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Author: Health Coach Heather

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Healthy Families Rule is a fun, informative podcast for families who want to raise healthy, strong, resilient children who rise up with confidence & courage in a confused world. Each week I’ll be dropping bits of coaching wisdom for both parents and kids alike that’ll apply to mental and physical well being. Kids can write in and ask “Health Coach Heather” any questions they have at: and Heather will address them in the show.
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45. No Wheat for Pete

45. No Wheat for Pete


This is one of my favorite episodes! I get to talk to you about gluten and read you my very first children's book that I wrote a few years back. If you know a good publisher who would like to work with me, please reach out to me @yourhealthcoachishere@gmail.comCome follow me on Instagram: @ Health_Coach_HeatherFollow my blog: www.healthyfamiliesrule.comCome check out my website: www.healthcoachheather.comSupport the show (
We all need to learn how to protect ourselves from negativity and anger right now. This is a skill that will help you become your best self. Today I am sharing a couple of tools that will help you remain calm amidst the storm. Let's keep that water out of your boat! Links to mentions: Grab your ticket to the Healthy Happy Kids SummitFollow me on YouTubeSign up for my email listCome sign your child up for coachingSupport the show (
42. Cyrus & the virus

42. Cyrus & the virus


Where do you stand when it comes to health freedom? In this episode I'll be reading you one of my darling children's books "Cyrus & the Virus" to help you gain awareness of your thoughts and boosting immunity - the right way. It's time to step out of fear and step into faith! Hey --- Just a reminder that the healthy happy kids summit is coming right up! You'll want to grab your ticket right away to this amazing virtual FREE 3 day event. CLICK HERE to claim your ticket, or go to www.healthcoachheather.comSupport the show (
Get ready to meet David & Odalys Hart! This power couple is putting on a summit for parents who want to raise healthier and happier kids. In this episode we'll give you a sneak peek into what you can expect from the summit + talk about self discipline in kids. You can grab your FREE ticket to the summit HEREGo check out the "Family Values" Podcast with the Hart'sGo Follow The Hart's on Social Media:  Facebook and Instagram: @familythatkicks, Sensei Odalys, Mr. HartFMA.Support the show (
40. Nourished Kids

40. Nourished Kids


In this week's episode I'm going to help you navigate the signs to look for when your child is malnourished. Sometimes we think our kids are doing just fine because we can't see what's going on on the inside of their body. But I'm going to expose a few things you can look for in a malnourished kid. Norwex Body Cloths for Cleaning Your FaceTrace Minerals - Electrolyte drops Best Filtered Water (contains silica)Redmonds Real SaltJOIN the Healthy Kids Summit. It's FREE. 15 guest speakers are presenting. I was honored to be one of them. Here is your free ticket link. Sign your kids up for coaching with me HERESupport the show (
In this week's episode I'm going to teach you how to stay healthy in a toxic world. That's right! We live in a world surrounded by toxic things...listen to the episode and find out what some of those things are. LINKS MENTIONED IN PODCASTHow to get a good nights sleep (blog article)Coronavirus Supplement GuideWhole Foods ResetCoaching for kidsSupport the show (
Do you use essential oils? Would you like to know more about them and how you can begin to treat your family using them? In this episode I'm interviewing Jenny Gabbel. Jenny educated people every single day on the proper use of oils and how they can add to your overall wellness. If you love oils, or maybe you're just getting started, join this awesome community and see how oils can improve your mental health, hormones, focus, energy, sleep, and so much more...Find Jenny on FB HEREFollow Jenny on Instagram HEREJOIN my Whole Foods Reset HEREAre your kids ready to be coached? If they're struggling with anything at all, I can coach them. Sign up for "Coaching for kids" HERESupport the show (
Do you have gamers in your home? Do your kids love to play video games more than anything else? Are you addicted to social media and screens? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're going to love my special guest today "Melanie Hempe" -- Melanie has been researching the negative side affects of video games and electronics for well over 20 years now. She has been down her own journey with children and having a child addicted to video games. Our kids are being exposed more than ever. How do we keep them safe? Find out in this podcast episode. Be sure to join Melanie's fund raiser coming up. CLICK HERECheck out her website at www.screenstrong.comFollow her on Facebook and join the community HEREThe more parents we can educate on this topic, the better. Please share this episode with a friend or family member. Support the show (
🎙️If you're ready to have a total mind and body transformation, then you're going to love this week's podcast. I'm interviewing Adam Kuhlman - Life Coach, Nutrition Coach, and Personal Trainer. Adam will teach us all about his 3 pillars to a healthy lifestyle. He's worked with some amazing people who've had amazing transformations. Follow the tips in this podcast to get to your ultimate health and wellness goals. Follow Adam Kuhlman on Instagram or Facebookwww.atthealthandwellness.comCome get Coached HEREJoin the game-player to game-changer bootcamp HEREJoin my Upcoming FREE Webinar: "How to raise a warrior family in tumultuous times"Support the show (
In this weeks podcast episode, I'm interviewing Alison Fleming. Alison is a new and upcoming children's book author with a message that will pierce you to your core! Do you know how worthy, loved, and important you are? Our outside isn't what makes us unique. It's our minds and our hearts. Get ready to learn all about body image and hear Alison's book for yourself as she reads it to us at the end of this episode. You can purchase Alison's book "Core Matters More" - HEREGo follow Alison on Istagram HEREOTHER PEOPLE TO FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: Beauty redefinedAshley Rose Reeves Facebook Group link: Children’s Authors and IllustratorsJoin my 5-day "Game Changer Bootcamp" HERE (WE START ON SEPT 14TH)Support the show (
In this episode I'm giving teens and parents real advice that will get real results! Many teens are choosing to follow the world and the standards provided to them by their friends and idols. I want to show teens how their life can really be when they're making the right decisions. There are too many careless parents out there who are unaware of what their child is doing online. Do you know what the abortion rates are in the world? Ge ready for a shocker!!!Replace your child's smart phone with the Gabb Wireless phoneJoin my 5-day "Game player to game changer" bootcamp for parents. This bootcamp is for you if you're ready to create your own family electronic plan. Take the leap today. Follow me on InstagramREAD the BlogJoin our private FB pageSupport the show (
🎙️ Wouldn't it be nice to have an entire medicine cabinet full of glorious holistic options you can take when you see symptoms coming on? And what if you even had the know-how to use them accordingly? You'd be like your own family doctor/herbalist. That is exactly what me and my good friend Melissa will be teaching you in this episode. Don't forget to grab our FREEBIE of all the holistic remedies we purchase for our own family health. Learn about cell salts, homeopathy, bach drops and more. Grab your ticket to the 5-day Game-Player to Game-Changer Bootcamp happening Sept 14th-18th.Support the show (
🎙️ Wow you guys! This is a very very tender episode. You're going to hear from Ashlee Boyson and her two girls Bostyn and Bailey about the death of their father (Ashlee's first husband) who was murdered in a Walgreens parking lot back in 2011. The tragedy of this event could have shattered them all, but they chose to rise above. They chose to speak out and share their story in hopes that it would help so many others. You're going to want to stick around until the very very end. Bostyn and Bailey are going to be singing a song for you that is special to this family. Would you like to read about Ashlee's story? Go check out her blog HEREWant to go see Ashlee LIVE on stage? She hosts amazing conferences to help others coping with tragedy. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATIONFollow Ashlee on Instagram & Facebook @ A reason to stand & The moments we standBuy Ashlee's books HERE - She is coming out with book 3 very soon! ****Are you ready for my upcoming boot camp? It's called "From game player to game changer" - How to raise self disciplined, healthy kids who care about actual reality instead of virtual reality.  Details to come. For now, get on the wait list for the webinar "How to raise a warrior family in tumultuous times." I'll be sure to send you all the details for the boot camp as well when they come out. www.healthyfamiliesrule.comCome follow me on social media: Instagram handle: health_coach_heatherFacebook handle: traditional table AND healthy families ruleSupport the show (
🎙️ This is a very special episode! We are kicking of SEASON 2 of the Healthy Families Rule Podcast, and I am bringing you the BEST of the BEST when it comes to all things being healthy and raising a healthy family. In this weeks episode, I'm interviewing my BFF for life Brittany Hutchison. She and I share a very special connection and she's an expert when it comes to bringing in more connection and unity and decreasing the fighting. You're going to LOVE this conversation. Brittany recommends you read 2 books on this topic. Click the links below to get the books: Siblings without rivalryPeaceful Parent Happy KidsDid you enjoy the podcast? Mind sharing it with your friends and family? XOXOXOAre you ready to create a strong, warrior family? Your kids are going to need to be armed with the right tools to get them through this next phase of life. You can do this! Sign up for my FREE webinar training for parents "Raising warrior kids in tumultuous times." I'll see you on the webinar! Support the show (
In this week's episode I'm teaching you how to speak out in an authentic way to let your voice be heard and stand up for what is right. Find out what your personality type is HERE so you can decide how you want your voice o be heard. Listen to a podcast on going deeper with self discovery HEREWould you like some 1:1 coaching? I'd love to help you out. Schedule your call with me HEREAre you ready to create a healthy, hard working, warrior family? CLICK THIS LINK to join my FREE webinar training for parents. I want to teach you how to become a "Warrior Parent" as we head into the future. I'll see you next week with season 2 of the Healthy Families Rule Podcast. xoxo Health Coach HeatherSupport the show (
Enjoying the Journey

Enjoying the Journey


🎙️ It's time to relax and enjoy the journey! I know we live in a crazy world right now but what better time to practice gratitude and abundance than right now! Once you stop wishing your life were different than it is, and you relax into it instead of resist it, you begin to enjoy it more and more. If you enjoyed this episode, take a screen shot of the podcast and post it on your Instagram page. Tag me in it. I'll post it and tag you! We'll be friends on Social Media. My Instagram handle is "Health_Coach_Heather"Hey parent's listen up! I've got a webinar coming up just for you..."Parenting the Warrior Way" - 5 things you can do right now to create more discipline, health, and hard working kids in your home. If you're ready to have more unity and connection with your kids, CLICK HERE and get on my wait list. Check out my blog at www.healthyfamilesrule.comCheck out my website at www.healthcoachheather.comGet my FREE after school snack boards PDF HEREAll my love xoxo-HeatherSupport the show (
Most kids struggle moving their bodies throughout the day. But I want you to help your child change that. This is why I highly recommend family workouts. Exercise together! Here is a great website for you to watch short videos of workouts kids can do. Try a couple of YouTube channels for kids exercise. PE Joe and Cosmic YogaOne of the best things you can do as a parent is to plan the workouts. Just as you do a meal plan for the week, create an exercise plan for your family for the week. Are you ready to eliminate and get rid of electronics? I think it's an excellent idea. Learn more about the dangers of EMF's HEREThere are so many ways you can help your kids get more movement in. But if you'd like a family health coach to council with, let's set up a call together. Click HERE and let's do a Discovery Call together. My students have been asking me how to help their kids stop fighting, stop eating junk food, and stop being addicted to electronics. I’ve decided to put together a brand new training designed to help busy parents create more discipline, connection and healthier habits within the home. It’s called “The Warrior Family Success System.” To be the first one notified of any releases, updates, etc.. please click HERECome follow me on Social Media: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAMSupport the show (
🎙️ In this weeks episode, we're talking all about how handle the situation of having an overweight child. Do you have an overweight child? Do you know someone who does? Send them this podcast episode to listen to. Are you ready to join the 5-day whole foods reset for families? CLICK HERE and get your family on board with clean eating. Need some 1:1 coaching around this topic? I've got some appointments available for a discovery call. Email me @ yourhealthcoachishere@gmail.comReady to create Healthy, Hardworking, Helpful kids in just 30 short days? Get on the wait list for my "Warrior Family Success System" and let me help you create a strong resilient family who can deal with anything the world dishes out!  CLICK HERESupport the show (
Does your family have a daily routine? What about in the summertime? In this episode, I'll be addressing all those questions and more. I am currently working on a 30 day course for families called "The Warrior Family Success System" - Healthy, Hard working, Obedient kids in just 30 days! If you'd like to get on a wait list to find out more about this course when it finally launches, CLICK HEREIn this episode I mention my 1:1 coaching. You can purchase your sessions HERECome follow me on Instagram HEREJoin our private FB page for weekly group challenges HEREThanks for listening to the show. If you have time, would you mind going into Itunes and reviewing the show? Here are instructions to do that. Support the show (
Today's topic is a big one. Are you a parent who's yelling a lot or nagging at your kids to get things done? I'm going to teach you this ONE thing that just might turn it all around without you having to yell, nag, or raise your voice. Are you ready? Let's go! In this episode I mention my 1:1 coaching. You can purchase your sessions HERECome follow me on Instagram HEREJoin our private FB page for weekly group challenges HEREThanks for listening to the show. If you have time, would you mind going into Itunes and reviewing the show? Here are instructions to do that. Inspiration for this podcast came from "The wellness mama podcast" Episode 344. Go give it a listen. Support the show (
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