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2 Daddies 2 Many Options

2 Daddies 2 Many Options

Update: 2023-08-17


The Queer Family Podcast | S13 E6 BONUS | Michael and Matt have been in the process of creating their 2-dad family for quite some time and they're chronicling that process on their new podcast "Who's Your Daddy."  They sat down with Jaimie to explore their path from an initial foster-to-adopt plan to the world of surrogacy with an egg donor, and how they’ve tackled the many difficult decisions that go along with it: Should they work with an agency or pursue an independent route? How far are they willing to travel for their surrogate? How will they navigate the emotional implications if one of them ends up without a biological connection when they both really want one? How will they afford this? And WHO on earth will their surrogate be? So many questions, so many decisions to make, and they’re still very much on this rollercoaster we call queer family building. 

“We ended up with 4 embryo’s on my end and 1 on Michael’s end. We’re hoping to each have a biological child but you can’t control nature.” Matt

Listen to Who’s Your Daddy with Michael and Matt

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This podcast is amazing with a sweet couple I am sure you'll be a great daddies

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2 Daddies 2 Many Options

2 Daddies 2 Many Options

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