DiscoverThe Public Sector Pod#31 Best Of The Botcast Year 1 - Part 1
#31 Best Of The Botcast Year 1 - Part 1

#31 Best Of The Botcast Year 1 - Part 1

Update: 2019-08-30


The Botcast is one year old! And in celebration of it’s first birthday, we thought we’d throwback to some of the best bits and top takeaways over the past year! There are so many, so here is part one where we highlight our conversations with the following guests …

  • Julian Harris, Head of Technology Research at CognitionX. We discuss Digital Autonomous Organisations (DAO’s), how London has just emerged as the AI Capital of Europe and how to harness the power of AI in business.

  • Dr Zara Nanu, CEO at Gapsquare. The World Economic Forum have said that it’s going to take 217 years to close the gender pay gap. Dr Zara Nanu and her team are aiming to do this in under 20 years so we talk about how she’s planning to achieve this.

  • Lisa Matthews, CEO at HellyHolly. Lisa is building a personal organisation chatbot called 'Our Canary' which takes all spheres of life into consideration - not just your calendar. We also discuss opportunities within voice and what it's like being a minority in the tech industry.

  • Pete Gatenby, Chief Strategy Officer at B60. We talk to Pete about how companies can embrace digital transformation, the importance of testing and celebrating failure and how slow and steady no longer wins the race.

  • Kane Simms, Host of VUX World. We find out what Kanes learnt from chatting to voice specialists over the past 6 months. We also talk about voice search becoming the new organic search and whether voice search will be the death of SEO.

  • Emma Jackson, Digital Programme Manager and Abigail Barton, Communications and Engagement Manager at Monmouthshire County Council. We talk about the launch of their new chatbot Monty and how it’s helping them better engage with constituents.

  • Cindy Rose OBE, CEO at Microsoft UK. Microsoft publicly commit to re-skilling people already working in the tech industry in areas such as the Cloud and AI - specifically in the public sector so we wanted to know what this looks like and how Cindy see's AI impacting the Government as a whole. We also talk about how with the potential of AI often comes unintended consequences and lastly we touch upon how AI is being used to address broader societal issues.

  • Alison Hughes, Assistant Director of ICT Strategic Partnerships at Wigan & Bolton Councils. Alison was voted #2 Female Gov Tech Leaders 2018 and Top 30 Women In Tech Manchester. We chat to her about the challenges they face at Wigan and Bolton and their decision to outsource IT in a £47m contract in 2013 and how they go about storing and effectively utilising the data of 600,000 citizens plus much more!

  • Kieron McGhie, Strategic Transformation Workstream Lead at Barking and Dagenham Council. Kieron has helped generate vast savings by integrating 2 major councils with digital solutions resulting in them offering services online as well as being an influencer and significant contributor as part of 2 major digital platform roll outs with 2 large local authorities. We were excited to understand Kieron's birds eye view perspective on councils across the world in order to really understand challenges across the board.

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#31 Best Of The Botcast Year 1 - Part 1

#31 Best Of The Botcast Year 1 - Part 1

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