Discover#SistersInLaw170: A Man Is Not A Plan
170: A Man Is Not A Plan

170: A Man Is Not A Plan

Update: 2024-02-175


Barb McQuade hosts #SistersInLaw to review the Fani Willis hearing, describe the effect it will have on the RICO prosecution, and weigh the potential for her disqualification.  Then the #Sisters discuss the $350+ million civil fraud judgment against Trump, the damages caused by his fraud and tax evasion, the restrictions on his family’s business activities, and how the payment process works.  They also cover the scheduling of his New York hush money trial in late March, the progress of his immunity claim and its impact on the DC trial, and the necessity of a speedy trial.   

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From Kim on the impact of Trump’s fraud and tax evasion

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On Willis/Wade: such a sham outrage: when the judge asks the defence attorney, which facts or how would he point to misconduct (of F.Willis), his answer is "You know it when you see it". Would any judge accept that as a legal standard? The strongest argument Mr Abbate brought up was: if they had some kind of a scheme going on, wouldn't Willis/Ware want the case to go slowly,so they could profit longer? Instead, they pressed for speed (because of election years etc). Looks like case closed

Mar 2nd
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170: A Man Is Not A Plan

170: A Man Is Not A Plan