DiscoverBirthing Instincts#364 Freebirth: Free to Choose
#364 Freebirth: Free to Choose

#364 Freebirth: Free to Choose

Update: 2024-06-05


Today we have midwife and mom, Catalina Clark, as our guest to share her journey as we discuss freebirthing from all angles.

About Catalina Clark:

I am a woman, mother, daughter, sister, midwife and student on the healing path. With 10 years experience in birth, I have found my way home to supporting women in alignment with the natural world and the power of physiologic birth.

As a midwife of healing, I am here to walk with you along your path, to love you wherever you are and support you on your personal journey. I am not here to fix you or tell you what to do. To heal is to reclaim and reweave the fabric of your True Self back into your being, perfect and complete just as you are. When co-creating together we are stepping into a mutual relationship of universal love and trust with each other, ourselves and the divine.

My journey of remembrance began entrenched in the medical model. After countless disempowering experiences I began seeking council outside the medical industrial system. In my studies over the past decade with a variety of traditional healers I began weaving a new path for myself, which led me to my true calling as a spiritual midwife.

It is with great humility, honor and respect that I walk alongside all those with the willingness to step into the unknown, to untangle stories of the past and return to our hearts.

Key highlights:

  • Discussion on Birthing Choices
  • Challenging Obstetrician Views on Free Birthing
  • Empowering Pregnancy
  • Exploring Fear and Inner Work
  • Anxious Thoughts About Baby's Health
  • Importance of Informed Birth Decision-Making
  • Challenging Birth Paradigms and Prenatal Preparation
  • Supportive Midwifery Practices
  • Transformation and Growth in Midwifery

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#364 Freebirth: Free to Choose

#364 Freebirth: Free to Choose

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