DiscoverLearn/Perform MixtapeBONUS: Why Are You Studying For the CPLP?
BONUS: Why Are You Studying For the CPLP?

BONUS: Why Are You Studying For the CPLP?

Update: 2019-12-08


Why bother getting the CPLP credential? What exactly are you studying for? Why is it important?

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Chapter 3: Importance of Certification (Kippen, Son Lee, & Toister, 2014)

  • Understand the value of certification and the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) 

  • Identify the value to the employer, credential holders, and Training & Development (T&D) profession

  • Experience from employer and candidates

Reference: Biech, E. (2014). ASTD handbook: The definitive reference for training & development, 2nd Edition. Alexandra, VA: American Society for Training and Development.

What is CPLP certification?
: involves the comprehensive evaluation of skills that are measured against industry standards, professional associations, and other industry-wide credentials for T&D -- with the following requirements for CPLP certification eligibility:

  1. Knowledge Exam: 150 multiple choice on the 10 Areas of Expertise (AOE) + the Global Mindset foundational competency

  2. Skills Assessment Exam: of 100 questions multiple choice that focuses on application of skills from ONE (1) AOE of your choice: 

    1. Training Delivery

    2. Instructional Design

    3. Managing Learning Programs

  3. Recertification: CPLP is valid for 3 years and requires recertification points to maintain the CPLP status, e.g. professional conferences, training, leadership, etc. 

More about the CPLP from this past episode:

Why is the CPLP certification so important?

  • Increased individual performance

  • Increased employee performance

  • Improved organizational results

  • Increased relevance of talent development (TD)

  • Benefits to hiring managers, employers, and credential holders

  • It offers credibility, continuous learning, and a community of professionals to connect within TD

READ: Joining Community, Gaining Respect Through a Credential by Patty Gaul via ATD

Why Should I get Certified? 

Countdown to the CPLP Calendar:
Here are a few steps to developing your own study plan for the Knowledge and Skills Application exams as you prepare for certification:

  1. Assess your time resources - where will you find 80 hours to study before the first exam? What time can you dedicate to preparing for the CPLP?

  2. Assess your study resources - what will you use to prepare? Do you have this ASTD handbook, the CPLP Study System? Or will you attend an in-person or online workshop to prepare for certification?

  3. Set a deadline - break up what you want to know and how you plan to learn for each AOE for the CPLP exams -- what’s your “to study” list and how will you organize this

  4. Plot your schedule backwards - map out what you will study when on your calendar and COMMIT to these study sessions; identify some room for flexibility and change in this schedule should things come at work, home, etc. 

  5. Predict the future - how does this CPLP certification fit into your future professional goals, life plans, or career objectives? What life/work events might occur while you are studying and preparing over the next few months? Be prepared!

  6. Stick to the plan - once you have organized how, when, and where you will study be accountable to this certification preparation plan; make this a priority for you!









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BONUS: Why Are You Studying For the CPLP?

BONUS: Why Are You Studying For the CPLP?

Laura Pasquini