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Mike Bausch is Owner at Andolini's Worldwide Restaurant Group, a Guinness World record holder, and Author of Unsliced. Mike Bausch strives to keep giving back within the restaurant industry and has accomplished just that through his experience as a restauranteur, thought leadership, and more! Tune in to this week's episode to discover how to apply his experience as a restauranteur and eye for growth. On this episode, you'll learn from Mike about:The worst response you may receive from a guest/whyKnowing your ideal customerManaging SEO and the initial searchMore!Thanks, Mike!
Blaine Hurst, former CEO of Panera Bread, has an extensive 40 year long career working with the likes of Boston Market and Papa John's. Now as an advisor, Blaine believes that a strategic mindset is developed rather than inherent. Blaine helps restaurateurs to develop the ability to see what needs improvement and how to execute such improvement. On this episode, you'll learn from Blaine about:A culture of dissatisfactionPreparing for external factors (recession, pandemic, etc.)Getting direct feedback with consumers at scaleMore!Thanks, Blaine!
Jeremy Julian is the COO of CBS Northstar, an industry leader in hospitality POS technology, helping restaurants maximize efficiency and profitability. With its software, hardware, and portfolio of services, CBS offers thousands of restaurants the peace of mind that comes with a smooth POS experience.  Jeremy is  in touch with the challenges and issues facing restaurant operators in the area of technology systems all while keeping the human touch at the forefront. On this episode, you'll learn from Jeremy about: Interacting with guests keeping retention in mindEnsuring efficient and effective operationsThe importance of connectionMore!Thanks, Jeremy!
Ryan Thorman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bango Bowls, a growing health food and quick services chain. Ryan knows how to develop the fundamentals of your business, bur more importantly, maintaining a "bigger picture" perspective. Ryan's expertise on transitioning from a business to an organization is something you won't want to miss on this week's episode.On this episode, you'll learn from Ryan about: Understanding your business structureFixing common restaurant misstepsThe benefits of being "instant"More!Thanks, Ryan!
Carolyn Walker has curated an esteemed and well rounded career having worked for the likes of Fritos Lays and Saatchi & Saatchi advertising.  Now at Response Marketing, Carolyn started as a freelance consultant but quickly advanced to her current position as CEO and Managing Partner. Carolyn has an eye for internal and external development and has proven her ability to help small brands punch above their weight.On this episode, you'll learn from Carolyn about:Remembering the "forgotten" members of the industry Empowering your staffThe importance of brandingSimplifying operationsMore!Thanks, Carolyn!
Andrew Glantz is the Founder & CEO of GiftAMeal, a local marketing program that helps provide a meal to a family in need each time a guest takes a photo at a partner restaurant. Over 500 restaurants currently participate and over 1,300,000 meals have been given so far! Andrew believes that profit and purpose can be consistent goals hence his expertise in brand alignment.On this episode, you'll learn from Andrew about:Aligning social impact and business valuesGrowing your business is a sustainable/profitable wayThe impact of giving/service on your businessMore!Thanks, Andrew!
Audrey Hogan in the COO of TimeForge, a single dashboard service capable of mainstreaming and optimizing HR and Operations. Audrey is a Swiss army knife of talent that can teach you how to optimize labor management and boost your team. With an eye for and education in technical communication, Audrey is an expert on the crossroads of software and insights.On this episode you'll learn from Audrey about:Knowing what tasks to prioritizeTurning goals into actionThe positive shifts in guest review sentimentThe ingredients of a good cultureMore!Thanks, Audrey!
With over 15+ years experience as a CPA, Anne Gannon is now the Principal and Founder of the Largo Group. The Largo Group provides clients with a clear understanding of the dynamics of their business to achieve lasting growth and success based on an innovative accounting model. Anne strives to look beyond balancing books and deliver actionable insight s to restaurant owners.On this episode you'll learn from Anne about:Owning your numbersThe importance of understanding the basic of accountingUncovering your internal entrepreneurImproving your bottom lineMore!Thanks, Anne!
Yazan El-Shalabi and Yasser Ali are the Founders of Shelby's, home to legendary shawarma, poutines, falafels, and more! Their journey began as two young college students and now they run a multi franchise brand. Tune in to hear Yazan and Yasser's rise to the top and how they've mastered growth pertaining to social media advertising, franchises, and more!On this episode you'll learn from Yazan and Yasser about:Organic advertisingBring customers in via social mediaUtilizing customer data to improve the guest experienceMore!Thanks, Yazan and Yasser!
With over 24 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Gregg Majewski has developed an expert eye for growth. To highlight his incredible experience within the space, Gregg has invested in restaurants and worked as former CFO, COO, and CEO of Jimmy John's (where he grew stores from 33 to 300). Now, Gregg is the CEO of Mongolian concepts AND Craveworthy Brands. Tune in to hear how Gregg has grown brands internally and externally. On this episode you'll learn from Gregg about: FranchisingFortifying your company cultureMaintaining connection while mainstreaming operationsMore!Thanks, Gregg!
Matt Vance is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mobrium, a platform aimed to streamline your employer reputation on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Comparably and InHerSight. Furthermore, Matt Vance is the author of The Review Cycle, a book which outlines a disruptive new consumer behavior model. Tune it to hear Matt's expertise on generating and managing more reviews. On this episode, you'll learn from Matt about:Product, price, place, promotion, and post servicePsychology of consumer behaviorDeveloping your employer reputation More!Thanks, Matt!
On this week's episode of Give An Ovation we are flipping the mic around and welcoming on Ovation's very own, CEO and Founder, Zack Oates. Having started as a soda jerk at Friendly's and then transitioning into tech startups, Zack brings his expertise within the restaurant industry, hospitality, and tech to the table as  we flip the script. With over 200+ podcast episodes under his belt, tune in to find out how Zack has uncovered the driving factors of successful restaurants. On this episode, you'll learn from Zack about:Exceeding guest expectationsApplying the 3 "cons" of loyaltyFlipping the script on bad guest experiencesMore!Thanks, Zack!
Flint Finlinson, Co-Founder and CEO of Propaganda Inc., is a brand and marketing expert specializing in strategy development. Propaganda, Inc.  is an agency dedicated to "Brand Transformations" and helping to develop your higher brand purpose. Having transitioned from retail to restaurants, Flint understand what it means to position your brand not just to guests, but to humans.On this episode, you'll learn from Flint about:Truth in advertising Transitioning skills across industriesFinding your brand's higher purposeThe distinction between guest and humanMore!Thanks, Flint!
Euripides Pelekanos is the CEO of Bareburger, a kitchen and bar that offers big flavor in a big bun. With over 13 years experience with Bareburger as the CEO and Co-Founder, Euripides knows what it takes to learn from the past and apply hindsight to the future.  As someone who has grown his brand into an international business, you're going to want to tune in to his advice. On this episode, you'll learn from Euripides about:Value in tiny detailsGrowing your brand to 10+ locationsThe hardest part of managing a franchiseApplying hindsightMore!Thanks, Euripides!
Jensen Cummings, a legacy figure within the restaurant industry, is uncovering and remedying fallacies within the industry. Having transitioned from a top chef to behind the scenes managerial operations, Jensen has an all encompassing understanding of restaurant industry operations. On this episode, you'll learn from Jensen about:Restructuring the P&L statementSaving hospitality for your brandIdentifying top revenue driversMore!Thanks, Jensen!
Justin Egan is the VP of marketing, franchise development, and digital strategy at Craveworthy Brands. His expertise includes consumer-focused branding, building digital guest experiences, franchise development and restaurant/marketing tech.On this episode you'll learn from Justin about:Delivering cravable foods and experiencesEnd-to-end marketing strategyGrowing your brand through innovationMore!Thanks, Justin!
Bob Andersen has spent over 20 years in the restaurant industry, with experience as a Managing Director at Boston Pizza, the President of MOOYAH, the Executive Vice President of United Franchise Group, and much more. Bob is currently the President of The Great Greek Grill - a delicious, growing brand with over 40 locations.What you'll learn on this episode: Bob's 3 principles for restaurant successWhat to look for in a managerHow to develop employeesHow to use feedback solutions to drive revenueMoreThanks, Bob!
Matthew Marx is an expert in technology leadership and he uses this knowledge to build and operate high growth products and businesses. In the restaurant industry, Matthew applies his expertise on the benefits of tech to improve operations and elevate your brand.On this episode, you'll learn from Matthew about:How to introduce omnichannel operationsThe benefit of digital marketingCommon marketing mistakes restaurants makeMore!Thanks, Matthew!
Find out how the cooking and prep that goes on back-of-house impacts the guest. Gavin Kaysen, Founder and chef of Soigné Hospitality, knows how the unseen operations play a heavy role in developing creativity, community, and a positive guest experience. Tune in to this weeks episode to learn how the culinary touch can bring people together and strategically grown your business. You'll learn from Gavin about:Funneling creativity into creationTransferring the feeling of restorationConsistent curiosityMore!Thanks, Gavin!
This weeks episode of Give An Ovation welcomes Fred LeFranc, the CEO of Results Thru Strategy, a consulting company that specializes in restaurant and hospitality brands. With his strategic eye and forward thinking tactics, Fred knows how to leverage your company's strengths and strengthen weaknesses. On this episode, you will learn from Fred about:Evaluating your business modelImportance of company cultureUncovering the root of business issuesTrue definition of guest experienceMore!Thanks, Fred!
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