DiscoverThe Friday Stream11: IT's a Support Trap!
11: IT's a Support Trap!

11: IT's a Support Trap!

Update: 2019-07-29


We share family tech support stories and reminisce about the good old days of being the "go-to" tech support member.

Plus how we TV these days, streaming subscription fatigue, and Ell's search for missing persons.


  • Alex's 2019 Roadtrip
  • Updated Nvidia Shield TV spotted in FCC listing — In the Android TV world, the Nvidia Shield TV is still by far the best option available. However, the aging hardware is due for an upgrade. Today, an FCC listing for an updated Nvidia Shield TV has been revealed, hinting that a release could be around the corner.

  • Forget 'Russian' FaceApp — Why is a simple face changing app yielding such a backlash over the nationality of its developers when there has been little concern over Facebook opening its archives of its two billion users for data mining by researchers including those working directly with those very Russian intelligence services Senator Schumer fears?
  • Find Your Canine Soulmate Today | How I Met My Dog
  • This “Dating” Website Will Help You Find the Perfect Dog — How I Met My Dog is a website that, like eHarmony and, asks you to fill out an extensive personality questionnaire in an effort to find you an adoptable pet that meets your specific needs. Once you sign up, you answer 56 questions about your preferences, your expectations, and your lifestyle habits, before being matched with compatible dogs in shelters across 17 states.
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11: IT's a Support Trap!

11: IT's a Support Trap!

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