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An investigation & observation of some of the greatest ideas, backgrounds, and strategies used by influential and innovative thinkers. Find insights into what it takes to create things that last, stories that spread, and ideas that move people for decades to come.

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In this episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross shares valuable insights into the world of marketing, SEO, and content creation. He discusses how businesses can boost their online presence, attract new customers, and foster growth by integrating these strategies. He talked about the fundamentals of marketing, utilizing AI-driven tools, optimizing content for search engines, and tailoring strategies to suit different business types and platforms. By implementing these tactics, you can successfully navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. Key Takeaways and Insights 1. The Power of Communities Many people overlook that the evolution of SERP is driven by changes in how humans interact online. We now trust people more than robots, always have and always will. People are looking to get their answers directly from other people, and communities like Reddit have become prime sources. Over the last few months, there has been a significant increase in content from Reddit appearing in SERP due to licensing deals with OpenAI and Google. This trend is set to continue, positioning Reddit as an increasingly important player in search results. 2. AI-Powered Platforms LLMs (Large Language Models) are revolutionizing the way we conduct searches and interact online. Platforms like OpenAI, Perplexity, and Claude are at the forefront of this change. Users engage in conversations with these AI systems, asking questions and receiving detailed responses. These AI-powered platforms are significantly altering the landscape of search, providing more interactive and intuitive ways to find information. 3. The Fundamentals of Successful Marketing Ross highlights the four key fundamentals of marketing: research, creation, distribution, and optimization. Conducting thorough research helps identify target audiences and their preferences. Content creation involves developing valuable and engaging content tailored to these audiences. Successful distribution involves employing various channels to reach a wider audience, while optimization ensures that content is discoverable on search engines. These fundamentals form the backbone of a successful marketing strategy, helping businesses grow and succeed in the digital age. Resources  OpenAI - Perplexity - Claude - — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn:
In this episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross sits down with Jason Barnard, CEO of Kalicube to delve into the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) and and Google's evolving understanding of search engine results pages (SERPs). They talked about the importance of educating Google to represent your brand, the role of content in SEO,  building a knowledge graph, the significance of branding, the use of AI in SEO, and the impact of Google's NLP. Key Takeaways and Insights 1. Understanding Google's Evolution Google is no longer solely about SEO strategies but rather about comprehending the context and purpose behind content. Google's focus has shifted from keywords to understanding the intent and meaning behind the words used. This means that businesses can now influence how Google represents their brand by effectively educating it. 2. Balanced Digital Marketing Strategy While some believe that flooding the internet with content can boost their rankings, Jason discusses that a balanced approach is key. Google aims to present a comprehensive overview to its users, so it's important to have a digital marketing strategy that engages your audience effectively while maintaining quality and relevance. 3. The Importance of Branding Branding should take priority over marketing. Establishing a strong brand identity allows businesses to market effectively and package their marketing materials for search engines like Google and Bing, conveying who they are, what they do, who they serve, and their credibility as a solution. 4. The Role of AI in SEO Fundamentals of marketing and SEO should be prioritized over using AI to manipulate search rankings. SEOs possess unique insights and skills, and Google serves as a valuable indicator of digital marketing performance. Resources  Kalicube - — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn: — Follow Jason Barnard — ╰ Twitter / X: @jasonmbarnard ╰ LinkedIn:
In this episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross sits down with Gregory Kennedy from BrandZen shared some game-changing insights into the world of B2B marketing. Their chat revolved around Kennedy's report, "New Paradigms in B2B Marketing," unpacking crucial ideas resonating with marketers navigating the digital landscape. Gregory highlighted the transformative role of AI, the importance of optimism in online interactions, and the enduring relevance of classic marketing frameworks.  Key Takeaways and Insights 1. AI-Driven Personalization as a Trend The growing importance of AI-driven personalization in marketing strategies. Traditional methods like using first names are becoming basic expectations, and marketers need to explore the substantial opportunities that AI offers in tailoring content to individual consumers. This trend can lead to enhanced connections with customers and better overall campaign results. 2. Social Media Optimization Gregory emphasized the essence of genuine audience engagement over mere social media clicks. While marketers previously focused on maximizing clicks, there is now a shift towards 0-click social media optimization. This approach prioritizes impressions and reach over click-throughs, leading to a strategic realignment that better fits current trends and audience behaviors. 3. The Value of the Funnel and AIDA Despite emerging paradigms, the traditional marketing funnel and the AIDA framework (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) continue to be valuable tools for marketers. Understanding these mental models helps marketers create effective copy and guide consumers along the buyer's journey with precision. 4. Brand Advocacy and Employee Participation Gregory and Ross talked about the importance of brand advocacy and suggests that organizations should invest resources in measuring and promoting employee participation. Employee advocacy not only enhances a company's reputation but also benefits individuals' career growth and attracts customers, creating a win-win scenario for both the organization and its employees. Resources  New Paradigms in B2B Marketing - — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn: — Follow Gregory Kennedy — ╰ Twitter / X: @I_Am_GKennedy ╰ LinkedIn:
In this episode of "Create Like the Greats," Ross sits down with Junae Brown, Founder and CEO of Browned 2 Perfection Agency. Junae shares her inspiring journey in the marketing world. Through the lens of authenticity and adaptive strategies, she showcases her deep expertise in crafting impactful marketing campaigns. Junae's insights into the importance of personal identity in marketing and the evolving landscape driven by AI provide valuable takeaways for marketers and entrepreneurs alike. Key Takeaways and Insights 1. The Importance of Authenticity Junae emphasizes the significance of authenticity in creating brand loyalty. Authenticity helps brands connect with their audience on a deeper level and aligns with the purpose of the product or service. By being genuine, brands can build trust and long-lasting relationships with their customers. 2. Junae's "I Am the Marketing Plan" The concept is twofold: it focuses on establishing strong, authentic, lucrative, and impactful personal brands, and on building loyalty-based consumer or company brands. Additionally, it emphasizes personal growth and becoming one's best self. Junae believes that while technical marketing strategies are essential, recognizing and maximizing one's inherent capabilities is equally powerful. 3. The Evolution of Marketing Strategies Junae believes in the necessity of adapting to the ever-changing marketing landscape. She talks about the importance of utilizing modern tools like AI to enhance human creativity and strategy. While AI offers powerful capabilities, maintaining a human touch and being open to change are essential for sustained success in marketing. Resources  Browned 2 Perfection - — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn: — Follow Junae Brown — ╰ Twitter / X: @JunaeBrown ╰ LinkedIn:
In this episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross sits down with Erica Schneider, an experienced editor and founder of the program Cut the Fluff, who shares her journey as an online writer and entrepreneur. Erica provides valuable insights into the world of writing and editing, emphasizing the importance of clear thinking in writing, the impact of AI on copywriting, and the significance of finding balance in work and family life.  Key Takeaways and Insights 1. Journey to Becoming a Writer Erica discovered her passion for writing in high school and ventured into SEO blog writing through platforms like Upwork. She persevered and gained valuable experience working as an English teacher in Thailand. This diverse background gave her a unique perspective and a solid foundation for her career in writing. 2. A Path to Good Writing Good writing is good thinking, but not all thinking is clear thinking. Many writers make the mistake of trying to edit themselves while writing, leading to confusion and poor-quality content. Erica Schneider's expertise lies in helping writers master the art of editing by separating the writing and editing processes. By stressing the importance of clear thinking, she empowers writers to produce high-quality, concise, and engaging content. 3. The Art of the Hook: Writing Engaging Content Erica shares insights into crafting captivating hooks in writing. By practicing and learning from failures, writers can enhance their ability to create compelling introductions. Erica suggests finding an accountability buddy to review and critique each other's work, a process that helps writers better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Mastering the art of writing effective hooks is essential for capturing readers' attention and encouraging further engagement. 4. AI and Copywriting: Embracing the Future Erica delves into the impact of AI on the field of copywriting. While AI tools can offer valuable assistance with generating ideas and crafting headlines, Erica emphasizes the importance of personal touch and human creativity in writing. By combining the efficiency of AI tools with their own unique writing style, writers can optimize their content creation process and produce engaging and tailored copy. Resources Long to Short - Cut the Fluff - — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn: — Follow Erica Schneider — ╰ Twitter / X: @ericasmyname ╰ LinkedIn:
Welcome to "Create Like The Greats," where we delve into the burgeoning world of Generative Engine Optimization (GEO). This episode explores the transformation from traditional SEO to GEO, a necessity in today's AI-driven digital landscape. We examine how the rise of AI search engines is reshaping content creation and digital marketing, offering insights and practical strategies for engaging both human and AI audiences effectively. Key Insights  The Evolution from SEO to GEO: Understand the shift from Search Engine Optimization to Generative Engine Optimization, and why it matters. Foundations of GEO: Discover the origins of GEO, its defining features, and how it differs from traditional SEO. Strategies for Success: Learn the key strategies that influence AI-driven search engines, including language uniqueness, authoritative content, and the use of citations and statistics. Practical Applications: Gain insights into how to apply GEO principles depending on the intent of the query—whether informational, navigational, or transactional. Future of Digital Marketing: Consider the future implications of GEO and how it represents the next step in the evolution of digital content strategy. Resources  What’s Generative Engine Optimization (GEO) & How To Do It - GEO Targeted: Critiquing the Generative Engine Optimization Research - — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn -
In this episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross Simmonds and Alessandra Colaci of Humans + AI delve into the world of AI and its vast potential in marketing. They explore how AI can elevate productivity and drive innovation in marketing strategies. They discuss various aspects of integrating AI into marketing practices, from harnessing existing data to overcoming resistance. Additionally, they delve into specific applications such as AI in sales, creativity, e-commerce, and content creation. Throughout the conversation, they highlight the importance of understanding AI's capabilities and embracing its role in shaping the future of marketing. Detailed Breakdown  1. Harnessing Existing Data for AI: Leveraging customer data, use cases, and personas can inform AI-driven decisions, enhancing marketing strategies through valuable insights. Chat GPT facilitates data conversations, enabling analysis and extraction of information based on natural language patterns, thereby improving insights. 2. Sales and AI: AI tools empower salespeople by enhancing efficiency, identifying the right contacts, and analyzing successful approaches for improved results. 3. Standing Out with AI: AI-powered marketing serves as a unique differentiator, augmenting human efforts to achieve greater success and productivity. Shifting from repetitive tasks to strategic and creative work is essential. AI can free up time for deeper and more meaningful endeavors. 4. Overcoming Resistance to AI: Resistance to AI often stems from fear or uncertainty, which can be overcome through education and understanding of its capabilities. 5. AI in Creativity: AI assists agencies in generating a high volume of creative ideas. Tools like Runway and Mid Journey enable image animation for creative projects. While voice-over tools enable storytelling, meditation audio, and creation of company spokespersons. 6. Mailshake's AI Content Creation: Mailshake offers AI-powered content creation tools for email marketing, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement in outreach and marketing efforts. Resources: ChatGPT: Midjourney: Runway: — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn - — Follow Alessandra Colaci — ╰ Twitter / X: @AlessandraCo ╰ LinkedIn -
In this episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross shares insights from his recent interview on the podcast Distribution First, hosted by Justin Simon. They explore how marketers can use AI to enhance distribution strategies, emphasizing its role as an augmentation too rather than a replacement tool. The conversation also touches on the impact of AI on plagiarism, the value of communities in career development, and the power of repurposing content for efficient distribution. Detailed Breakdown  1. AI as an Augmentation Tool, not a Replacement: Ross emphasizes that AI should be viewed as a tool to augment human capabilities rather than a complete replacement. Many people make the mistake of relying solely on AI-powered tools for creating and distributing content, expecting instant success. However, Ross points out that AI works best when integrated into a thought-out system, whether in audio, video, or written format. 2. Streamlining Content Creation with AI They explore how ChatGPT can be utilized to generate SOPs for various content formats such as video production. By feeding ChatGPT specific prompts related to content creation workflows, users can efficiently streamline processes and create comprehensive SOPs tailored to their specific needs. This approach not only saves time but also ensures consistency and quality across content production endeavors. 3. Collaboration with AI They discuss the approach to using AI as a partner rather than a mere task executor and highlight the importance of bouncing ideas off AI and using it as a colleague, encouraging marketers to view AI as a valuable resource in the content creation process. 4. The Power of Communities They emphasize the significance of being a part of communities to grow and excel professionally. Building connections within communities can help marketers gain insights and knowledge, with AI being one such area where being well-versed can set individuals apart in their careers. 5. Plagiarism and AI When it comes to plagiarism in the realm of AI, Ross presents two trains of thought. Firstly, conducting plagiarism checks at the end of producing any asset is important. Secondly, acknowledging the ideas AI generates and giving credit where due is crucial, just as one would with human-generated ideas. 6. Amplifying Distribution Strategies They discuss how content creators often overlook the importance of distribution, celebrating the creation of content without incorporating effective distribution strategies. By understanding how to leverage distribution, organizations can unlock unlimited potential and opportunities for their content. Resources  Distribution First Episode — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn - — Follow Justin Simon — ╰ Twitter / X: @justincsimon ╰ LinkedIn -
In this episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross takes us on a journey through the highs and lows of his book launch for "Create Once, Distribute Forever." With a behind-the-scenes look at his launch strategy, Ross shares the excitement, challenges, and successes he's encountered. From podcast interviews to social media engagement and lessons learned along the way, Ross leaves no stone unturned. Despite a few hiccups, Ross's gratitude for his community and determination to make a difference resonate deeply Detailed Breakdown  1. Getting on Podcasts Ross talks about how he planned and pulled off getting on lots of different podcasts. These podcasts were all about stuff like marketing, business, and how things grow. He explains how he reached out to the people who run the podcasts and why it was super important to do this to let more people know about his book. 2. Making Noise on Social Media Ross shares how he used social media to make a big deal about his book. He made videos and shared parts of the book to get more people interested. He made sure to spread the word across different social media sites to reach as many people as possible and get them excited about what he had to say about spreading stories. 3. Overcoming Challenges with Transparency Ross talks about some things that didn't go as planned during his book launch, like messing up with emails. But instead of trying to hide it, Ross was honest about the mistake. He talked openly to his followers about what happened and turned it into a chance to connect even more with them. Resources  Create Once, Distribute Forever Book - Check it out on Amazon - Create Once, Distribute Forever Webinar - — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn -
In this episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross shares insights on why he wrote “Create Once, Distribute Forever”. This book serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals and businesses striving to effectively distribute their stories and engage with their target audience. In this episode Ross provides a glimpse into the Create Once, Distribute Forever sections and how it can help you master content distribution. Don't miss the opportunity to read "Create Once, Distribute Forever" for a deeper dive into enhancing your content distribution efforts. Detailed Breakdown  1. Distribution 101 In this section, Ross provides a comprehensive overview of distribution, explaining its fundamental principles and importance in modern marketing. Through clear definitions and illustrative examples, readers gain a solid understanding of distribution's role in amplifying content reach and engagement. 2. Why Many Don't Embrace Distribution Addressing common obstacles to effective distribution, Ross offers practical insights to help readers overcome these challenges and unlock the full potential of their content. 3. Promoting Your Content Ross dives into the crucial aspect of content promotion, emphasizing the significance of actively amplifying one's creations. He encourages the readers to confidently promote their content across various channels, understanding that strategic amplification is key to achieving broader impact and recognition. 4. The Sherlock Homeboy Method: Reverse Engineering Content Market Fit Introducing a systematic approach to content distribution, Ross presents the "Sherlock Homeboy Method" for reverse engineering content market fit. Through a blend of detective work and strategic thinking, readers learn how to align their content with audience preferences and identify optimal distribution channels for maximum impact. 5. Tactical Insights: Remixing and Republishing This section delves into actionable tactics for content distribution, focusing on the transformative potential of remixing and republishing strategies. By exploring practical techniques for repurposing content across different platforms, readers discover how to extend the lifespan of their creations and reach new audiences effectively. 6. Channel-Specific Distribution Strategies Offering a tailored approach to content distribution, this section provides in-depth guides for leveraging specific distribution channels. Readers gain valuable insights into optimizing their content for diverse platforms, empowering them to implement targeted distribution strategies that resonate with their audience and goals. Resources  Create Once, Distribute Forever Book - Check it out on Amazon - — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn -
In this episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross sits down with Vince Nero, the Director of Content Marketing at Buzzstream. They talked about evolving landscape of digital PR, link building, and SEO and  provides valuable insights into the world of digital marketing, emphasizing the importance of digital PR and link building in content marketing strategies. This episode highlights the need for personalized outreach, quality content creation, and staying ahead of the ever-changing landscape of search engines. Key Takeaways and Insights 1. The Rise of Digital PR Vince talks about how UK has been ahead of the US in terms of embracing digital PR, attributing it to the size and influence of the market. He also emphasizes that agencies can benefit from real-time monitoring to stay ahead of competition and produce timely and relevant content. 2. The Value of Link Building Vince and Ross agree on the significance of link building and its impact on search rankings. They discuss the value of quality links, especially for smaller organizations, and how major brands may already have an advantage due to their established brand names. Vince mentions that finding keywords with high link intent and creating exceptional content is key to effective link-building strategies. 3. The Evolution of Search Engines Vince mentions that search engines, particularly Google, are constantly evolving, which makes it challenging to keep up with their algorithms and ranking factors. However, he advises content creators to focus on producing unique and valuable content that artificial intelligence cannot replicate.  4. AI and Content Creation The conversation also touches upon AI and content creation, urging content creators to focus on producing unique, valuable content that AI cannot replicate and to draw inspiration from others' work instead of comparison. Resources Mentioned: Buzzstream: BuzzMarker: — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn: — Follow Vince Nero — ╰ Twitter / X: @VincetheNero ╰ LinkedIn:
In this episode of Create Like the Greats,  Ross delves into dynamic conversations with some of the best marketers in the industry — Bryan Casey, Rowan Tonkin, Joel Klettke, and Ronnie Higgins. Ross’ conversations with these seasoned marketing experts are all about strategies, tips, and inspiration. Detailed Breakdown: Bryan Casey reflects on the challenge of maintaining quality while considering the integration of AI-generated content into their strategy. He begins by acknowledging a Twitter comment about ChatGPT responses, highlighting his company's commitment to crafting high-quality content through investment in skilled individuals. Bryan expresses skepticism about AI's potential impact on their brand integrity, particularly regarding trust, a core value associated with IBM. Despite initial reluctance, he considers Google's guidelines on helpful content creation, pondering how AI could enhance user experience without compromising quality. Finally, he evaluates the ROI of investing in content, questioning the role of AI compared to their skilled team members in delivering top-notch content. Rowan Tonkin emphasizes the necessity for marketing leaders to incorporate AI into their annual plans, warning that boards expect this integration for efficiency. He advises clear communication about AI's role and the need for agility in tech contracts and experimentation budgets to adapt to evolving technologies. Tonkin underscores the importance of fostering a culture of agility within the team through transparent communication and sharing insights from industry events to stay adaptable to change. Joel Klettke discusses the impact of AI on content creation, emphasizing the need to embrace change rather than deny it. He illustrates this with an analogy about shoveling snow, highlighting how AI can streamline processes without compromising quality. Klettke believes that while AI may not replace human creativity, it can significantly accelerate mundane tasks, freeing up time for more strategic work. He envisions AI tools being integrated into various marketing functions, such as analyzing sales calls, repurposing content, and optimizing advertising campaigns. Additionally, he encourages marketers to experiment with AI tools, maintain curiosity, and actively engage with the technology to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape. Ronnie Higgins outlines his approach to annual initiatives, starting with assessing resources like team and budget. He emphasizes the importance of conducting a risk assessment and aligning strategies with product roadmaps. Gathering inputs from various departments ensures alignment and avoids content becoming a service organization. Keyword research extends beyond SEO tools to consider social value, and ongoing projects involve auditing and building topic clusters to establish topic authority. Overall, the focus is on strategic planning to build authority rather than just ranking. Resources: Listen to Bryan Casey’s full episode - Listen to Rowan Tonkin’s full episode - Listen to Joel Klettke’s full episode - Listen to Ronnie Higgins’ full episode- AI Marketing Console - Foundation Labs - --- 👋🏾 Let's stay connected --- ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn -
In this episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross sits down with Bryan Casey, a seasoned marketing expert from IBM, for a captivating conversation on growth, budgeting, and the essence of marketing. Bryan's extensive experience at IBM offers invaluable insights into constructing a robust marketing engine for large-scale brands while navigating personal growth within the dynamic marketing landscape. From aligning marketing strategies with core brand values to positioning initiatives effectively with leadership, Bryan shares practical wisdom and forecasts the future of marketing in the tech industry, providing a roadmap for marketers aiming for excellence. Detailed Breakdown  Constructing a Marketing Engine - Bryan discusses the foundational aspects of building a marketing engine, emphasizing the alignment of marketing strategies with core brand values. He highlights the importance of authenticity over superficial marketing tactics, drawing on IBM's historical legacy and ongoing innovation as examples. Personal Growth in Marketing - The conversation shifts to personal growth within a marketing career, with Bryan sharing insights and tips for navigating career paths. Emphasizing continuous learning, adaptability, and curiosity, Bryan's advice resonates with marketers seeking career advancement and growth opportunities. Positioning Marketing Initiatives with Leadership - Bryan provides a masterclass on effectively communicating marketing strategies to leadership, a critical skill for marketers in large organizations like IBM. He emphasizes the importance of crafting compelling narratives around marketing initiatives and demonstrating their value in terms of business outcomes. Forecasting the Future of Marketing - Bryan shares his predictions and trends shaping the future of marketing in the tech industry, including the integration of AI and machine learning, and the increasing importance of personalization and customer experience. His insights provide a roadmap for marketers aiming to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving landscape. Resources  Bryan Casey On Marketing At IBM, Generative AI, Budget Planning & Career Growth - — 👋🏾 Let's stay connected — ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn - — Follow Bryan Casey — ╰ Twitter / X: @bryanfcasey ╰ LinkedIn -
In this episode of Create Like The Greats, Ross shares a question received from an acquaintance facing a career transition, moving from a familiar industry to a completely new one, necessitating a deep understanding of a novel customer base and industry dynamics. He outlines strategies and techniques employed at Foundation Marketing for effectively onboarding and driving results for clients through comprehensive customer and audience research.  Ross emphasizes the importance of becoming customer-obsessed, offering practical advice on connecting with customers directly through calls, studying competitors, attending industry events, exploring customer reviews, and leveraging resources like newsletters and sales calls. The goal is to rapidly understand and immerse oneself in the new industry, enabling effective storytelling and marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience. The episode serves as a guide for marketers looking to swiftly adapt and succeed in new roles or sectors by prioritizing customer understanding and engagement. Detailed Breakdown: Mastering a New Industry: Strategies and Techniques: Shares strategies used by Foundation Marketing for onboarding fast-growing SaaS companies and successful B2B brands. Emphasizes the importance of customer obsession and understanding customer needs. The Power of Customer Obsession in Marketing: Highlights the significance of customer obsession in marketing. Stresses the need to understand customers' needs, struggles, and preferences for effective marketing. Unlocking Customer Insights: Practical Research Tactics: Recommends practical research tactics for understanding customers, such as conducting interviews and subscribing to industry newsletters. Advocates for attending relevant events, networking, and building connections in person. The Essential Role of In-Person Connections and Review Analysis: Emphasizes the importance of in-person connections, networking, and building relationships in the industry. Advises analyzing customer reviews on platforms like TrustRadius, G2, and Capterra for valuable insights. Leveraging Sales and Customer Success Insights: Recommends engaging with sales calls and customer success teams to gain insights into customer needs and concerns. Advocates for active participation in sales calls or listening to recordings to align marketing strategies with customer expectations. Executing and Demonstrating Value Quickly: Encourages swift action and execution to demonstrate value quickly in new roles or industries. Urges individuals to become obsessed with understanding customers and share their insights with the entire team Resources: Customer Research: How To Get Closer To Your Audience Faster Than Usual - --- 👋🏾 Let's stay connected ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn -
In this episode, Ross delves into the latest research and insights derived from a survey conducted by the Foundation team. He shares exclusive findings shared with our Foundation Lab subscribers, focusing on content keyword strategies adopted by various organizations. Additionally, he explores the widespread use of AI tools in marketing and the perception of AI-written content. He also discusses the potential impact of AI on future work environments and the importance placed on AI adoption by marketers. Detailed Breakdown:  The Role of AI in Marketing Survey reveals that 85% of marketers use AI tools monthly. Discover how marketers employ AI in content creation, keyword research, social media, email marketing, note-taking, planning, and strategy. The most popular AI tool identified by all respondents is ChatGPT, followed by Canva. Comparison: Midjourney vs. DALL-E  Exploring the differences between Midjourney and DALL-E tools. Midjourney limitations compared to DALL-E. Only 30% of marketers use AI detection tools in their work. Perception of AI-written Content  11% of respondents believe AI-written content is superior to human-written content. Over 60% of respondents recognize the importance of using AI in content creation. Expectations for increased adoption of DALL-E and Midjourney tools. Future of AI in Work Environments  More than 50% of respondents express confidence in not being replaced by AI. Highlighting the potential impact of AI on various industry sectors. Concerns and Benefits of AI  Discussion on the potential misuse of AI-generated voice technology. 60% of respondents anticipate significant time savings due to AI. Additional benefits identified include expanded capabilities and improved efficiencies. Challenges and Views on AI  40% of respondents believe the creative process cannot be automated. 30% doubt AI's ability to develop new products. 40% of organizations lack leaders advocating for increased AI usage. Resources Mentioned: - ChatGPT: - Canva: - Midjourney: - DALL.E: - Jasper: - ElevenLabs: Read The State of AI in Marketing—Survey Results from Hundreds of Marketers here - --- 👋🏾 Let's stay connected ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV  ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn -
In this episode, Ross explores SEO in digital marketing, focusing on Ahrefs, a $100 million business that has transformed how marketers approach search. Meet Dmytro Gerasymenko, the visionary behind Ahrefs, as he unveils the core elements that catapulted Ahrefs into a market leader. From brand essence to infrastructural brilliance, get ready for an exclusive peek behind the curtain. Tim Soulo, the marketing lead at Ahrefs, joins the conversation, spotlighting the latest innovations Ahrefs has up its sleeve. It's not just about features but their relentless pursuit of consistency mingled with bold experimentation. ---- Here's what we've packed into this must-listen episode: Ahrefs Uncovered: From a powerful suite of SEO tools to generating a staggering $858,000 in monthly organic traffic with their free offerings, discover the strategy that put Ahrefs on the map. Content & YouTube Mastery: With over 21 million YouTube views and content in multiple languages, Ahrefs sets the bar for content marketing. Unearth the secrets of their content strategy that speaks volumes across the globe. Culture of Experimentation: Dive into Ahrefs' unique culture, where experimentation and bootstrapping are the norms. Hear straight from Tim Soulo about their innovative spirit that fuels growth and learning. Strategic Market Moves: Witness how Ahrefs uses its products to tell compelling stories, and how strategic decisions like shutting down their 16,000-member Facebook group align with their scaling ambitions. Key Insights: Ahrefs is not just a tool, it's an empowerment engine for marketers and content creators. Their free tools aren't just free; they're traffic magnets and insight goldmines. Consistency and high-value assets are the pillars of Ahrefs' content success. Embracing experimentation and a product-led mindset isn't a choice; it's a necessity for growth. Their commitment to education is not just admirable; it's transformative. Resources mentioned: Ahrefs website Ahrefs' YouTube channel How Ahrefs Saved US$400M in 3 Years by NOT Going to the Cloud --- 👋🏾 Let's stay connected ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn
In this episode, Ross discusses the importance of unscalable content for brands looking to stand out in search engine results. He explores how AI can be used to create a large quantity of mediocre content but emphasizes the need for marketers to prioritize quality and human creativity in their content strategies. Ross suggests that brands should invest in creating unique and labor-intensive content assets that cannot be easily replicated by AI-driven competitors. Key Discussion Points: - Unscalable content is crucial for brands that want to rise to the top of search engine results. - The prevalence of mediocre content online - The opportunity for marketers to differentiate themselves from AI-driven content engines - Many brands are producing mediocre content due to a lack of knowledge on how to use AI effectively. - AI can be used to create a large quantity of content, but it often lacks creativity and quality. - The importance of unscalable and laborious content creation. Marketers should prioritize investing in content assets that are difficult for competitors to replicate overnight. - Examples of unscalable content strategies - Unscalable content strategies require more effort and resources, but they ultimately pay off in the long run. Read Ross’ latest blog post “Why Creating Unscalable Content Amidst The Rise Of AI Is The Right Move” here Resource Links: AI Marketing Console AI Marketing Results Blog Post --- 👋🏾 Let's stay connected ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn
In this episode, Ross explores the power of ChatGPT to enhance your content creation process. He shares 30 prompts that can inspire engaging content and increase productivity. Key Takeaways: 1. ChatGPT's ability to adopt the persona of any author can assist in writing content inspired by their unique style. 2. Utilize ChatGPT to generate a list of 20 titles, but be aware that creating all the accompanying content within seconds may be challenging. 3. Leverage ChatGPT to develop content that drives sales, such as creating posts answering frequently asked questions about your service. 4. Use ChatGPT to generate ideas that stimulate engagement, like sparking a debate on controversial topics such as pineapple on pizza. 5. Combine different topics with ChatGPT, allowing it to find parallels and create fresh content ideas. 6. Explore ChatGPT as a brainstorming technique for social media content creation. 7. Take advantage of ChatGPT's content analysis and trend prediction abilities to create proactive social media content. 8. Generate listicles effortlessly with ChatGPT, creating top 10 tips and tricks lists for your product or service. 9. Leverage seasonal content to inspire ChatGPT and generate relevant and timely content ideas. Resources and Tools: - AI Marketing Console - ChatGPT --- 👋🏾 Let's stay connected ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn
In this episode, Ross, founder and CEO of Foundation, discusses various topics ranging from the inner workings of great creators to his thoughts on upcoming trends and predictions in the business and marketing world. He also provides insights into specific areas such as AI content creation, movie trailers, marketing conferences, and personal goals for the year. Key Discussion Points: 1. Apple's Continuous Success: - Apple is predicted to ride a wave of success without facing any major issues in the coming years. - More acquisitions of B2B tools across different industries and organizations can be expected. 2. SaaS Stocks: - SaaS (Software as a Service) stocks are anticipated to reach all-time highs. 3. AI Content Creation: - AI-powered content generation will gain prominence in achieving content excellence. 4. Movie Trailers: - Movie trailers will be launched on platforms like X and will have the potential to go viral on Reddit and Instagram. 5. Marketing Conferences: - A marketing conference will pioneer a groundbreaking achievement that no other conference has done before. - The first Super Bowl ad created using AI will be showcased. 6. Box Office Success: - The movie "Bad Boys 4" is projected to earn over $600,000,000 at the box office. - Mister Beach, a relevant figure, will unveil something new, potentially elevating his status to that of a billionaire. 7. Diversification and Personal Goals: - Ross discusses plans to diversify by investing in new businesses and launching new ventures. - However, his primary focus for the year will be on execution and delivering excellence. Resource Links: - Foundation - --- 👋🏾 Let's stay connected ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool   ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool   ╰ LinkedIn
In this episode, Ross discusses the importance of New Year's resolutions and introduces the YearCompass as a useful tool for designing an ideal life. He breaks down some of the questions from the Year Compass and encourages listeners to incorporate them into their own end-of-year reflection ritual. As the new year approaches, take the time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the future using the YearCompass. By answering thought-provoking questions and embracing the reflective process, you can gain a clearer understanding of your accomplishments, challenges, and aspirations. Remember to dream big and create a personal wish that drives your actions in the year ahead. Let this be the year you design your ideal life through self-reflection and meaningful resolutions. Discussion Breakdown: 1. Introduction - Ross discusses the value of New Year's resolutions and the YearCompass tool. 2. Using the Year Compass - Ross emphasizes the need for an open mind, pen/pencil, and honesty in using the YearCompass. - Provides an overview of the questions and topics covered in the YearCompass. 3. Reflections on the past year - Lists the three greatest accomplishments from the previous year. - Discusses the actions taken and the individuals who helped achieve those accomplishments. - Reflects on the three biggest challenges faced and what was learned through overcoming them. 4. Dreaming big for the year ahead - The YearCompass encourages readers to dare to dream big for the upcoming year. - Describes the concept of "magical triplets" and encourages listeners to describe things in sets of three. - Explores more interesting reflections beyond traditional vision or wishes. 5. Secret wish for the next year - Encourages listeners to create a secret wish for themselves for the next year. - Emphasizes the importance of putting a date on the wish. Key Takeaways: - New Year's resolutions are a positive way to start the year. - The YearCompass is a helpful tool for designing one's ideal life. - Reflection on past accomplishments and challenges can provide valuable insights and personal growth. - Dreaming big and setting goals in sets of three can be a powerful exercise. - Creating a secret wish with a specific date can be a motivating and actionable goal-setting strategy. Resources Mentioned: - YearCompass --- 👋🏾 Let's stay connected --- ╰ Subscribe to my channel:  @RossSimmondsTV ╰ Instagram:  @thecoolestcool ╰ Twitter / X: @thecoolestcool ╰ LinkedIn