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Pop in those earbuds, and let's go running together! RaceMob is the social destination for endurance athletes searching for their next challenge. We're a community that will hold you accountable and cheer you to the finish line. Whether you’re looking to get off the couch and walk your first 5k, a casual runner who hits the trails to keep in shape, an elite athlete working towards a triathlon PR, or an ultra-marathoner looking for that distance endorphin rush - we’re here for you. Each week, your hosts Kevin Chang and Bertrand Newson will talk to industry experts including: coaches, trainers, nutritionists, social media icons, race directors, product specialists, travel guides, and "every day" people with inspirational stories. Together, we’ll discover tips on running technique, training plans, race day hacks, nutrition strategies, saving money, and running products. Plus, we’ll keep you informed on the best races throughout the country. Most of all, we’ll be working with you to build a community. Together we’ll be able to make new friends, share our race day experiences, cheer each other on, and cross the finish line together.
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#095 - In this episode of the RaceMob Podcast we are joined by Jimmy Q. If you're looking for some motivation, inspiration, and focus to help fight all those common excuses then this episode is for you.Listen to JQ share his humorous and engaging personality. Lots of straight, no-nonsense talk on the building blocks that made him the athlete that he is today, and the art of optimizing strength training and running, fueling him to multiple marathon and ultra-marathon finishes.He shares some of his most challenging moments in the midst of hundred-mile races and how CBD has helped him with performance and recovery.He also opens up on the profound impact that man's best friend has had on his life, that's made him an avid canine runner, and how a youth football experience set the tone for his toughness and grit in the years to come.
#094 - Hey RaceMob Family! We have a really special guest this week: Jason Fitzgerald is a running icon, and creator of Strength Running - consistently ranked one of the top running podcasts in the world - and has a thriving youtube channel and fantastic content.In today's episode, we dive into the nitty gritty of training plan creation and strength training routines for runners, and find ways to personalize training for your specific goals.  Plus - we get some of the behind-the-scenes when our Coach B roomed with Jason and Matt at a recent Endeavorun retreat.
#93 - Back by popular demand, Coach Jay Ridgeway with PacWest Endurance.We listened to our loyal audience and this endurance expert, master running and triathlon coach, his first podcast is one of our most popular. Father, husband accomplished athlete opens up and shares his inspiring journey, overcoming injury and illness that plagued them for most of the year. He gives us more priceless insight and tips on how every athlete can elevate their fitness and overcome obstacles. All the show notes can be found online. And if you want to reach out to Coach Jay you can find him on Instagram @lifeofcoachjay or on his website at
#92 - Hey RaceMob Fam!  We're excited to introduce the next thrilling saga to the adventures of Endorphin Dude.  If you haven't already - check out episodes 39 and 40 - where we go into detail on Tony's incredible start.  How he went from an overweight, pre-diabetic to conquering 52 marathons in 52 weeks - and became a hero to so many in the process.When last we saw this caped crusader - he was about to embark on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to race at Western States.  Unfortunately, life doesn't always go to plan, and you'll hear about some of the heartbreak that Tony faced!But did our hero sink into the depths of despair?  Or did he rise to find a new challenge?  And push his body way beyond what he thought was possible?  Well, you'll just have to stay tuned to find out.All of the show notes can be found online at - and without further ado, here's our conversation.
#91 - Jessica Schneier is a hardworking and passionate trail enthusiast who recently started her own coaching business, Smiles and Miles.Jessica is also the inaugural grantee of the Coaches of Color Initiative, which we'll learn more about in this episode. We have had the good fortune of working with Jessica over the last several months, and you are in for a treat. And if you're looking to level up your hiking, elevation gain training, and all things outdoor fitness, Jessica is the coach for you.
#90 - In this episode, we're thrilled to welcome Ingrid Christiansen to the show.  Ingrid is an inspiring member of the RaceMob and Too Legit family.It wasn't that long ago. In fact, it was 2019 that Ingrid weighed over 300 pounds, but she managed to take the first step in her fitness journey and joined a local kickboxing gym that fresh start fueled a transformation and helped her find her way into endurance sports. Now 150 pounds lighter and with a running streak approaching 900 days. Ingrid is inspiring change and motivating others. Plus on race day, you'll actually see her running back out onto the course to support her teammates. This is a fun and inspiring episode that you won't want to miss.
#89 - Kevin and Bertrand got together to give us an update on what is going on with the community, the Coaches of Color Initiative, all of our friends out there crushing PRs, and what is coming in the following weeks.
#88 - On this episode of the RaceMob podcast, we talked to Brian Mister, creator, founder, and race director for the Around the Crown 10k, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sometimes during a conversation, you build this immediate kinship and connection. Well, this is certainly one of those chats. Brian is a fixture of the Charlotte running community. During this conversation, you're going to learn how he started and built one of the largest races in North Carolina in his late twenties, overcoming some major obstacles along the way. You're going to learn about all the grassroot initiatives that he started inspiring and building up the running community and fostering diversity at his race.You're also gonna learn about the thoughtfulness. They've put behind their sustainability initiatives and helping other races across the country be more mindful of the ways that we can help the environment. This was an incredibly fun conversation and listeners can enjoy $5 off the Around the Crown 10k, and we're also going to be holding a members-only raffle. So check out the show notes online at
#87 - Hey there, RaceMob crew! We've taken a little hiatus from the podcast. You know, I started a new job, had a baby, and all the normal things that go on in a year. But I think that you'll be happy to know that baby Gemma is doing amazing and Coach B's business has been thriving!And behind the scenes, we've been working on a number of incredible initiatives for a RaceMob that we're going to be launching later this year. But something has been missing in our lives, and that's getting back together and recording this podcast. There's so much magic that happens when we're able to hit that record button.  So many incredible connections that we're able to make. And so many of you, our audience that we hope to help. So pop in those headphones because the podcast is back, baby!
#86 - This episode is part one of a three-part series recorded at the recent Endeavorun retreat. This conversation is from a live panel discussion between Matt Fitzgerald, Bertrand Newson Amanda Brooks, and Dr. Asher Henry hosted by Jake tuber and Hannah Hunstad.The four panelists are all coaches, and in this episode, they answer three key questions.- What do you wish more of your athletes knew? - What will you not do as a coach? - What do you wish more athletes would ask you as a coach? If you like this conversation and want to be part of the next Endeavorun retreat in Boulder, Colorado, follow Endeavorun on Instagram.Check out the, For the Long Run Podcast for part two and the 80/20 Endurance Podcast for part three of this. And as always keep on running.Part 2 can be found here: For The Long Run PodcastPart 3 can be found here: 80/20 Endurance Podcast 
#85 - In this episode, Coach Bertrand Newson shares some exciting happenings with what's on deck in the coming weeks and months for RaceMob. 
#84 - In this episode Coach Bertrand Newson will share 15 tips and tools to help you get your running mojo back on track.For those of us who've been at it for a while, inevitably, there's a point when we hit a rut, we feel like we are lost, we are running out of mojo, we've plateaued, hit a wall and we feel like we're just not improving our ability to chase down those PRs. Here are several tips and ways to help you reignite your passion and find your groove again.
#83 - Happy new year team! Kevin and I really appreciate your support over the past two years. It has been a fantastic experience. We have had the opportunity to speak to so many wonderful, interesting motivating guests, some really cool topics, and more of that in-store this year.In this episode, Coach Bertrand Newson will share 10 tips to help you level up your running, from training intensity through rest and recovery, community, and more.If you enjoy this episode, leave us a review.
#82 - We have one of our most popular episodes as part of our RaceMob rewind series: 21 race day hacks, tips, and advice to crush your race day With live racing in full swing, there are lots of helpful time-tested tips and takeaways.There's so much of our audience that is getting back into live racing, and this may be their first-ever live race, while there's a lot of our audience that have been doing races for years. And yet there are still a couple of these nuggets that we've learned over the decades of running that we'd love to share with you. Coach B has run over 300 races now, so he has a wealth of experience, and we can all tap into that to give you some practical advice, some things that you can use going forward.
# 81 - We’re so excited to welcome Paul Fukuma to the podcast.  Paul’s a fourth-generation army veteran, who brought a friendly little month-long 100-mile competition - the Taji 100 - stateside.  Paul's the chairman of the Taji 100 fitness challenge that takes place every year in February.He was part of the event in its inception in 2010 at camp Taji. And under his leadership, this event has grown exponentially and has raised over $300,000 supporting military families. Not only do we get into Paul’s background, and his experience - in camp Taji Iraq for the first-ever Taji 100 event.  But we also talk about the inspiring stories of participants of the years, and the reason that Paul’s been doing the event year after year - spending hundreds of hours and not taking a cent.  We also dig into another topic, to understand Paul’s unique perspective.  Paul is a public safety officer - which means that he wears three hats - as a police officer, fire fighter, and EMT.And as you hopefully recognize - we’re currently in a critical moment in time. Political tensions are running high and the world may seem more divided than ever.  There’s been a large focus on systemic racism and even calls to defund the police.   So I wanted to get Paul’s take.  I didn’t give him any advanced notice - but his honest answers were refreshing and real - and I just appreciate him so much  for it.  You guys are going to love this conversation - and if you want to improve your health and raise money for an amazing cause - I encourage you to participate in the Taji 100 this February. 
Hey RaceMob Crew!  In this week's episode, we talk to Kaitlin Heck - Rock 'n' Roll's Marketing Manager for the West Coast.  Many of you know about the incredible events that Rock 'n' Roll puts on across the country - In fact my first marathon was the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas - and the Rock 'n' roll San Jose goes by my house every year.So, how does one end up working for one of the largest race series on the planet?  How do large races attract participants year after year?  And what does the outlook look like for 2021?  Well, you'll just have to listen to find out.
#79 - This week we welcome Jake Tuber - the founder of Endeavorun - a company that offers Premier Retreats & Camps for the Everyday Athletes.During this episode, we talk about Jake's introduction to running and long-distance running.  How he leveraged experts and a little social psychology to help stay motivated.We dive deep into the way that Jake organizes his camps, to help facilitate group camaraderie while giving personalized attention.  This is a fascinating discussion that leverages Jake's advanced degrees and vast experience in his professional life.And we get to really discuss some of the upcoming retreats, including the one scheduled in February featuring our friends Matt Fitzgerald and our very own Coach B. 
#78 - What is resilience?  Is it an inherited trait or a learned skill?  And if it's learned - how do you build more of it?  Well - why not ask the person that is literally researching it right now.Dennis Relojo-Howell should know a ton about resilience.  In fact, he grew up from meager beginnings in the Philippines - and through hard work, determination, and skill - was able to make his way out of poverty.He's now living in England and is the founder of Psychreg - the world's first blog for psychologists.This conversation really took some unexpected turns, but it was so much fun connecting with a fellow entrepreneur.  What Dennis helped me realize is the importance of reflecting on your experiences.  Whether that be through blogs, social media, podcasts, or video - the ability to reflect and share can help you build your resilience.  In 2022 - we're exploring many avenues to help you leverage RaceMob as your creative outlet.  If you'd like to get involved - just reach out to me or Bertrand.Unfortunately - Coach B couldn't make the conversation due to a scheduling conflict - but don't worry, we'll continue our normal format going forward.
#77 - We are so thankful to be able to call Matt Fitgerald a mentor and friend.  We've been working with this best-selling author and a true pillar of the endurance community for the past year.  And he's helped us in so many aspects of our business.In this episode, we talk about the creation of the 80/20 Foundation, and the Coaches of Color Initiative - a foundation that we're very closely tied to.  We talk about the principles of 80/20 training - and its proliferation.  We chat about Matt's latest book - a deep dive into the principles of pacing.  We also chat about Long Haul Covid - a disease that has been absolutely devastating for Matt. 
#76 - We've got a very special episode today. We have a lot to be thankful for this year. And so got an obviously good friend and cohost Coach "B" on the podcast this morning, as well as our producer Gabriel Caetano, live from Brazil.We just wanted to come together to let you guys all know what we have been thankful for this 2021. 
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