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Following the Will of God with Dr Childs

Following the Will of God with Dr Childs

Update: 2024-06-06


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In this enriching episode, we explore the profound topic of "Following the Will of God" with the esteemed Dr. Fred Childs. With 44 years of ministry experience, Dr. Childs shares his incredible journey from his early days in Pearland, Texas, to serving as an executive pastor for renowned leaders like James Kilgore and Kenneth Haney. We delve into his multifaceted ministry, his transition from engineering to full-time ministry, and his deep passion for the Kingdom of God.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into understanding and following God's will, the importance of prayer, and how to discern divine guidance in their lives. Dr. Childs also shares personal anecdotes and powerful testimonies, highlighting the miraculous works he has witnessed throughout his ministry.

Key topics include:
- The significance of being led by the Spirit
- Overcoming fear and uncertainty through faith
- Practical steps to discerning and following God's will
- The role of prayer in connecting with God's plan
- Understanding the Kingdom of God and our place within it

Tune in for a spiritually enriching conversation that will inspire and challenge you to deepen your walk with God and pursue His will with unwavering faith.

**Keywords:** Will of God, Dr. Fred Childs, Kingdom of God, prayer, divine guidance, faith journey, spiritual leadership, ministry experience, discerning God's will, miraculous testimonies.









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Following the Will of God with Dr Childs

Following the Will of God with Dr Childs

Mike Yates