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5G Is Not For You

5G Is Not For You

Update: 2021-06-03


We know 5G as this super fast wireless network that some experts say will drive innovation in manufacturing, transportation, and other industries that might not even exist yet. There is a lot of hope for 5G and testing will play a critical role in getting it into our lives. This week, we explore the role testing plays in this 5G with Clarke Ryan, Senior Director of Product Development from Spirent,  and Alexandra Hussenot, Founder of Immersionn.


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  • How does 5G have the potential to revolutionize our lives, and could it really be the next industrial revolution? 
  • How does 5G differ from 4G? How is it more beneficial but also more complex and more confusing? 
  • 5G can get the conversation moving 100 times faster than 4G, but not without a hitch. Learn where 5G literally hits a wall in getting the signal out, poor coverage, and slower download speeds. 
  • Because 5G takes so much infrastructure, time and money, right now there is no one standard. 
  • What testing challenges does 5G face? 
  • What is mobile edge computing, and how does it take our data and turn it into actionable information? 
  • How 5G might revolutionize the road, changing the way self-driving cars communicate with each other and creating new ways of navigating roads, crosswalks, and traffic lights. 
  • The different technologies that were each added in by 3G, 4G, and now 5G.
  • 5G offers up huge opportunities and untold benefits, but also huge liabilities and risks. This is where testing and test engineering comes in. 
  • How can we best now prepare for the changes that 5G will bring in the future? 
  • Is 5G what will lead us into a dystopian future, or will it be the connector of man and machine, and the enabler of the remote worker? 
  • How does 5G help us test our flexing muscles, to test faster, cheaper, and more reliably? 


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Alexandra Hussenot 

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5G Is Not For You

5G Is Not For You