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'Tis the Season for Setting Boundaries

'Tis the Season for Setting Boundaries

Update: 2021-12-20


Maggie Tibbetts, LCSW has been a therapist in private practice for 25 years specializing in grief and loss, anxiety, depression, life transitions, spirituality and mindfulness. In this wonderful interview Maggie educates us on the many ways grief, loss, and transitions impact our lives. Maggie shares several helpful strategies for coping with grief and loss, especially during the holiday season which can be particularly challenging and triggering for those who are actively grieving. No matter what specific circumstances you're experiencing this year, Maggie will inspire you to nourish yourself, create new traditions, set healthy boundaries, and practice radical self-care this holiday season!

Connect with Maggie here:

More grief resources that Maggie mentions during this interview:

The Women Strong member who shares during the last portion of this interview gave permission for her voice and words of wisdom to be included in this podcast episode.

Additionally, during this interview, I (Dr. Brooke) botched my description of the Holmes & Rahe research that focuses on the contributions of stress to the development of illness. Check out the Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale for examples of some seemingly "positive" and other obviously "negative" life transitions that all have the potential to create stress (you'll find "major holidays" on the list)!

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'Tis the Season for Setting Boundaries

'Tis the Season for Setting Boundaries

Dr. Brooke Schneider