DiscoverThe Public Sector Pod#32 Best Of the Botcast Year 1 - Part 2
#32 Best Of the Botcast Year 1 - Part 2

#32 Best Of the Botcast Year 1 - Part 2

Update: 2019-08-30


The Botcast is one year old! During the best bits part two, we highlight our conversations with the following guests …

  • Michael Sage, Head of Digital Transformation, Chelmsford City Council. We talk about the top challenges he's faced working within local authorities with the rise of digital.

  • Karen Cawte, Digital Transformation Manager at West Lothian Council. We talk to Karen about their contribution to setting up the Local Government Digital Partnership along with 31 other Scottish Local Authorities plus much more.

  • Alex Cousins, Business Development Director at Capita. Alex offers a fantastic birds eye view of 20 years in transformation.

  • Steven Kyle, Transformation Programme Manager at Dundee City Council. We discuss what their transformation model looks like in relation to service design, how they're approaching digital transformation as a whole.

  • Lee Jones - Head of Contact Centre Newport, Lucy Parton - Head of Transformation and James Harrison - Head of Robotics and AI at Lloyds Banking Group. We talk about Lloyds £3 billion investment in technology and staff to improve digital services, how they're planning to better engage with their 14 million digitally active customers.

  • Jenny Nelson, Digital Newcastle Programme Manager at Newcastle City Council. We talk about how Jenny’s tackled imposture syndrome, the adoption of their adult social care bot, how Newcastle is set to become the UK’s leading Smart City plus much more!

  • Paul Ward, Head of ICT & Digital at Coventry City Council. Budget cuts are a challenge faced across the board so we talk about how they're using technology to help make savings as well as drive innovation.

  • Natasha Bhambhra, Senior Strategy Advisor at Government Digital Service. We talk to Natasha about the GDS Academy, DDaT Fast Stream programme as well as their Emerging Technology Development Programme.

  • Derek Hobbs Interim Director of Business Development and Digital Transformation at Careers Wales. We discuss Derek’s highly praised Carer’s Allowance Digital Service which has an impressive satisfaction score of 90% and a take-up of over 70%!

  • Aaqib Usman, Founder & CEO at Midwest Immersive. We wanted to know how the public sector could use immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) to better engage constituents.

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#32 Best Of the Botcast Year 1 - Part 2

#32 Best Of the Botcast Year 1 - Part 2

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