164. Planning Your CEO Days

164. Planning Your CEO Days

Update: 2023-01-27


If you're somebody who loves organization and streamlining systems like I do or maybe you're feeling like you could use a little more organization in your business, than this week's episode is for you!

We are talking about structuring your CEO days. This is when you are putting on your CEO hat, and working ON your business, not in it.

This isn't the admin kind of work most business owners invariably have to do; this is big picture work, and evaluative work. 

I break down my process for my annual CEO days and the monthly ones as well. I encourage you to consider adding CEO days to your calendar as they are the kind of days that can help you get clarity about your vision for your business as well as give you data to make better decisions.

I also have included the CEO day checklist to give you a visual for how to structure them.

Grab your checklist here. <<

I’m also adding an amazing bonus to anyone who joins The Incubator by Monday, January 30th. You will get FREE access to a VIP half-day Systems Workshop (happening in March), where we will go through your systems and get some created, tweaked or updated to ensure your business foundation is set up to support you achieving your goals!

Additionally You will get the Designing Your Perfect Work Week Workshop happening Friday February 3rd at noon est/ 9am pst.

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
~Benjamin Franklin

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164. Planning Your CEO Days

164. Planning Your CEO Days