DiscoverLet the Truth TalkEpisode #1 - What is an upstander?
Episode #1 - What is an upstander?

Episode #1 - What is an upstander?

Update: 2022-05-01


The Harmony Project brings together local service providers working towards ending sexual violence in our community.  Our third season follows along with Sexual Violence Awareness Month which happens each May in Alberta.  This year our theme is “Becoming Upstanders”. 

  An upstander is someone who recognizes actions, attitudes and beliefs that normalize violence and stands up to and challenges them.  We believe everyone has a role in making our community safe. Knowing how to take a stand against violence and harassment is one way we can create change; together, we can create a Bow Valley that is free from sexualized violence. 
In this episode we speak with Rachel Huh from the Centre for Sexuality.  Rachel talks us though what tools someone could use as an active and engaged bystander as well as the prevalence of sexual violence culture and how we can shift it to a culture of nurturing and kindness. 


If you would like to sign up for one of the free trainings with the Centre fo Sexuality – you can register using this link. 


To find out more about the Centre for sexuality and what they offer their website is 


For more information on the Harmony Project check out our website     Follows us on social media @ywcabanff  

The Harmony Project’s diverse stakeholders through expertise and experience are working together to end sexualized violence in the Bow Valley.  The Harmony Project is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services on behalf of the Government of Alberta. 

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Episode #1 - What is an upstander?

Episode #1 - What is an upstander?

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