Discoverspeak of the devil pod w/ Shane BugbeeArt that Kills - SPEAK OF THE DEVIL POD 3.09
Art that Kills - SPEAK OF THE DEVIL POD 3.09

Art that Kills - SPEAK OF THE DEVIL POD 3.09

Update: 2020-01-23


Art that Kills


Ever crack open a book and see your friend in it? Nannerl has! Shane Bugbee is one of the featured artists in Art that Kills! Art that Kills was a book published by George Petros that features underground art and other forms of expression from the mid 80s to the early 00's. The book challenges the definition of art and snapshots an era of pushing boundaries and a generation of artists (mostly gen x but not limited)'s responses to society.


A strong recommendation of discretion is advised. The book can be quite graphic.


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Art that Kills - SPEAK OF THE DEVIL POD 3.09

Art that Kills - SPEAK OF THE DEVIL POD 3.09