum Kit player; as certified by the Trinity College of Music, London. He has been a student of many a drum teacher; Joshua Banks from Brisbane, Australia (ex Berklee College of Music, Boston) being his most recent and most influencing teacher. He soon started freelancing and playing with veterans such as Sivamani, Jayant Sankrityayana, Derek Julien, Roger Dragonette, Sanjay Joseph, Shri. Rajeev Devasthali, Kaustubh Dhavale, K. Mohan, Rushad Mistry and more. Varun has been a part of Agnee, India's biggest folk-rock band (SONY BMG's May 2007 release) for three years. Presently, Varun is a freelance drummer and percussionist and his primary focus is his brainchild Taal Inc.; a rhythm ensemble that focuses on rhythms of the land and its introduction into every walk of life. Some of the questions that we cover in our chat with Varun include: ● You have been performing since the age of 15 and are the most sought after drummer in India. You played with Sivamani, Amit Kilam (Indian Ocean), Taufiq, Qureshi, Raghu Dixit, Dhruv Ghanekar (Coke studio), Derek Julian, and the list goes on. Which is the closest to your heart? Why? ● How do you define Taal Inc. to someone who is new? Your narrative - come, drum, be one - what is it? And could you please define Taal using that narrative. ● We had a discussion about how people always have a fascination about any art form specifically musical forms like drumming, rhythm, guitar. We almost always attach the superiority complex to music art form. Do you think Taal Inc. has overcome this? or striving to overcome it? ● What was the first rhythm you played and also tell us now that you have achieved so much in spreading music in a different light, how would you describe yourself as a musician/performer/a facilitator? ● The core of Taal Inc is more than just music. It has therapeutic values engraved with it. How is it connected to drumming and do you get people who come to you and say, "I'm depressed or stressed". How does Taal help these people? ● But if I am depressed, how would you even get me to drum or play djembe? Isn't it challenging? ● I know that you have some amazing initiatives, one which is for blind school or sex workers or the latest Neha told me about - ResQ. Could you help our listeners know more about it? ● You played with Michelle Obama, Anandi Ben, Narendra Modi, and Shinzo Abe. What were your learning moments from each of these leaders, if at all you got a chance to meet them? Can you share these learnings? ● There is something interesting I read about the research centre of Taal, which measures, analyses, and documents art based influence or behavioural healing. Can you please help us understand about this? Do you have any kind of tangible outcomes you have seen? Visit us at for more info!
About Jayesh Sachdev: He is the Creative Director of Quirk Box Design a contemporary Graphic Design and Branding Agency and his Fashion label has showcased at 7 Seasons at Lakme Fashion Week and Won the Grazia Awards and Vogue India Fashion Fund. Multi-award winner, British Council Young Arts Entrepreneurs India 2008, Tiger Translate India Arts Awards and Crow Bar Asia Advertising Awards, he is a multi TEDx speaker and often lectures at Design Schools. Jayesh graduated with a Degree in Visual Communication at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. Some of the questions that we cover in our chat with Jayesh include: ● One definition of fine art is “a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purpose and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness. Then there is also decorative and applied art like pottery and some form of metal work. Performing arts which include theatre and dance. Where does quirk box as a whole fit in? (talking more about art as fashion here) ● Say this is an amalgamation of all of the above, which one is more defining for your work. Can you elaborate a bit with an example for our listeners? Specifically female nudity! ● Why haven’t you looked at male nudity from the creative lens? Maybe there is a story to tell. ● Quirk box is an award-winning and renowned for it's unique and never seen before designs. So I want to know more about the thought process of Jayesh here. I have picked two examples and I want you to elaborate on how you get started with an idea and everything in between. First is say an Enchanted garden fabric suit which was dawned by Mithila or an athleisure Tokyo fabric dawned by Shreya Pilgaonkar. And secondly, your famous Limca record holding canvas which you drew with Fiat 500 tyres. ● When we talk about art, you will agree that there is a disconnect. The common man doesn't resonate with art much. Mostly the uppers sections of the society vouch for it. What do you think is the reason? Is it money or understanding and awareness of fashion and art in itself? ● You got art out of the canvas and on to the fabric. So your work is not confined to an art gallery. People wear them. Do you feel that you have potentially done enough when it comes to the unique union of art and fashion? Is there quirk box 2.0? Your next challenging endeavour? ● I have seen some mind-blowing graphic designs on your Instagram page. I guess they were designed by your wife Priyanka. Where did you meet her? Shed some light on how it all happened. ● With the body of work behind you, big brands must be approaching your design studio to help them create a unique brand value just like yours. That way within a short stint of around 1 year you have worked with Maruti Suzuki, Bajaj, Vans etc. Which one was your most challenging work for the studio as well as the fashion label? Why? ● From wanting to become a poet, a writer, sportsman, to your designs getting rejected at your first job to the long walk which made you change your mind from Fine art to communication design for majors The journey has been full of ups and downs. Which was the most defining moment or moments, the mug and bucket moments as we call it which made you who you are today? Visit us at for more info!
● How would you define cinematography to a layman? So now since you have answered that, what according to you best defines cinematography? An art or a Craft? And why? ● You have done more than 1000 very successful commercials for tops brands coca-cola, UTV, Fevicol to name a few and also won a National award for a movie that won hearts across generations, SWADES. Which particular movie or an advertisement for you stand out through the scope of cinematography, and why do you say that? ● Having seen the movie production from close quarters I know there is a lot of technicalities which go into cinematography, the main thing being light, colours, shoot location and camera angles etc. Light is like food for any cinematographer! How important is the director's vision on all this? Who according to you is the master behind how a particular scene looks on screen? Director or Cinematographer? ● Now being a national award winner for the highly successful and critically acclaimed movie Swades, why was there no big brands or movies to follow? Was the industry saying, “now that he has won a national award, Mahesh Aney will charge more” or was it a conscious decision not to take big banner movies or something more than what meets the eye! ● I have seen all the successful Marathi movies you have worked on recently, Pitruroon, Dashakriya and Pushpak Viman, was it a conscious decision to move into Marathi cinema? Or they just came your way? ● Tell us the difference of working for a Marathi cinema, Hindi cinema and the recent booming web series space from a technician or cinematography point of view. You have done all three! And the maddest moment in your career! ● You have had an illustrious career in Indian cinema and your contribution is unparalleled. Now dating back, please shed some light on those moments when the actual seed was sown, which altered the course of your life. The mug and bucket moment, which defined who you are today! Visit us at for more info!
Some of the questions that we cover in our chat with Aniruddha Patil include: ● Aniruddha Patil wanted to invest his time in film reviews and was also planning to make a community for the same post his MBA. What was this all about? ● It is known that novel businesses happen only once! But PEO is an exception. PEO was built twice. So tell us where was it earlier and how did you manage to build it again? ● So I know that you met your wife on PEO, on a lighter note, did meeting happen on the first attempt on Orkut or the second one on Facebook? ● Do you think eating out nowadays is more transactional in nature rather than being an experience? People want consistency but forget that preparing food is aa s human is it gets. And if that consistency is missed, negative reviews take the centre stage! ● You have travelled India on wheels. One such instance is that you went to a remote place on India Pakistan border just to have samosas. So food is central to all your trips. Also, your culinary tastings of late are known to many. How do you manage your health in terms of diet and exercise? Do you exercise and what is your Favourite exercise? ● How is the restaurant market in India today? I ask this because of there a lot of people who are quitting their mainstream jobs and opening swanky and theme restaurants but hardly sustain beyond a point. Visit us at for more info!
Neha has been active in the once-defunct animal welfare and rescue sector of Pune since 2007. As the Founder/President at RESQ Charitable Trust, she takes responsibility that every activity at RESQ is centred around minimising animal suffering whilst ensuring that passion for animal work is infused with complete professionalism. Neha has won several accolades such as ‘Power Women of the Year 2017' by Times of India, and ‘Excellence in Animal Welfare' by The Economic Times. She is an active member of the Animal Welfare Committee (Pune ZP) and has recently been appointed into the Managing Committee of the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) for Pune District jurisdiction under the District Magistrate/Collector. Her grassroots work in animal rescue missions has been mentioned in various print and digital publications, and she has been a speaker and trainer at National Conferences on animal welfare. RESQ today is Maharashtra's largest citywide rescue organisation for both domestic and wild animals and is one of the top 3 organisations in the country with respect to the number of animal rescues conducted annually. Neha has been the driving force behind raising the standards of rescue animal healthcare, the introduction of systems and technology to animal welfare, and ensuring that RESQ continues to be a safe haven where homeless, abandoned and injured animals can continue to receive free medical care and refuge when no one else will take them in. Visit us at for more info!
Jitendra Chouksey is the founder & director of the online platform His journey started from being a regular IT professional to becoming a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. JC has come a long way in the fitness world and has a vision of creating one lakh jobs in the fitness industry and transforming around 50 million individuals. SQUATS started as a WhatsApp group where Jitendra Chouksey would help his friends and family members get fit. When some of them got results, they told others and soon he was being chased by a lot of people who wanted him to make them fit. It wasn’t easy for him to help so many people and so he started educating them. After all, getting fit isn’t exactly rocket science! Around 2015, he and his few colleagues created a Facebook group and started addressing people’s queries around fitness and nutrition! It soon became a thriving community where people would learn, discuss, share, motivate others about adopting a healthy lifestyle! They realized that a lot of people, despite getting all the help, simply didn’t have time to read and implement/experiment and they wanted someone to guide them in a more personal & accountable manner and that’s when the idea of creating an online coaching platform struck JC. He shared this idea with a select few who he met online through SQUATS group and they loved it. They all collected a sum of around 90,000 Rupees and created their first website with the help of a developer. On 1st Jan 2016, they launched and the rest is history. Visit us at for more info!
An unforgettable adventure of doing a TEDx talk: A funny-side-up story of my road to the Red glory! Find the article here: click here



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