DiscoverBirthing Instincts#366 Placentas: Way More Sacred Than a Biohazard
#366 Placentas: Way More Sacred Than a Biohazard

#366 Placentas: Way More Sacred Than a Biohazard

Update: 2024-06-19


Join us for an eye-opening episode as we welcome Kimberly Denitz-Zuleger, a passionate doula and maternal health activist from Southern California. With a wealth of experience encapsulating over 400 placentas since 2015, Kim shares her profound knowledge on the multifaceted roles and cultural symbolism of the placenta. We traverse the spiritual and medicinal benefits of placenta consumption and the serene practice of cord burning, providing a holistic view into informed postpartum care decisions.

We dive deep into the complexities faced by a second-time mom at 42 weeks, balancing the fine line between necessary medical interventions and trusting the natural birthing process. Through these narratives, we illuminate the emotional dynamics between parents and caregivers, emphasizing the significance of trust and intuition. Join us for an episode filled with heartfelt stories, insightful discussions, and the celebration of life’s beginnings.

About Kimberly Summer Denitz-Zuleger, CLEC, CPT, PMH-C, Doula:

Kimberly Denitz-Zuleger is a So Cal native, mother, writer, doula, and maternal health activist. She is the Global Chapter Director for the International Cesarean Awareness Network and co-leader for the Ventura and Santa Barbara Chapters. She has encapsulated over 400 placentas since 2015 and has been part of many placenta medicine rituals with people from varying cultures around her community. Her credentials include multiple certifications in the fields of health care, and maternal mental health, as well as a degree in Behavioral Science, although it’s her real-world experience that has taught her everything she knows. She is most happy jumping in the ocean after a long trail run in the mountains.

Connect with Kimberly Denitz-Zuleger:

Key highlights:

  • Midwifery, Birth Spaces, and Anatomy
  • The Marvels of the Placenta
  • Cultural Birthing Rituals and Placenta Encapsulation
  • Importance of Physiologic Delivery Process
  • Placenta Encapsulation and Spiritual Beliefs
  • Lotus Birth and Ceremony Practices

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#366 Placentas: Way More Sacred Than a Biohazard

#366 Placentas: Way More Sacred Than a Biohazard

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