DiscoverPodiatry Legends Podcast247 - Volunteering in South America with David Karamanis
247 - Volunteering in South America with David Karamanis

247 - Volunteering in South America with David Karamanis

Update: 2023-02-21


David Karamanis is an Australian podiatrist who had the vision to travel to high-risk developing countries to provide podiatry service to communities that cannot easily access it. To fulfil this vision, he decided to travel and volunteer his time in South America. When I spoke with David, he was in Ecuador.   

He has a website,, where he uploads photos of the people and communities he is helping. You can make donations via his website if you’d like to help support his efforts. I HAVE

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • Working in a podiatry clinic was not ticking all the boxes; something was missing, and even though it was a good job, a Ted Talk made him realise his true calling.
  • When his boss told him that one day if he worked hard, he could have a business just like his, and why David told him there was no way he wanted his lifestyle. He was so busy he could take holidays.
  • When he realised that helping people function better was his thing, and a lot of his work in South America has been biomechanically based.
  • At 50, David would rather be rich with experiences than have money and property.
  • His passion for podiatry has grown since living in South America. It has opened his eyes.
  • The Pizza Challenge to help orphanages and children who live on the streets because they always miss out.  

“What do you do that excites you that much you forget to eat? That’s what you should be doing more of.”

Final Tip 

I encourage you to investigate yourself and look at the ideas and deep desires you’ve always had, but you’ve pushed aside because of family and other commitments.

Just because you work as a podiatrist, you’re not just a podiatrist. Look deeper. 

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247 - Volunteering in South America with David Karamanis

247 - Volunteering in South America with David Karamanis

Tyson E Franklin