DiscoverGravitas WINS RadioE96: 'Solve and scale via GenAI' with Krishna Kumar, CEO of GreenPepper
E96: 'Solve and scale via GenAI' with Krishna Kumar, CEO of GreenPepper

E96: 'Solve and scale via GenAI' with Krishna Kumar, CEO of GreenPepper

Update: 2024-02-06


Generative AI is the talk of the town. But is genAI a solution looking for a problem or can we use it to solve business problems? How can we use it to scale our business? What are its potentials for businesses?

To discuss all of this, today I'm joined by Krishna Kumar, CEO of GreenPepper. He has been using OpenAI and developed more than 20 tools on it; he conducts workshops on prompt engineering, and possibilities of GenAI for business innovation.

What you'll listen

  • (00:00 ) - Introduction

  • (01:12 ) - How KK is using OpenAI & ChatGPT

  • (04:29 ) - Tools KK's team developed on OpenAI

  • (08:16 ) - Workshops for CXOs on OpenAI

  • (11:23 ) - What kind of problems CXOs are solving using OpenAI?

  • (13:49 ) - Use ChatGPT to generate ideas

  • (18:34 ) - Deeper example of marketing for retail commerce

  • (24:03 ) - m to be careful about in using ChatGPT

  • (28:32 ) - Kindest thing anyone has done

  • (28:54 ) - Best leadership quality

  • (29:40 ) - Definition of living a good life

Here are the main points discussed in the episode:
1. The Rise of Generative AI:
   - Generative AI, specifically OpenAI's ChatGPT, has become immensely popular and widely used.
   - Its versatility as a general-purpose technology and productivity tool has made it a part of people's daily lives.
   - The exponential growth in AI capabilities and the vast amount of data being added to ChatGPT contribute to its effectiveness.
2. Development of Customized Tools:
   - With the release of ChatGPT 4, users can now create customized versions of the model to suit their specific needs.
   - Krishna Kumar and his team have developed several tools on OpenAI, ranging from productivity and writing tools to creative tools for creating cinematic visuals.
   - These customized tools enhance productivity, reduce the need for extensive prompting, and enable users to generate content effortlessly.
3. Workshops on Prompt Engineering:
   - Krishna Kumar conducts workshops to help CEOs and CXOs understand and harness the potential of generative AI.
   - The workshops focus on transitioning from the Google search mindset to effectively interacting with ChatGPT.
   - Prompt engineering and writing are emphasized to achieve better results and explore various use cases across different functional areas.
4. Utilizing Generative AI in Business Contexts:
   - CEOs are using generative AI tools, like ChatGPT, for personal productivity and efficiency gains.
   - They encourage their teams to use ChatGPT for various tasks, from drafting emails and writing blogs to creating proposals and case studies.
   - The optionality and idea generation capabilities of generative AI help businesses break biases, explore new ideas, and communicate more effectively with customers.
5. Applications in Retail Commerce and Beyond:
   - Generative AI can be extensively used in different customer touchpoints, such as customer communication, content writing, and idea generation.
   - In retail commerce, it can assist in creating compelling product descriptions, writing blog content, running effective marketing campaigns, and even generating professional grant proposals.
   - By using generative AI, businesses can streamline their communication, cater to specific customer personas, and save time, which can be utilized for strategic thinking and creativity.

Overall, the conversation highlights the transformative potential of generative AI in solving business problems, empowering leaders, and revolutionizing communication across industries.

Note: This summary captures the essence of the conversation and may not include all the details discussed. It is advised to listen to the full podcast episode for a comprehensive understanding.

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E96: 'Solve and scale via GenAI' with Krishna Kumar, CEO of GreenPepper

E96: 'Solve and scale via GenAI' with Krishna Kumar, CEO of GreenPepper

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