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A podcast where artists tell their stories through the materials they choose.
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Epilogue: Series 1

Epilogue: Series 1


Materially Speaking takes a break for the summer but we have already started recording new interviews and look forward to sharing more artists' stories later this year.
30-year-old Sollai Cartwright is an Australian artist who studied carving in Pietrasanta under the tutelage of some of Italy’s finest artisans, returning every year to find marble from the quarries.
A musician from the age of nine, Jacob Cartwright tells how he interprets what he hears or feels into sculpture.
Christian researches what tools would have been used on a 500-year-old piece before he starts restoring it. ‘I have to admit, when I use a new tool the aesthetic will change.’
Rita Meier first came to Pietrasanta from Switzerland in 1988 and was amazed to discover there was marble everywhere.
Neal Barab is not limited by the preciousness of white marble. He chooses between many different colours and textures of stone and often adds paint to them.
Almuth Tebbenhoff left her native Germany for London where an encounter with Eduardo Paolozzi in the late 1970s took her art in a new direction.
Michael Francis Cartwright believes that whether you work with a bit of discarded tin, or statuario from Michelangelo’s quarry, you should treat them all with the same respect.
Liverpudlian Martin Foot worked weekends from the age of 13 for his uncle, a stone mason. At 19 he took a one way ticket to Australia to try his luck.
Shona Nunan: Balance

Shona Nunan: Balance


Shona Nunan was born in Melbourne, Australia but takes inspiration from around the world. Fascinated by the ancient, Shona talks of her journey and the impact seeing guardian figures at an aboriginal cave had on her.
Eilis O’Connell, from Cork in Ireland, works in many materials – from Corten and mirror-polished stainless steel to bronze and epoxy resin. She came to Pietrasanta for one particular commission and tells us why she wanted to create it in marble.
'I'm just one of these people that don't pre-plan the sculpture. I don't make models, you see, like you're supposed to.' Douglas shares his passion for stone and why he loves his new studio.
Dutch artist Eppe de Haan began as a painter and first started carving marble here 25 years ago. He tells of his journey from 2D to 3D and speaks of his series Searching Souls, his love of nature and the sea.
Jim Hager: Homeless

Jim Hager: Homeless


Californian Jim Hager points out homelessness by carving a cardboard house in marble. In a strange twist of fate gentrification becomes an issue all too close to home.
Stephan Hamel tells the story of his Italian grandfather Cosimo Lorenzoni who was sent to India in 1937, to lay marble floors in a palace, where the outbreak of war brought a dramatic change of fortune.
Norwegian artist Turid Gyllenhammar tells us how she finally came to carve marble in her 50s, and what challenges she had to overcome to get here.
As an Armenian born in Egypt Armen Agop was always surrounded by desert. He tells us how this gave him a special freedom to dream, and how he came to carve in granite.
Venuzuelan born Maria Gamundi tells how she chose marble for one enormous sculpture, and the emotional journey she took creating a memorial for a young woman who lost her life on the road.
We start with stories from the community of artists working in stone, near a town called Pietrasanta in northern Italy. Generations of artists have been coming here to source the marble available nearby and work with the highly skilled artisans.
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