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About Leading Steep

About Leading Steep

Update: 2021-01-20


This episode is "About Leading Steep"

Leading Steep: Lessons in Leadership from the World's Great Adventure Guides is for aspiring business leaders and ambitious adventure guides alike.

We've all got things to learn from those who guide the world's toughest climbs, fish the most challenging waters, cycle the highest passes, and run the most intimidating rivers have hard-won wisdom that can benefit others who lead teams — far from the extremes. 

Leading Steep distills leadership lessons in a way that is practical, understandable, and usable — in a podcast, blog posts, social media, and in a book to be published in 2020.

From the Author:

"As a business executive and whitewater guide, I have come to admire others who lead in the most challenging circumstances: whether they are mountaineers, anglers, cycling guides, safari leaders, or others. These professionals have refined the way they communicate, learned how to mitigate risk, and designed ways to lead their clients past their own self-imposed limitations. A great guide helps people do, see, and experience what they otherwise might not.

As a young guide myself, I learned so much about leadership; how to communicate effectively, work with teams, deal with adversity and triumph, and the very real impact of decisions that could mean life or death.

I love speaking to other guides about the things they've learned as leaders and how they’ve become standouts in their fields. I hope you'll enjoy the Leading Steep Podcast.









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About Leading Steep

About Leading Steep

Barry Kruse