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Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine podcast

Author: Scott Harris, Melinda Tuhus and Bob Nixon

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Between The Lines is a weekly syndicated half-hour radio newsmagazine featuring progressive perspectives on national and international political, economic and social issues. Since 1991, Between The Lines has provided in-depth, timely analysis on a wide range of political, economic and social issues including: the history and consequences of two U.S. wars with Iraq; increasing disparity in wealth in the U.S.; coverage of the global social justice movement and related protests challenging the free trade, corporate-driven policies of the World Trade Organization and World Bank/International Monetary Fund; post-9/11 erosion of civil liberties; constitutional protections and international law in the U.S.; the crisis in the U.S. health care system; international grassroots mobilization to confront global climate change; racism permeating the prison industrial complex; and efforts to repair flaws in the U.S. electoral system.Squeaky Wheel Productions is our 501(c)(3) nonprofit production company and distributor. This consumer podcast may occasionally contain a fundraising pitch. 233680
127 Episodes
Mondoweiss’s Philip Weiss: Israel’s New Governing Coalition Poised To Oust Benjamin NetanyahuCenter for Reproductive Rights’ Hillary Schneller: Case Now Before Supreme Court Could End Reproductive Rights Established in Roe V. WadeSocial Security Works' Alex Lawson: Progressive Coalition Pushing Biden, Congress to Protect, Expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid Bob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary: Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis: warnings of genocide and famineIRS runs out the clock, saving 14 large corporationsThe dream of a unionized New Orleans is coming true
Gaslit Nation's Sarah Kendzior: Trump-GOP Insurrection Never EndedNorthern Arapaho Tribe's Big Wind: Indigenous Communities Lead the Fight to Stop the Line 3 Tar Sands Pipeline in MinnesotaInside Climate News' Nicholas Kusnetz: ExxonMobil on Losing End of Stockholder RebellionBob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary:Poland becomes first NATO country to buy Turkish dronesFacebook loophole lets world’s leaders surveil citizensBiden stimulus plan reverses austerity-style welfare reform
American Friends Service Committee's Jehad Abusalim: Accountability for Israel Essential to Attain Lasting Peace Oil Change International World’s David Turnbull: Top Energy Agency Calls for an End to New Fossil Fuel Development WorldwideNational Nurses United's Rocelyn de Leon-Minch: Nation's Largest Nurses Union Opposes CDC's Relaxation of COVID Mask/Distancing GuidelinesBob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary:Myanmar’s Army used telecom sector to spy on citizensTrump officials used secret terrorism unit to question lawyers at the borderTahanie Aboushi running to transform the nation’s most powerful DA officeFor more information, related links, transcripts and in-depth interviews, visit our website after 4 p.m. ET on  Wednesday May 26, 2021
Georgetown University's Josh Ruebner: U.S. 'Blank Check' Aid Feeds Israel's Impunity and Gaza HorrorTree of Life Educational Fund's John Fussell: Worldwide Protests Decry Israel’s Airstrikes Killing Hundreds of CiviliansHofstra University's Mario Murillo:  Massive Colombian Protest Movement Met with Deadly Police ViolenceBob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary  • Could Ukraine’s nuclear industry face another Chernobyl?  • South Africa’s African National Congress party infighting boils over  • Trump-spawned megadonors hold sway over GOP future
Institute for Policy Studies's Chuck Collins: How We Can Stop Massive Tax Avoidance by America's WealthiestGiniw Collective's Tara Houska: National Day of Awareness Focuses Attention on Epidemic of Violence Targeting Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit PeopleNational Security Archive's Peter Kornbluh: The 1960 CIA Plot to Assassinate Raul Castro RevealedBob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary:• In race over arms superiority, Russia challenges U.S. hegemony• Senate passes $35 billion for clean drinking water• Immigrant advocates, construction labor unions find new alliancesFor more information, transcripts, related links and in-depth interviews, visit our website at after 4 p.m. ET Wednesday, May 12, 2021's William Rivers Pitt: Why Biden May Finally Be Ending Reagan’s ‘Rancid Legacy’The Revolving Door Project's Max Moran: At 100 Days Biden Receives ‘Corporate Capture Report Card’ACLU of Connecticut's Claudine Fox and Connecticut state Sen. Mae Flexer: Campaign to End Prison Gerrymandering in Connecticut Gains MomentumBob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary:- Human Rights Watch report accuses Israel of apartheid- 'Pro-business moderate' Andrew Yang leading NYC mayoral primary- Biden American Rescue plan aiding black farmers in reparations movementFor more information, transcripts, in-depth interviews and related links, visit our website after 4 p.m. Wednesday May 5, 2012
Lawyers Matter Task Force's Aaron Carter Bates: Lawsuit Challenges Florida's 'Anti-Riot' Law Criminalizing ProtestUnited Mine Workers of America's Cecil Roberts: Mine Workers Union States Position on  Transitioning from Coal to Clean Energy JobsDC Vote's Bo Shuff: Decades-Long Campaign to Make Washington, D.C.  51st State Gains MomentumBob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary: German Green Party is center stage in Germany’s electionKurdish autonomy remains dim across Middle EastPredatory nursing home financiers thriving in pandemicFor more information, related links, transcripts and in-depth interviews, visit after 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Racial Justice Initiative at the University of St. Thomas's Yohuru Williams: Derek Chauvin Trial Guilty Verdict Doesn’t Fix Crisis in U.S. PolicingPublic Citizens Global Access to Medicines Program's Peter Maybarduk: Biden Urged to Implement Global COVID Vaccine Manufacturing Program Oil Change International's Collin Rees: Biden Moves to Honor Campaign Pledge to End Federal Fossil Fuel SubsidiesBob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary:• Woman’s death by police in Mexico fuels outrage• Infrastructure plan includes raise in corporate global minimum tax• Right-wing extremist attacks greatly outnumber those from far leftFor more information, related links, in-depth interviews and interview transcripts, visit Between The Lines at after Wednesday April 21, at 4 p.m. ET
Independent journalist and author Nicolas J. S. Davies: UN Now Engaged in Negotiations in Afghanistan to End America's Longest War People For the American Way's Marge Baker: Voter Suppression Opponents Enlist Support from Major U.S. CorporationsKings Bay Plowshares anti-nuclear activist Mark Colville: Last of Kings Bay Plowshares Anti-Nuclear Weapons Protesters Receives 21-Month Prison SentenceBob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary - Israel's 1st trial of a prime minister begins - Number of billionaires grew 30 percent during pandemic- Dangers of factionalism among Democratic Socialists of AmericaFor more information, related links, interview transcripts and in-depth interviews, visit after 4 p.m. ET Wednesday, April 14, 2021's Natalie Mebane: Biden’s Infrastructure Plan a Good Start, but Lacks Capacity to Address the Global Climate CrisisInstitute for New Economic Thinking's Lynn Parramore: Hedge Funds Disrupt Corporate Research & Development Needed to Combat Climate ChangeGeorgia activist Cheryle Renee Moses: Campaign Launched to Recall Georgia's Republican Gov. Brian KempBob Nixon's Under-reported News SummaryMexico revises Covid death toll up 60 percentMyanmar’s rising body countRight to Work cleaves the Granite StateFor related links, transcripts, and in-depth interviews, visit after our 4 p.m. Wednesday update. 
Center For International Policy's Mel Goodman: Biden's Hardline Policy Toward Russia, China Sacrifices Common InterestsJournalist and author Todd Miller: 'Border Industrial Complex' Persecutes Immigrants While Enriching CorporationsTree-sitter Crystal Mello: Police Arrest Mountain Valley Pipeline Tree-Sitters, Ending 932-Day Direct Action ProtestBob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary- US, EU, Canada sanction China over treatment of Uighurs- Oregon’s logging industry fighting to keep tax breaks- Oregon's affordable housing model makes sense for West
Newtown Action Alliance and Newtown Action Alliance Foundation's Po Murray: Atlanta & Boulder Mass Shootings Underscore Urgent Need to Pass Gun Violence Prevention LegislationFormer Supermax prison inmate Sean Sellars and former Department of Correction nurse Kebra Smith: Campaign to End Solitary Confinement in Connecticut Prisons Moves Forward Center for Economic and Policy Research's Alexander Main: With Charges Dropped, Popular Former President Lula da Silva May Run Against Bolsonaro in 2022Bob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary• Ten years of war have broken Syria into pieces• The crisis in state governments isn’t the budget• Over 700 complaints of police abuse filed after protests
Children's Defense Fund's Ben Anderson: Critical Battle Ahead to Make New Poverty-Fighting Child Tax Credit PermanentOur Children’s Trust's Philip Gregory: Youth-Led Lawsuit Seeks to Hold Lawmakers Accountable for Harm Caused by Climate Change to Future GenerationsNuclear Information and Resource Service's Tim Judson: Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Continues 10 Years LaterBob Nixon's Under-reported SummaryBillions in taxpayer dollars wasted in Afghan developmentChina’s domestic security agencies undergo massive purgeEntire Nevada Democratic party staff quits after Democratic Socialist slate winsFor more information, related links, transcripts and in-depth interview, visit after 4 pm ET Wednesday 3/17/21
Public Citizen's Lisa Gilbert: Passage of HR1 'For The People Act' Urgently Needed to Repair America’s Broken DemocracyAuthor and organizer Jonathan Rosenblum: Amazon Union Organizing Drive in Alabama: A Turning Point for American Workers?Mountain View Correctional Facility's Mark McBrine: Innovative Program Enhances Prison Food Nutrition, Trains InmatesBob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary:Hong Kong protest supports 47 pro-democracy arresteesBiden seeks aid on border with Mexican leaderRockwool activists face off against West Virginia’s GOP governorFor more information, transcripts, related links and in-depth interviews, visit our website at Updates on Wednesday after 4 p.m. 
RootsAction's David Swanson: Biden's Syria Airstrike Jeopardizes US Rejoining International Iran Nuclear Agreement Associate professor Loretta Ross: Republicans Cannot be a Legitimate Party Without Casting Out White Supremacists and FascistsNew Haven Climate Movement Youth Action Team's Adrian Huq: Militarism’s Direct Impact on the Climate CrisisBob Nixon's Under-reported News SummaryAmid coup, Myanmar envoy meets Thai, Indonesia officialsTexas repeatedly failed to protect its power grid against extreme weather"Chuy" Garcia working with growing progressive Squad CongressFor more information, related links, transcripts and in-depth interviews, visit after 4 pm ET Wednesday, March 3, 2021
• Common Cause's Sylvia Albert: Based on Trump Election 'Big Lie,' GOP Proposes 165 Voter Suppression Bills in 33 States• National Black Environmental Justice Network's  Tina Johnson: Dialogue on Carbon Pricing, Environmental Justice and Equity• Debt Collective's Tom Gokey: Cancelling Student Debt Will Boost the Larger U.S. Economy• Bob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary  - Hardened by war, Libya put hopes in new leaders  - China to build world's biggest dam on sacred Tibetan River  - Oregon first state to decriminalize possession of hard drugsFor more information, forthcoming related links, in-depth interviews and transcripts, visit after 4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021
 Investigative journalist Greg Palast: There's a 'Smoking Gun' Connecting Trump to Capitol InsurrectionCenter for Constitutional Rights’ Aliya Hussein: Close Guantanamo U.S. Military Prison and End Indefinite Military DetentionEarthjustice’s Jan Hasselman: It’s Time to Shut down the Dakota Access PipelineBob Nixon's Under-reported News SummaryIn term limit dispute, Haiti's leader clings to powerIndigenous Americans dying of Covid-19 at faster rateWind power boom sets off Ecuadorian balsa wood scramble
Peace Action's Kevin Martin: Biden Pledges to End U.S. Support for Saudi/UAE-led War on YemenNo Dem Left Behind's Madalin Sammons: Grassroots Group No Dems Left Behind Targets Rural, Conservative DistrictsBen & Jerry's Ice Cream's Jerry Greenfield: Social Justice Activists Ben and Jerry Launch Campaign to End Qualified Police ImmunityBob Nixon's Under-reported News SummaryBurma coup poses early test for Biden foreign policyThe world is facing an upsurge of nuclear proliferationFormer Facebook lawyer to head Justice Department anti-trust division?
Free Speech for People's John Bonifaz: Republicans Who Refuse to Hold Trump Accountable for Insurrection Must Answer to HistoryYale University School of Public Health's Dr. Robert Hecht: COVID Vaccination Equity in US and World, Critical to Controlling the Pandemic Earthjustice's Moneen Nasmith: Line 3 Tar Sands Pipeline Project Target of Renewed International OppositionBob Nixon's Under-reported News SummaryHundreds in Haiti protest to demand Moise's resignationAfter two months of war, Ethiopia's Tigray people starvingHunts Point food workers' strike is just the beginning
• Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund's Thomas Saenz: Joe Biden's Immigration Reform Proposals Will Test Prospects for Bipartisanship• Journalist and author Mike Giglio: After the Deadly Jan. 6 Capitol Insurrection, Pro-Trump Militias Ponder Their Future• DCVote's Bo Shuff: Statehood Campaign Demands Political Representation for 700,000 Washington, D. C. Residents• Bob Nixon's Under-reported News Summary- Uganda’s Museveni clings to power—but troubles lie ahead- Wall Street eyes billions in Colorado River- Superfund toxic cleanup needed for public housing
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