DiscoverROCKLAZ Radio with Tanmay Shah#76 What nobody told you about South Africa!
#76 What nobody told you about South Africa!

#76 What nobody told you about South Africa!

Update: 2023-08-01


Join us for an electrifying episode as we engage with Desmond Latham, a prolific Podcaster, Historian, Tech CEO, Journalist, and Aviation expert hailing from South Africa. Discover the untold stories of his personal interactions with Nelson Mandela and the real reasons behind the Anglo-Boer War, including surprising facts about Gandhi and Churchill. Discover the richness of South African culture and the dark legacy of apartheid. Listen to the sound of Zulu and Afrikaan Languages. Get a treat of his live guitar performance. After talking to the Russian highest ranked official, he shares the real reason for the Russia-Ukraine War. We hear a South African’s perspective on BRICS. As an experienced podcaster, Desmond shares tips on growing a podcast and making money, as well as his 3 rules for managing wealth. This Aviation expert and host of plane crash diaries shares his own thrilling stories. Did you know about Elon Musk's Grandfather flying in South Africa and changing engines as per the availability of fuel?

Personal Highlights:

+ Stories of Nelson Mandela from someone who has met him several times.

+ How a boy who went to study at Stanford College becomes the coach of the Women's Rugby team, and what followed after that.

+ White Farm boy raised in Black Zulu Culture.

+ Inception of Human Race, in Africa But where exactly!?

+ Obsession of citizens to find their real identity and the surprising facts that come out.
+ Bore Wars and Afrikaans language!

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#76 What nobody told you about South Africa!

#76 What nobody told you about South Africa!

Tanmay Shah