Crafting the Message

Crafting the Message

Update: 2024-06-01


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**Title: Crafting the Message: The Art and Skill of Preaching**

In today's episode, titled "Crafting the Message," we dive deep into the essential art and skill of preaching. We'll explore practical steps to enhance your preaching abilities and discuss why this topic may evolve into a multi-part series.

First, we emphasize the value of the book "We Preach" by Reverend Jerry Jones, now available on Audible. This book is a must-read for both young and seasoned ministers, especially the first chapter on the importance of being called to preach. 

In this episode, I share my journey and struggles with traditional book reading and how I transitioned to audiobooks. Despite my lack of formal Bible college education, I've developed a training regimen for the preachers and teachers under my care, providing critiques and guidance to help them improve their craft. 

We discuss the necessity of diligent preparation and continuous improvement in preaching, drawing from Proverbs 22:29 and 1 Corinthians 1:21 . Skillful preaching doesn't happen by accident; it requires intentional effort and practice. 

The importance of mastering your pulpit presence, whether in teaching or preaching, is highlighted. We share tips on overcoming speech impediments and the need for discipline and focus during sermons. 

We address the significance of universal preaching principles, emphasizing the need to read beyond the Bible and seek knowledge from various resources. Practical advice on using notes effectively and the role of technology and graphics in modern preaching is provided.

Listeners are encouraged to own their message, know their Bible, and understand the context of their teachings to avoid misrepresenting God's words. The episode concludes with a reminder that success in ministry isn't measured by popularity but by faithfulness and diligence in serving God's calling.

- Preaching skills
- Reverend Jerry Jones
- We Preach book
- Audiobooks
- Bible college
- Preaching tips
- Proverbs 22:29
- 1 Corinthians 1:21
- Pulpit presence
- Teaching discipline
- Continuous improvement
- Ministry training
- Public speaking
- Sermon preparation
- Effective notes
- Technology in preaching
- Universal preaching principles
- Contextual teaching
- Faithfulness in ministry









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Crafting the Message

Crafting the Message

Mike Yates