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How To Find Your Sizzle!

How To Find Your Sizzle!

Update: 2022-02-09


Betsy Crouch (AKA "Coach Sizzle") is the founder of Sizzle Consulting. Betsy has coached thousands of individuals as a life and executive coach, and has facilitated hundreds of group workshops for businesses and teams as a consultant. In this interview Betsy shares about the "superpower" of recognizing and shining light on the "sizzle" in ourselves and others. Betsy is playful, wise, compassionate, and gives lots of inspiration and tips to utilize along this human journey of life that we all travel together.

This interview was particularly helpful and impactful for me (Dr. Brooke) personally. I embraced Coach Sizzle's recommendation to start a "Clue Paper" and write down all of the times I felt alive and lit up! And guess what, my Clue Paper (I named it my "Sizzle Sheet") listed loads of things related to the Women Strong program, lots more related to spending time laughing and playing with my friends and family and being outdoors doing physical activities, things related to self-exploration and personal development, but only one thing related to my main occupation (I love seeing my patients, but the rest of my clinic responsibilities were consuming my life, not leaving much leftover time for my Sizzle!).  As a direct result of my Sizzle Sheet, I took action to cut my clinical workload down dramatically which completely transformed my work-life balance, leaving much more time for the things that bring out my sizzle! Thank you SO much Coach Sizzle, for your positive contribution to me and to those lucky enough to come into your orbit!

Disclaimer: If you don't want to hear Dr. Brooke and Coach Sizzle re-live (in great detail) one of their college soccer games from 1997, or if you're a serious Ohio State fan, you might want to begin listening to this interview after the first 4 minutes!

Connect with Betsy (Coach Sizzle) here:
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@coachsizzle on instagram

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How To Find Your Sizzle!

How To Find Your Sizzle!

Dr. Brooke Schneider