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E95: Bonding with kids

E95: Bonding with kids

Update: 2024-01-30


In this series on "Being a dad", KK and I talk about everything about fatherhood. Bonding with kids is not an easy task, especially when we live in a materialistic world. There is an ongoing demand to work more, earn more, and bring home more. We can easily excuse ourselves for working more saying we are only doing that for kids.

Amidst this, today we want to talk about how we both are taking steps to bond with our kids. I hope you find this actionable and insightful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them to either of us.

  • (00:00 ) - Introduction

  • (01:26 ) - How KK is bonding with his son and daughter

  • (04:29 ) - Three factors to bond with kids

  • (10:08 ) - When telling stories go into details

  • (14:45 ) - Difference between daughters and sons

  • (15:49 ) - Kid's biases develop much younger

  • (20:04 ) - Working in software industry & bonding with kids

  • (27:35 ) - How parents help us to bond with our kids

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E95: Bonding with kids

E95: Bonding with kids

Joseph Jude