029 It's All About Energy

029 It's All About Energy

Update: 2020-10-31


Susan Kinsey is a qualified energy healer and is currently also training with the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

Susan offers a range of services tailored to meet the requirements of her clients. These include energy healing, chakra healing, meditation, emotional release, breath work techniques and sound baths.

Susan looks to identify energy blocks within her clients and work with them to create a greater understanding of where and why these blocks occur and to tailor a program to release them. Once clients begin to understand this process, they are able to have a greater awareness of those actions and thoughts coming from their unconscious self which can lead them into a downward spiral. They are then able to use the techniques from Susan’s sessions to catch the spiral and allow the conscious self to regain control. 

Over time and with regular practice clients are able to respond to these situations in a calmer and more positive manner. Each experience is different and can range from a full emotional release leading to complete clarity of mind to simply feeling they are in a better place. As the client’s journey continues and their levels of conscious awareness reach higher levels this will have a positive impact on many different health and well being areas such as improved energy levels, better sleeping patterns, eating and general diet awareness, relationships, spending habits and decision making.

Susan also runs meditation sessions both online and in the park as well as retreats.  Next year she will be offering weekend retreats in a private woodland in Salisbury. This  retreat Is completely off grid and includes meditation, Qi gong and a sound bath.

We covered

* Susan's abilities of feeling energy in people since she was small

* How she could let go of OCD and dissolve anxiety

* Susan shares a simple breath technique to get over the fear

* How the two of us work with our clients intuitively

* The balance between Doing and Being

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029 It's All About Energy

029 It's All About Energy