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#85 - In this episode, Coach Bertrand Newson shares some exciting happenings with what's on deck in the coming weeks and months for RaceMob. 
#84 - In this episode Coach Bertrand Newson will share 15 tips and tools to help you get your running mojo back on track.For those of us who've been at it for a while, inevitably, there's a point when we hit a rut, we feel like we are lost, we are running out of mojo, we've plateaued, hit a wall and we feel like we're just not improving our ability to chase down those PRs. Here are several tips and ways to help you reignite your passion and find your groove again.
#83 - Happy new year team! Kevin and I really appreciate your support over the past two years. It has been a fantastic experience. We have had the opportunity to speak to so many wonderful, interesting motivating guests, some really cool topics, and more of that in-store this year.In this episode, Coach Bertrand Newson will share 10 tips to help you level up your running, from training intensity through rest and recovery, community, and more.If you enjoy this episode, leave us a review.
#82 - We have one of our most popular episodes as part of our RaceMob rewind series: 21 race day hacks, tips, and advice to crush your race day With live racing in full swing, there are lots of helpful time-tested tips and takeaways.There's so much of our audience that is getting back into live racing, and this may be their first-ever live race, while there's a lot of our audience that have been doing races for years. And yet there are still a couple of these nuggets that we've learned over the decades of running that we'd love to share with you. Coach B has run over 300 races now, so he has a wealth of experience, and we can all tap into that to give you some practical advice, some things that you can use going forward.
# 81 - We’re so excited to welcome Paul Fukuma to the podcast.  Paul’s a fourth-generation army veteran, who brought a friendly little month-long 100-mile competition - the Taji 100 - stateside.  Paul's the chairman of the Taji 100 fitness challenge that takes place every year in February.He was part of the event in its inception in 2010 at camp Taji. And under his leadership, this event has grown exponentially and has raised over $300,000 supporting military families. Not only do we get into Paul’s background, and his experience - in camp Taji Iraq for the first-ever Taji 100 event.  But we also talk about the inspiring stories of participants of the years, and the reason that Paul’s been doing the event year after year - spending hundreds of hours and not taking a cent.  We also dig into another topic, to understand Paul’s unique perspective.  Paul is a public safety officer - which means that he wears three hats - as a police officer, fire fighter, and EMT.And as you hopefully recognize - we’re currently in a critical moment in time. Political tensions are running high and the world may seem more divided than ever.  There’s been a large focus on systemic racism and even calls to defund the police.   So I wanted to get Paul’s take.  I didn’t give him any advanced notice - but his honest answers were refreshing and real - and I just appreciate him so much  for it.  You guys are going to love this conversation - and if you want to improve your health and raise money for an amazing cause - I encourage you to participate in the Taji 100 this February. 
Hey RaceMob Crew!  In this week's episode, we talk to Kaitlin Heck - Rock 'n' Roll's Marketing Manager for the West Coast.  Many of you know about the incredible events that Rock 'n' Roll puts on across the country - In fact my first marathon was the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas - and the Rock 'n' roll San Jose goes by my house every year.So, how does one end up working for one of the largest race series on the planet?  How do large races attract participants year after year?  And what does the outlook look like for 2021?  Well, you'll just have to listen to find out.
#79 - This week we welcome Jake Tuber - the founder of Endeavorun - a company that offers Premier Retreats & Camps for the Everyday Athletes.During this episode, we talk about Jake's introduction to running and long-distance running.  How he leveraged experts and a little social psychology to help stay motivated.We dive deep into the way that Jake organizes his camps, to help facilitate group camaraderie while giving personalized attention.  This is a fascinating discussion that leverages Jake's advanced degrees and vast experience in his professional life.And we get to really discuss some of the upcoming retreats, including the one scheduled in February featuring our friends Matt Fitzgerald and our very own Coach B. 
#78 - What is resilience?  Is it an inherited trait or a learned skill?  And if it's learned - how do you build more of it?  Well - why not ask the person that is literally researching it right now.Dennis Relojo-Howell should know a ton about resilience.  In fact, he grew up from meager beginnings in the Philippines - and through hard work, determination, and skill - was able to make his way out of poverty.He's now living in England and is the founder of Psychreg - the world's first blog for psychologists.This conversation really took some unexpected turns, but it was so much fun connecting with a fellow entrepreneur.  What Dennis helped me realize is the importance of reflecting on your experiences.  Whether that be through blogs, social media, podcasts, or video - the ability to reflect and share can help you build your resilience.  In 2022 - we're exploring many avenues to help you leverage RaceMob as your creative outlet.  If you'd like to get involved - just reach out to me or Bertrand.Unfortunately - Coach B couldn't make the conversation due to a scheduling conflict - but don't worry, we'll continue our normal format going forward.
#77 - We are so thankful to be able to call Matt Fitgerald a mentor and friend.  We've been working with this best-selling author and a true pillar of the endurance community for the past year.  And he's helped us in so many aspects of our business.In this episode, we talk about the creation of the 80/20 Foundation, and the Coaches of Color Initiative - a foundation that we're very closely tied to.  We talk about the principles of 80/20 training - and its proliferation.  We chat about Matt's latest book - a deep dive into the principles of pacing.  We also chat about Long Haul Covid - a disease that has been absolutely devastating for Matt. 
#76 - We've got a very special episode today. We have a lot to be thankful for this year. And so got an obviously good friend and cohost Coach "B" on the podcast this morning, as well as our producer Gabriel Caetano, live from Brazil.We just wanted to come together to let you guys all know what we have been thankful for this 2021. 
#75 - In this episode - we talk to Jaime Lopez - an accomplished athlete, and one of our most ardent supporters.Jaime's journey is profound.  He has a willingness to dive into events head first - and he sets the bar high.  It sets the stage for one of my favorite stories of all time - how Jaime met Coach B.  Let's just say it involves a local race, some outlandish shorts, and time in the pain cave.This conversation includes some sensitive subjects - youThis conversation also includes a sensitive subject.  One that is extremely personal - but incredibly important.  You see - Jaime was sexually abused as a child - something that's difficult for him to share.  But he does so to help empower those that remain silent, to let other victims know that they're not alone, and to offer help and support.In fact, Jaime serves on the board at Breaking the Silence - a non-profit dedicated to helping prevent child abuse and was part of the launch for their Walk for the Children Event.I think that it's really incredible how endurance sports can be something different to different people and it can be something so incredibly meaningful.  For Jaime - endurance sports was a way to connect with his sister, it was a way to escape the day today, it's been a motivational tool for the youth he works with, and a way to build lifelong friendships.
#74  -  Hello RaceMob crew! We've got another update episode this time around. It's been a little while since we've updated the crew and we know that a ton has been happening behind the scenes. Let's catch up.In this episode, we'll talk about the LA marathon, some personal challenges, our first marathon experiences, and lessons we picked up along the way.And we have some shout outs too!
#73 - Dr Dana Cohen has literally written the book on Hydration.  And there's so much that most people get wrong!Is it as simple as "drink more water?"  No!  We'll get a little nerdy today on the importance of electrolytes, how vegetables, smoothies, and even chia seeds - might be critical to your race day hydration strategy, and why fascia, movement, and hydration are so closely linked.And you're going to come away with some incredible and easy takeaways that can lead to immediate improvements to your life and activity.If you want to reduce your risk of chronic disease, reduce brain fog, feel better, move better, and look better - then you won't want to miss this incredible episode with the one and only Dr Dana.
#72 - At the start of the month, Kevin and Bertrand just had this amazing idea of picking some of the best moments from each interview with our Latine guests.  And they figured since Gabriel Caetano, co-producer of the RaceMob Podcast is from Brazil, and therefore Latine too, they could select their favourite moments across the show.This episode includes:- Adam Duran- Leo Rosales- The Avalos Siblings- Patrick Loera- Devin Lopez- Nando Gonzales- Jasmine Sanchez- Rebecca Hernandez
#71 - When we said that we wanted to celebrate Latin Heritage Month - Bertrand's face immediately lit up.  - I've got the perfect person - B said.We really couldn't do any better than Fernanda Perdomo-Arciniegas, the head of diversity, inclusion, and equality at San Jose State University.  At we're so lucky to book this busy community leader - still recovering from her bout with walking pneumonia.Wow - this passionate runner also got her start later in life, after the passing of her mother in Colombia.  We talk about the benefits of exercise for your mental health.  The importance of community - not only for motivation, and the social aspects - but also for safety.  And some coaching tips from the ultramarathoner and coach for San Jose Fit.We also talk about the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equality in all of our communities - and the local event that Fernanda is putting on in San Jose.  All of the show notes can be found online at - including links to her event.  You won't want to miss this fun conversation.
#70 - 55.9 million.  That's how many people in the U.S. are running.So just imagine the impact run leaders, experts and coaches have on an entire industry.  But what happens when this group of industry leaders is made up of predominantly the same gender and the same race?  What message does this send to others?  What type of community does it attract?Well - these are the questions that our next guest has been asking.  As we continue our Latin Heritage Month Series - we're so excited to welcome Vanessa P. Mitchell.Vanessa has Ecuadorian roots, grew up in New Jersey, and now resides in Philly.  When she got involved in endurance sports - she was taken aback by the lack of coaches and industry experts that looked like her and talked like her.  Instead of by standing - she's done something amazing about it!She's started the Game Changers program!  A program to help under-represented women get coaching certified, and find their footing in this competitive industry.  Last year they welcomed 16 coaches with grants, mentors, and business coaching - and they're about to initiatie another 16 this year.On top of that - Vanessa has a spring of energy - and is so incredibly passionate.  You won't want to miss this incredible conversation.
#69 - Hey there RaceMob crew. We're celebrating Latinx heritage month with some incredible guests. So stay tuned for some amazing stories over the next few weeks,  but we'd be remiss to kick off the month if we didn't bring back one of our favorite episodes from this last year and one of the most popular from all of you. 
#68 - You know the feeling. You have exhausted every option within a 50-mile radius. Every year, it’s the same races and the same places. It always feels like you are running a marathon or half marathon. All those miles, all the hard work, seems like it deserves something more than a trip to your local park or recreation center. It is time for a new challenge with some new scenery.There is no better way to do this than to reward yourself with a destination race and vacation.Every year, millions of runners take their love for the sport to new heights with this combination. By simultaneously travelling and racing, runners have found a unique way to vacation along with a new way to feed their passion for running. We will take a look at this popular pastime and provide you with the best tips to have a great destination race.
#67 - Patrick is a seasoned athlete, a licensed nutritionist, and the host of the popular Running Lean Podcast.  He's helped all kinds of individuals lose weight through his one-on-one and group coaching programs.In this episode, we dive into the big keys to weight loss, including what most athletes get wrong.  We do a deep dive into how athletes can become fat-adapted, and what that does to performance.  Plus we chat about the benefits of intermittent fasting and fasted training.This is a wide-ranging conversation - so whether you're looking to drop a few pounds, maintain your physique, or you're looking for nutrition tips to boost your race day performance - this will be a fun episode for you.
#66 - Hey RaceMob Crew!  In today's episode, we have an entrepreneur and the founder of Vessel Athletics - Jasmine Sanchez.  Jasmine is working on bringing an innovative new product to market - the Hydroshirt.As endurance athletes, we all know the importance of staying hydrated during long activities, but many of today's solutions are cumbersome or can cause chaffing.  Jasmine also saw this pain point and is doing something about it.In this episode, we go behind the scenes on how this entrepreneur got her start, how she's taken the concept to prototype, and what she's learned along the way, plus - Jasmine gives us her best hydration tips - and tells us how we can support her endeavour.
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