DiscoverMuscle Science for WomenEp 60: Talking to teens about fitness
Ep 60: Talking to teens about fitness

Ep 60: Talking to teens about fitness

Update: 2024-03-19


Ashleigh and Rachel are VERY excited to answer questions from some younger listeners! They answer questions from a high school listener about weight gain and birth control, training plans for weight loss, training around injury, and optimal nutrition for younger people. 

They also dive into pesticides in your coffee (and how to avoid them); why they don't give out free workouts to help sell their programs, and more.

Any more teens have fitness questions? Looking for advice? Do you have questions about how to talk to your teens about fitness or encourage them? Send us your thoughts about today's episode or any questions you have to

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Ep 60: Talking to teens about fitness

Ep 60: Talking to teens about fitness