DiscoverPod and PrejudiceEmma Chapters 52-53
Emma Chapters 52-53

Emma Chapters 52-53

Update: 2023-08-081


THE PENULTIMATE BOOK EPISODE! Emma and Jane officially become friends, Mrs. Weston has her baby, Knightley tells his brother about him and Emma, and Emma tells her dad. Topics discussed include regency era obstetrics, Mrs. Elton's smugness, jacks, and the age gap.

Study questions: Topics discussed include the shifting dynamics between the characters, Mrs. Elton's behavior, Emma and Jane's friendship, Knightley's love for Emma, and Anna Weston.

Funniest quote: “'It is to be a secret, I conclude,' said he. 'These matters are always a secret, till it is found out that everybody knows them. Only let me be told when I may speak out. I wonder whether Jane has any suspicion.' He went to Highbury the next morning, and satisfied himself on that point. He told her the news."

Questions moving forward: Will Harriet come back married? Will Emma and Harriet become friends again? Will we have a Knighthouse wedding?

Who wins the chapters? Jane!

Glossary of Terms and Phrases:

caps (n): bonnets

dint (n): a blow or stroke, typically one made with a weapon in fighting

sagacious (adj): wise

Next Episode: FINISH THAT BOOK, BABY! (Chapters 54-55 or Vol. III Chapters 18-19)

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Emma Chapters 52-53

Emma Chapters 52-53

Molly Burdick