Ep41. Back in the Saddle

Ep41. Back in the Saddle

Update: 2021-11-10


Hello Everyone!  The Show is back!  This is very brief episode to bring you up to speed on what's been going on.

Something I didn't mention in this episode is what I found most surprising about my run for the Local School Board!  I discovered that many of the community members who supported my campaign and who felt aligned with my platform were people who do not even have children in the local school district.  Many of them fell into the following categories:

- Young couples with either no children or very young, non-school aged
- Empty nesters who have no school aged children
- Parents of children who are homeschooled
- Parents of children in local private schools

Believe it or not, and this is a small private college town, and several of my supporters have NOT even lived in the State for a full year yet!

These discoveries really struck me; I couldn't help but take note.  Of course I, as a parent of school aged children feel school boards and the decisions their members make are a BIG DEAL.  But there is something to be said when people who have no direct "skin in the game" are just as involved as those of us who do.  I was very encouraged and motivated when I came to this realization.  It really opened my eyes to the significance of the American spirit and how people who care will get involved no matter what.

Check out my Campaign Webpage.  It will be up through November 2021. https://aamarschean.poliengine.com/

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Ep41. Back in the Saddle

Ep41. Back in the Saddle