DiscoveroneLife maps Podcast74. Imagination and Prayer
74. Imagination and Prayer

74. Imagination and Prayer

Update: 2020-10-25


Jason Feffer and I had a fantastic conversation about the role of imagination in spiritual practices -- and it drifted into many more interesting topics and stories. You won't want to miss this delightful, thought-provoking conversation with a good human who knows Jesus in ways many long for -- yet is very possible. God wants to show up for you in ways that are tailor-made for you, too.

Jason Feffer is a pastor, teacher, spiritual director, and an evangelist for the spiritual disciplines. For over twenty years he has been helping people follow Jesus in their everyday lives. He leads The Practice, a practice-based contemplative ministry at Willowcreek Church. 

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74. Imagination and Prayer

74. Imagination and Prayer