DiscoverOutgrowth: A Slice of Pro BeautyBusiness Basics: Licensed & Permitted
Business Basics: Licensed & Permitted

Business Basics: Licensed & Permitted

Update: 2021-08-02


What licenses do you need to launch your beauty business? What difference does your location make? Where can you find the requirements and applications? Before collecting your first dollar, you’ll want to obtain the proper licensing, permits, and certificates that authorize you to do business. We include resources for completing this basic, but important, process.


State Government Websites

Register Your Business (SBA)

Apply for Licenses and Permits (SBA)

How to Get a Business License

Employer Identification Number (IRS)

State Boards of Cosmetology

State-by-State Guide: How to Get a Sales Tax Resale Certificate in Each State

Liability Insurance:
Hair Professionals
Skin Care Professionals
Nail Professionals (Discount code: outgrowth20)

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Business Basics: Get In Formation


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Business Basics: Licensed & Permitted

Business Basics: Licensed & Permitted

Ashley Gregory Hackett & Jaime Schrabeck, PhD