DiscoverGravitas WINS RadioE99: Dealing with Dad Anxieties
E99: Dealing with Dad Anxieties

E99: Dealing with Dad Anxieties

Update: 2024-02-27


Today in "Being a dad" series, KK and I are going to talk about parental anxiety from Dad's point of view.

Anxiety is part of life. We can't avoid it. But we should learn to manage it, otherwise it can damage our families. KK and I are going to talk about trigger points for anxiety and our coping mechanisms of anxiety.

Let me set some expectations here: I've two boys. KK has a son and a daughter. They are still young. Our kids are still in school going ages. They have not appeared for board exams, we have not stood in line for hours for college admissions, we have not handled the tension of marriage, and so on. 

And we are not counsellors. We are not telling you how to handle anxiety in all its different forms.

Then why are we doing it? To paraphrase KK, this is an exercise for our younger and older selves. We wish someone taught us what we learnt; or we want to look back through the journey. In a way this is a documentary of our journey of being a dad.

Hope you find it interesting.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them to either of us.

  • (00:00 ) - Introduction

  • (02:01 ) - Trigger points for anxiety

  • (12:17 ) - Impact of society

  • (13:36 ) - Anxiety & Homeschooling

  • (17:55 ) - Scenario Planning

  • (21:58 ) - Living in Metro vs Tier-II cities

  • (27:26 ) - Ambition vs Contentment

  • (29:31 ) - On being a perfect dad

  • (31:57 ) - Summary

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E99: Dealing with Dad Anxieties

E99: Dealing with Dad Anxieties

Joseph Jude