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AWESOME Self-Care and Retreats!

AWESOME Self-Care and Retreats!

Update: 2021-09-20


Dr. Mary Rondeau is a naturopathic doctor and functional medicine expert and the co-founder of the Wholeness Center, a cutting edge integrative mental health clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. Dr. Mary has a very busy clinical practice and she believes that a crucial component of any successful physical and mental wellness plan is self-care! Jennifer Ciplet, is a certified divorce coach and the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Avail Divorce, a membership-based library of divorce resources, tools, plus a community of support! Jenn works primarily with women who have left (or are leaving) marriages to pursue and discover the authentic, vibrant lives they are most longing to live. She helps her clients break through feeling "stuck" and get clear about their next steps with confidence, new knowledge and integrity. Jenn has also led numerous international retreats! In this interview, Dr. Mary, Dr. Brooke, and Jenn discuss the importance of self-care in general, how challenging it can be (and how vital it is) for women to put their self-care first, and these 3 women share passionately about how transformative retreats can be for so many reasons (this interview also talks specifically about their wellness retreat occurring in Nicaragua in April 2022-- The Sand, Surf, and Soul Retreat).

Check out the Sand, Surf, and Soul Retreat here:

Check out Coco Loco Eco-Resort here (they offer several retreat options):

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AWESOME Self-Care and Retreats!

AWESOME Self-Care and Retreats!

Dr. Brooke Schneider