Bedtime Battles #002

Bedtime Battles #002

Update: 2024-01-18


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Facing the nightly challenge of tucking your little human into bed with their energy still soaring? You're not alone, and I'm here to guide you through the sleep-time skirmish. This episode unveils the art of navigating bedtime routines, offering comfort to parents and children alike. As we dissect the delicate balance of enforcing bedtime without igniting tantrums, our conversation uncovers the importance of sleep schedules, wake windows, and hacking naturally occurring brain chemicals! 

Every parent has felt the frustration of a child who just won't settle when that bedtime window slips by. We take a closer look at the science behind sleep—how missing the optimal time for slumber can lead to a surge in cortisol and epinephrine, kicking bedtime peace to the curb. With practical tips on timing adjustments and the reassurance that earlier bedtimes don't mean earlier mornings, this episode offers a new perspective. It's an insider's guide to syncing your child's sleep rhythms with their natural cues, ensuring the whole family gets the restful night they deserve.

But what about the monsters lurking in the closet or the imagined shadows that dance on the walls? We tackle the heart of nighttime fears that many children face. With empathy and patience at the forefront, we discuss how to establish bedtime rituals and environments that reassure and comfort. From transforming fear into silliness to customizing bedtime routines to each child's needs, this episode arms parents with compassionate approaches and long-term coping solutions. Join me as we turn bedtime from a battleground to a sanctuary, one peaceful routine at a time.









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Bedtime Battles #002

Bedtime Battles #002

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