DiscoverStethoscopes & Rugby BallsEpisode 1 - Tim Brownstone, Founder & CEO at KYMIRA
Episode 1 - Tim Brownstone, Founder & CEO at KYMIRA

Episode 1 - Tim Brownstone, Founder & CEO at KYMIRA

Update: 2021-10-13


In this episode we hear from Tim Brownstone, Founder and CEO at KYMIRA (, with his take on the entrepreneurial journey that has taken KYMIRA from his bedroom to the thriving team that it is now; a journey that has proved a business model that combines innovation with early stage commercialisation to reduce the companies reliance on external finance.

Tim is a scientist, multi-award winning entrepreneur and educational speaker. He is an internationally recognised entrepreneur and speaker, speaking for such organisations as TEDx, the Ambrosetti Forum (Leaders del Futuro), Kairos Society and Henley Business School.

Having helped with the development of a break through technological textile, Tim launched KYMIRA Sport - a range of performance and recovery enhancing apparel. The sportswear is now selling globally and gaining considerable critical acclaim - including a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award 2014 and the SY Global Entrepreneur Awards 2014 ‘Most Innovative Start-up’ and ‘Best Tech Start-Up’.

Tim is a keen sportsman, having competed at an international and national level in a number of sports including; 200m, tetrathlon, shooting, and rowing.

You can reach out to Tim through LinkedIn:

Your host, Stephen Carter, is Founder of The Intellectual Property Works ( and a patent attorney by trade.

Over the last 25 years Stephen has worked with some amazing businesses, including writing the patent applications for the Speedo swimsuit that helped Michael Phelps to his record breaking 8 gold medal haul at the Beijing Olympics and Second Sight, a West Coast US startup who make a retinal implant to restore sight to the blind.

Stephen is now recognised by IAM Strategy 300 as one of the world's leading IP strategists and is on a mission to help innovative businesses succeed by protecting their most valuable asset, their innovation, so they can make a positive impact in the world.

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Episode 1 - Tim Brownstone, Founder & CEO at KYMIRA

Episode 1 - Tim Brownstone, Founder & CEO at KYMIRA

Stephen Carter