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Details On My Upcoming Guide

Details On My Upcoming Guide

Update: 2021-11-16


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I know, it should have been finished sooner, but trust me, it’s worth the wait. Here are a few objectives and details:

Objective Number One: Practicality

I didn’t want to get caught up in all of these inner states beliefs or spirit master chi hocus-pocus. It’s great and all, but I really wanted to focus on topics that a guy could go out and begin to get immediate results with. I want a guy to read it, go out and try it, and say to himself “Hey, this worked instantly”. Oh, and I figured out the one thing that will single-handedly tell you why you aren’t getting laid, and oftentimes get stuck in the friend zone.

Objective Number Two: Simplify

I really wanted to cohesively integrate my game into one whole. If a guy wants to know what my style of game is about in a nutshell, then he can read this guide without having to comb through all of my blog posts. Also, I noticed that I contradicted myself a few times due to different experiences, but now that I have a ton of experience, it is time that I have my final say on the matter. (What? Is Assanova for playing the numbers game now? No way!?)

Objective Number Three: Structure

Ever read a great seduction guide, but be unable to recall 90% of the information within it? Why does this happen? Simply because it isn’t structured well. The writer may have some great knowledge, but the way it’s written prevents it from sticking to the readers mind. Thus, I have broken the guide down to seven essential skill sets to master.

Objective Number Four: Necessity

I only wanted to focus on what I believed to be absolutely necessary to attract and sleep with women. You won’t find very much about anything that I don’t believe you absolutely need. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time talking about something that they don’t really need. I actually spent most of my time ripping out what I deemed unnecessary.

I’ve been taking down notes for weeks, working hard, and now I’m finally ready to sit down and start writing. I talked to a ton of my female friends, went through quite a few of my blog posts, stories, and thought about my past experiences, realized my successes, mistakes, contradictions, and now I’m ready to have my final say. This is based on my interactions with THOUSANDS of women. The Assanova Method. It’s coming. Game over.

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Details On My Upcoming Guide

Details On My Upcoming Guide