DiscoverCloud Returns | A SaaS Investing PodcastDave Yuan - Vertical SaaS Investing Playbook
Dave Yuan - Vertical SaaS Investing Playbook

Dave Yuan - Vertical SaaS Investing Playbook

Update: 2024-03-05


Our Guest: Dave Yuan is the Founder of Tidemark, a growth equity firm focused on helping companies scale. With over 20 years of experience, Dave has invested in twelve companies that have gone public, eight that have been acquired.

Episode Topics:

  • Dave and Tidemark’s investment criteria.
  • Ideal qualities for vSaaS founders.
  • Dave's viewpoints on overspending in R&D, product risk, and product development in vertical SaaS.
  • What does good multi-product sequencing look like?
  • Is AI an opportunity, neutral, or a threat in vertical SaaS
  • The supply/demand imbalance between private investors and scaled vertical SaaS companies.
  • A framework for determining when to raise more capital or pursue a capital-efficient path.
  • What SaaS company does Dave admire the most?
  • Dave’s learnings from starting a new fund.


Tidemark Vertical SaaS Knowledge Project:

Tidemark 2024 Vertical SaaS Benchmark Survey:

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Dave Yuan - Vertical SaaS Investing Playbook

Dave Yuan - Vertical SaaS Investing Playbook

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