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Where Is My Self Driving Car?

Where Is My Self Driving Car?

Update: 2021-05-06


Most of us dream of a world where we can take a nap on our commute, but do so with the guarantee of safety, security, and peace of mind. The revolution will be driverless, but there is still much to learn about self-driving cars and the technology behind testing them that we need to know. In this episode, we welcome two experts that can help us understand how close we are to self-driving cars being a thing we see every day on our roads, and what challenges and barriers are holding us back. Ram Mirwani, Director of Business Development ADAS for Konrad Technologies, and Daniel Riedelbauch, Principal Solutions Marketing Manager in Automotive at NI, are here to explain how we test self-driving cars for every scenario, and moreover - how to teach AI to make human - even ethical decisions about how to react in emergency situations. Self Driving Cars are coming to a road near you. At some point. 


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  • Many of us dream of a world where our car does all the heavy lifting while we sit back and relax, but there is much test that still needs to be done before it’s an everyday occurrence. 
  • Ram discusses where the self-driving car is and how they have been on the way since 1995. 
  • When does Ram think we will reach mass deployment of self-driving vehicles? 
  • We can rely on this technology, there are some kinks that need to be worked out and a combination of components for every single decision while we are on the road. 
  • What is it about testing that makes it take longer to come up with a new design? 
  • True autonomous vehicles only exist in test vehicles. How can testing help? 
  • What do we test for when testing a self-driving vehicle? 
  • Daniel talks about the struggles of robot cars, and how we need the sensor models to be as close as possible to the real world sensors possible. 
  • When will testing be enough? What is the Gold Standard, and what Key Performance Indicators should we be using to measure our success? 
  • How can the government help? 


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Where Is My Self Driving Car?

Where Is My Self Driving Car?