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Are YOU The Problem, Do YOU Need An Upgrade?

Are YOU The Problem, Do YOU Need An Upgrade?

Update: 2023-11-08


Real Estate Agents:  We've all heard the famous and true saying: "You never get a second chance at a first impression."  Many studies have shown that the average person forms a lasting impression about another person after between 2 seconds and 2 minutes. 

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Think of the last person you met...what was your first impression of them and why?  What do you remember about that encounter? Was it positive, negative, or neutral? Do you recall what they do for a living, their full name and if they have kids, and where they live? If not, perhaps they failed to make a great first impression. What would they say about you?  

Other studies show that most real estate clients use the first agent they meet, so I'm sure you'll agree that this is something to work on and really curate. This is something about real estate that you CAN control.

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Your job now is to take a look at what your first impressions are both online and in real life. Howard Brinton used to call these 'Moments of Truth', or split-second judgments that the public makes about you. Are you friendly, trustworthy, professional, and knowledgeable or are you someone they casually meet and forget the next second?

Make a list of all of your potential points of contact or first impressions with the public:

Online: Facebook / Instagram / Linked In / What's App / Your Website / Your online real estate profiles on Zillow,, your broker's website, your digital newsletter, marketing campaigns, and any other apps you use. 

Make sure to look at your credit card statement to capture any profiles you signed up for and forgot about.

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Offline: Your Voicemail message, your sign, your home brochures, your car, your handshake, your directional signs, and how you dress.

Next, ask yourself these questions and polish up your profiles (first impressions) as necessary:

1.  What are you trying to accomplish with each of these profiles? Are you trying to attract buyers and sellers? Realtor connections?

2.  What does your profile LOOK like you're looking for? Are you a fisherman or a Realtor? Are you an investor or are you a broker? Both? Do you have any specialties? Are your previous employment profiles more prevalent than your Real Estate profiles?

3.  Do you monitor your different assets or did you 'set it and forget it'? Is the information someone sees when they Google you still accurate across all of your profiles? Are you using a headshot from 2003? It's okay to eliminate the old accounts that you're not even using anyway. Fewer but better impressions are okay.

4.  Do you have any unfinished profiles? Shadow pictures or blank descriptions look like you didn't follow through or maybe aren't even in the business anymore.

5. How does someone reach you? Is your mobile number easy to find or is it just your broker's number? Is your voicemail always full? What impression are you leaving with your methods of communication?









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Are YOU The Problem, Do YOU Need An Upgrade?

Are YOU The Problem, Do YOU Need An Upgrade?

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