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There is a lot of talk about the recession in the media lately. Whether it's coming or not, your business can still keep growing.Because ups and downs in the economy are normal. They always happen.This cycle doesn't mean that your business has to suffer. Today I'm giving you powerful tips on how you can take control and thrive in any economy. To register for Design Your Success 2023 free challenge - click here.To start recession-proofing your business now by investing in your own CEO growth, schedule a free consultation with me here. 
This bonus episode talks about three fundamentals of strong and effective relationships. 
The Universe helps achieve big goals for those who are fully committed. Working hard doesn't mean hustling or bringing yourself to the point of overwhelm or burn-out.  This episode reveals a powerful practice that all successful CEOs do, allowing them to create leaps and bounds of progress without working more. The practice is so simple that you can implement it today. To register for Design Your Success 2023 free challenge - click here.To start a conversation on how coaching can help you fast-track your business success - set up a date and time here. 
Running a business is never a streak of good luck all the time for everyone. It's like life. Each business has its ebbs and flows. What to do when turbulence happens. Today I'm sharing three powerful tips that will direct you on the best path and inward, i.e., using your CEO wisdom. 
If you put all your marketing activities from this year in a book, what story would they tell? In this episode, I'm asking you many powerful questions about your marketing. I invite you to take the CEO's strategic time to answer them for yourself. Your answers might turn out to be eye-opening.Ready to take your business to the next level by becoming a high-performing leader? Schedule a free consultation with me here and find out what's your true potential. 
When your clients trust you, they also trust your solutions will work for them. How do you build trust? Today's Motivational Monday reveals the best way to do it. 
Clients like Glory Lichon are why I do what I do. She's passionate about helping others. She has a bold vision of the impact she wants to do in the lives of children and families with her genius zone.Glory's story is inspiring. From a humble beginning, an Air Force veteran and single mom working as a therapist at school to an entrepreneur with a mission to improve children's lives. This is an episode you don't want to miss.You can find Glory and her company GlowBright Therapy here: her on IG if you are a parent of a baby or a toddler and want to ensure your child develops well, check out the information and tips  here
What to do when you are scared to go after that big thing you know is right for your business, yet you find yourself holding back. 
What are myths? False beliefs we have about something. Why it's worth debunking them? Because often, they're holding us back. Especially when they're the ones deciding whether you feel confident in business or not. In this episode, I talk about the 5 main false beliefs many people have about confidence. Just this knowledge will allow you to move forward.And if you want to take your confidence to the next level - register HERE for a free webinar Grow Your Confidence - Grow Your Business. 
What we think is obvious and taken for granted in basketball sometimes escapes entrepreneurs about business. And yet these two games are similar when you want to play them professionally. The journey to winning is all about skills, strategy, and lots of practice. 
Growing a business is not a perfect path of elation and happiness 100% of the time. Sometimes it feels hard. And when it does, doubt creeps into our minds. "Am I doing this right?", "I must be missing something.", "Clearly, others know something important I don't know that's why they are having all the success I want and can't create." Listen to this episode if you have those thoughts from time to time. It will help, I promise :)Click here to secure your spot in the Grow Your Confidence - Grow Your Business webinar.Schedule a free consultation with me HERE to start fast-tracking your business growth while working and stressing out less. 
Knowing what to do and doing it are two different things. And doing it long enough to create lasting positive change is another thing altogether. This bonus covers how to create lasting improvements for yourself.Ready to take your business to the next level while becoming a calm and high-performing leader? Schedule a free consultation with me here to discuss what it would look like for you. 
When you hear the word engagement, what is the first picture that comes to your mind? Social media engagement? Or maybe you don't even think about engagement as a business owner, and you associate that word with the corporate employees' problem. In this episode, I want to challenge you to think about engagement from a different perspective.  So tune in and explore the concept of engagement in your own business and how it relates to the results you create.Click here to secure your spot in the Grow Your Confidence - Grow Your Business webinar.Schedule a free consultation with me HERE to start fast-tracking your business growth while working and stressing out less. 
Super thinking happens when you develop innovative ideas for your business and make decisions from the belief that you can achieve your goals while having your long-term Vision in mind. In Today's bonus episode, I share a powerful and easy way to access your super thinking.Check out the Dream-Plan-Do journal here. 
Your business cannot outgrow your mind. It's the outcome of your thinking. That's why running a business is the best way to grow as a leader. Now there are some traps on that journey, for example, comparing yourself to others and feeling inadequate as a result. This episode talks about those traps and offers tips on how to grow in a better way. Ready to work me? Schedule a free consultation HERE. 
Setting boundaries is hard for many business owners. And yet it's a skill without which it's easy to get overwhelmed, stuck, and even resentful. Where do you start when you consider yourself a "people pleaser" and saying no feels like you're going to die?Listen to today's Motivational Monday to find out. 
Listen to the story of one of my Diamond Effect clients Gina who left her 9-5 at the beginning of 2022. In this interview, Gina talks about making the first decision to leave her job, then changing her mind, and then coming back to deciding to focus full-time on her business. Gina also shares her experience of being a newer full-time business owner. My guest will tell you all about the ups and downs of her transformation.To connect with Gina, go to: follow her on IG @yournewva
Some of us feel conflicted about being grateful for what to have and, at the same time, wanting more. These two don't exclude each other, in fact, they complement each other - today's Motivational Monday explains how.
This episode covers the 3 most important mindset shifts you'll need to make when moving from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur. And I also talk about 3 things you can take with you from the 9-5 world. There's no need to throw a baby out with the bath water :). To work with me, schedule a free consultation here. 
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