DiscoverThe Matt Walker Podcast#61 - Ask Me Anything Pt.2
#61 - Ask Me Anything Pt.2

#61 - Ask Me Anything Pt.2

Update: 2023-11-201


Dr. Eti Ben Simon joins Matt once again this week to continue their AMA session where they bring their vast amount of knowledge and expertise to bear in responding to a variety of listener questions. They begin by delving into the intricate relationship between sleep, hormones, and the female reproductive cycle, providing invaluable insights into women's health. Together, they examine the challenges faced during the perimenopausal and menopausal periods, characterized by erratic hormonal fluctuations and sleep disturbances. Noting that hormone replacement therapy (HRT), particularly bioidentical HRT, has emerged as a potential solution, they also review the controversy surrounding HRT, underscoring the importance of informed choices regarding women's health. 

The complex relationship between sleep and chronic pain is also explored, unveiling the fact that chronic pain, which affects a substantial portion of the population, can profoundly impact sleep quality. The episode also touches upon the intriguing topic of subjective versus objective sleep perception, where individuals' self-assessments of their sleep often differ from objective measurements. This discrepancy has implications not only for those with chronic pain but also for anyone seeking to understand the true quality and impact of their sleep. Our hosts go on to detail the intriguing relationship between psychedelics, ketamine, and sleep, examining developments that may very well open doors to potential therapeutic applications and a better understanding of the mind's mysteries.

Expert responses to the questions on everyone’s mind - this is an episode you simply can’t afford to miss.

Please note that Matt is not a medical doctor, and none of the content in this podcast should be considered medical advice in any way, shape, or form, nor prescriptive in any way. 

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#61 - Ask Me Anything Pt.2

#61 - Ask Me Anything Pt.2

Dr. Matt Walker