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Dr. Phil Gets Real About Suicide, the Opioid Crisis and Cyber Bullying

Dr. Phil Gets Real About Suicide, the Opioid Crisis and Cyber Bullying

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Dr. Phil and Coach Mike Bayer, the New York Times best-selling author of Best Self: Be You, Only Better, go LIVE and take questions from listeners! On this special episode, Dr. Phil and Coach Mike get real about suicide, the opioid crisis, cyber bullying and how parents should draw the line on their teen’s privacy. To see this full video: or go to

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Cathy Ware Turner

Hi, I am a chronic pain patient 10 yrs. I can't imagine being taken off my meds. I think people need to experience first hand on seeing a loved one go thru being in pain 24/7. Waking up 1-2 am to take a pain pill. I've gone to surgeons to see if there is something they can do to get me off these meds. I've done chiropractic, massage therapy, pt, etc.. The person's who change these laws DEA have no clue what they are doing to people like me. I had a great job that I had to quit, chronic depression, panic attacks all because of this nasty chronic pain. Why don't we have pain management offices hand out surveys to be completed about how to handle this opioid crisis. Then mail them all to DEA..... I know this wouldn't change anything because they are going to do what they want to do.

Oct 30th

Barbara Nichols

My son died from suicide on 2/17/26. He and his wife of 10 years was separating and they had 2 wonderful boys ( my grandkids). I've heard so many different stories from her that I'll probably never know what really happened. He was my only child, I don't get to see the kids much due to my medical problems. The Drs has stopped me from driving due to vision problems and siezures. I still love his wife and try to tell and show her. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for a long time. I guess since I was 14 after being raped. I've tried several times to kill myself during my son's life. I blame myself for him doing it. I feel like I showed him the wrong way to deal with mental problems. I had always tried over dosing but he shot hisself with a 9mm. He had researched the best way on line. Thankfully it didn't exit so she had a open casket. She didn't include me in to anything with his funeral. I feel like I'll never have any closure. Needless to say she moved on really fast. She got pregnant and found out a day or 2 before we walked in his honor of out of the darkness suicide prevention. He died in February and the walk was October 1st.I never get to spend time with the boys by myself. Please help me. Thank you Barbara Nichols

Oct 24th

A. Nelson

This episode has really touched me. I suffer from multiple mentally illness. This has helped me as well as u have given me the tools to maybe b able to help someone else who suffer as well. Thank u so much for this. It has been really touching for me.

Aug 15th
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Cindy Brown

My nephews girlfriend grabbed a bottle of sewer cleaner during an argument with him & drank it. She is 20, he is 22, My sister took her to the emergncay room immediatly & they put her under watch for a few days. Since then she uses,"I'm going to kill myself" any time she doesn't get her way. What do you do for people like this? She's a cute little girl, but lazy as can be. She's not looking for work, niether is my nephew. They live in a 27 foot travel trailer & life is truely hell. Her mom is dying from cancer & I beleive her dad has already passed, not sure on that one. The last time she threatened suicide was because she had been gone for a few days & my sister had taken 7 garbage bags of her clothes, so heavy you could hardly lift them, out from under the bed in the trailer. She had been warned to take care of them but didn't. What makes a person threaten suicide over such little stuff?

Jul 8th
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Charlotte Epley

My mother passed away two and a half years ago and all my sisters want to do is argue and fight with one another over stupid things it’s been going on. For ever it seems . My mother wanted all her kids to get along even After she’s gone . Sad to say but their not doing it . They fighting and arguing still gone on long after she’s gone ,,I have done my best to get along with them but there’s a few of them still keeping it up. .. terrible they have to act like this .thats Ll my mother wanted for us all to get along befor and after.. Dr so you have any suggestions?

Jul 6th

Denise Heisler

hi dr phil

Jul 1st


Hi Doc, This is my first time listening to your pod cast with Ron White who I think is so dam funny. Then Jimmy and then Gayle. Listening to the Suicide one. I have to get some thing done today but I’m a new fan of your pod casts. I’m retired. I’m 61. I drove limousine here in Vegas for over 15 Yrs and 19 in Valet. I understand what Ron said that famous people are just regular people. You have a friend/fan in Vegas.

Jun 28th

Brandon Dubisky

As someone with chronic back pain that can barely get out of the bed in the morning I couldn't disagree more! It took FOREVER to get medication! It is nowhere near as easy as they make it out to be! I have a cyst in my spinal cord that would be very risky to remove. And anytime it comes up I get treated like a dope head!

Jun 7th
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April Owen

I been clean for 7 months. I went through an opioid addiction starting at 18. after one surgery I was instantly hooked. I have been to prison lost my family an I just couldn't stay sober. I did things I'm not proud of but I am accountable for my past. my doctor gave me all the meds I wanted. he would hospitalize me when I ran short an gave me iv pain meds then he would adjust my script so Medicaid would pay for another script. this was literally he'll on earth. I now have a program of recovery I graduated high school and am on a good path. this epidemic is scary I have lost 3 friends this last week because they went back out. keep your head up

May 29th

Lorraine Rutherford

Listen guys.....first of all, some people have had multiple back surgeries.....with permanent nerve damage. There are pain management doctors who insist or suggest you come back every 4 weeks for shots. After 5 or so back surgeries, some people are in chronic pain. I feel bad for the people who truly need to be in pain management...the legitimate people! There are people who take them responsibly, when they've done something that triggers the unbearable pain. Some people led a very active athletic life and found themselves seriously injured in their 40's......and are now in pain every day of their lives. Its not fair to those people who rely on pain meds to function. If you want a story on your show, let me know. I'm a good example of someone who made serious mistakes, like not stretching prior to dance, working out, or even walking. (and by the way, walking is the best physical therapy for mind, body and soul on days that you feel good) So, I just want to say that no one should have to go through 5 back surgeries, followed by a knee replacement due to the first 4 failed back surgeries......and that some people have become dependent on opioids to work, live, walk and try to stay active in their 50s.

May 28th
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Carol Shinde

Thank you. However, what happens when you are in a situation where you depend so much on family because of chronic pain and illness? What happens when your family are in their senior years and can't help you because they deal with health issues of there own? What happens when you have aspirations but can't meet them because others won't let you use your gifts and talents to encourage others? I'm not depressed or feeling hopeless. I am frustrated because I don't know how I can change things. I'm on disability because of several health issues, I'm a single mom to a 15 year old son. I live with my parents who are 78 and 80. I depend on them to drive me to appointments and to get groceries. I don't have a car and I wasn't able to drive for years because of the health issues. I'm not saying these things to get sympathy. I need solutions. I sing and want to use this gift to encourage others at church but the powers that be won't allow it because I made some bad choices in the past and I'm trying to change things. How can I grow and help when they won't allow it? I don't know what to do. I want to work but I can't be in a job out of the house. However, there are so many scams and it's disheartening. There's a lot more but these are some of the main issues. Still, I have hope and I won't give up. I know there has to be a solution. I just don't know it yet. Any ideas? This has been such a great episode. I think I need to invest in Coach Mike's book. I know I'm not the only one with this dilemma. I want to be a success story and to inspire others. I know this is just a season I'm in right now. There has to be some way to make the best of the situation.

May 20th
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linda shook

Was looking forward to Living by Design Part 5, where is it ? 1st Tuesday of the month right? But learning more about Mike Bayer , i think will be equally as interesting. Can't wait to listen to this podcast. Thanks Dr Phil. :)

May 9th

Ashley Otterbacher

Hi I am a new podcast listener and I just wanted to say I love the Dr Phil show and I watch it whenever I get the chance. I saw the title of this episode and of course it caught my eye because I myself am a recovering heroin addict. I have been clean for almost 5 years now and I struggle on a daily basis with the things that come with this awful disease 😔. I am on the Suboxone program and I just wanted to let you know and anyone reading this that if you know anyone who needs to get help with this matter that the Suboxone program is a great program and it saved my life. people are very indifferent on this medication for reasons I don't know and really don't have the time to get into, but I'm a survivor because of these types of programs and it is a lot easier to get a loved one into a program where they know that there may be a medication to help them through this process. Please don't just jump to conclusions and give that person a chance at life again. I am just sharing this information because I have been at those points in life where I have thought I would never quit and I did it😂 so I know you can!!!

May 9th
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Alysia Fankhauser

Here I am listening to this the day after another school shooting in CO... My heart is broken for the people I know whose kiddos go to the STEM school... My sons' dad lives down the street from where this happened... It's never been so close to home for me, and I still don't know how to explain it to my children... How can we get this information to kids? We need to teach young people these skills proactively instead of reacting to crises after the fact or having to relearn the golden rule as adults!!

May 8th
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Dr. Phil Gets Real About Suicide, the Opioid Crisis and Cyber Bullying

Dr. Phil Gets Real About Suicide, the Opioid Crisis and Cyber Bullying