DiscoverPod and PrejudiceEmma Chapters 54-55
Emma Chapters 54-55

Emma Chapters 54-55

Update: 2023-08-221


Finishing out the book strong!!! Knightley does some matchmaking of his own, we get one more engagement, Harriet's family is revealed, and Emma and Knightley get married! Topics discussed include Robbie and Harriet's engagement, the economics of dating in Jane Austen, and the Great Turkey Robberies of 1812.

Study questions: Topics discussed include Robert and Harriet, whether Harriet settled, Emma and Harriet's friendship, the villain of the book, and what we think of the character of Emma.

Funniest quote: "Much of this, I have no doubt, she may thank you for.” “Me!” cried Emma, shaking her head.—“Ah! poor Harriet!” She checked herself, however, and submitted quietly to a little more praise than she deserved.

Questions moving forward: What will each movie focus on/let go of?

Who wins the BOOK? Emma and Harriet!

Glossary of People, Places, and Things: Friends

Next Episode: The first half of Emma (1996) starring Gwenyth Paltrow

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Emma Chapters 54-55

Emma Chapters 54-55

Molly Burdick